Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Essex continued

Essex is mostly known for it's nautical ties,
old New England charm, shipyards dating back to the Revolutionary War
and it's shops.

Essex was once originally part of the colony of Old Saybrook as well as other towns.

If you'd like to read more about the history of

Essex go HERE

I love the history of our area but I don't want to assume it holds
any interest to anyone else so I'll keep the history lesson to a minimum.
I'll keep it light and breezy!!!!!

The Griswold Inn
or the "Gris" as the locals call it has been in operation since

1776 and is the oldest contiguous running Inn in Connecticut.

As a youngen I worked at the Gris and have fond memories

of the place. It was one of the most fun places I've ever worked.
People I run into, that I worked with all say the same thing.
It just had that kind of atmosphere that just brought out the fun in all of us.
Maybe it's the ghosts of sailors past.
I recall a few people saying they saw ghosts....
more likely it was from a few too many pints of beer
that made their eyes play tricks on them.
I'm not sure I believe in ghosts.
Do you???

( picture from internet)

This is the Covered Bridge room named for the fact that the walls and ceiling are
made from a covered bridge.
The room looks exactly like it did when I worked there
in 1776.

Just seeing if you're paying attention.

Shop across the street that is owned by the Gris

and serves coffee and pastries

The new Griswold Inn Gift Shop that just opened this Spring.
I didn't get a chance to go in since they were closed by the time we got here.

Before that a wonderful clothing shop was there for almost 20yrs.

Paula's favorite shop

The Red Pepper which is now in
Old Saybrook.

From some of your comments about Paula's outfits well
this is the shop she finds them in.

Most of them from Designer Cynthia Ashby which seems to have
been made just for her.

oh right back to Essex!!
we're still across the street from the Gris.

The Christmas Barn tucked away in the back.
It's been there for years.

Fun shop with every kind of Christmas decoration you can think of.

The window display of the Griswold Inn shop

You know me by now I can't go anywhere without photographing

I started buying these glass spheres a few years ago from various
places and they now don't really
go in my house anymore
but I'm still drawn to them. I love watching the light
hit them and bounce onto the walls.
I played with the photo a little to change the color.
I wish I could Photoshop my life??
Tired of the color of my shoes...Photoshop it.
If only it were that easy.

I always look forward to seeing what this house plants in their urn.
I think it's the best I've ever seen it.

It's this clever.
This is the French Hen. It reminds me a little of the kind of window display
you'd see at Anthropology.
Just unexpected and makes you want to see more inside.

This bench was in front of a new antique store.
It was a "fancy" antique store from what I could see from the window.
No chippy paint there I imagine.
The bench was a little chippy though.
The Essex Book store at the top of Main Street
The front of this place was a riot of color and they really did a great job
with the colors they chose. The black potato vine played off the
black and white awnings so well.

Every preppy town has to have a Talbots!!!

It's really not as preppy anymore. I looked at the website and it's more business wear.

There used to be a Lilly Pulitzer in town too.

Yes Renee!

Preppy Central!!!!

I shouldn't judge........... I wore that kind of thing in my 20's.

My boyfriend at the time was an Essex prep and somehow I thought I needed to

play the least with my clothes.

Isn't that a cute name?

The front facade is adorable and so well kept up.

You know me I had to take pictures of the flowers that were

spilling out over the stonewalls.


I hope you enjoyed the Essex tour.

Sorry it took me so long to show you this last post.

Time just seems to be escaping me lately.

I always think that after the Spring rush that things will all fall into place

and I'll have all this free time but that never seems to happen.

We have been trying to catch up with friends that we've been neglecting for months.

We have some pretty patient friends that know we have limited time....

well, like most of us I'm sure.

Hope you've all been enjoying the Summer!!!!


Theresa said...

Thanks for the tour! It all looks so quaint and inviting... just the kind of place I love to visit! I can't believe you still get around so well after having worked there in 1776!!! Have a great night! Theresa xo

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Oh, my... beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I featured the Griswold Inn on my blog a few months back, and am dying to stay there one of these days! Everything you depicted looks absolutely breathtaking ♥

oldgreymare said...


Theresa beat me to the joke......

This is all so beautiful and oh so depressing to an east coast gal marooned in the desert. My heart will always be back east. Can you hear my huge sighs? Hannah just did and asked me what was wrong. haha. But even she cannot wait to get back to NY!

Someday, I'll follow the rainbow home....

....meanwhile, keep showing me more so I can live vicariously.

BIg hugs


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Carole, We just love cute, small towns and Essex is among our favorites. I enjoy your pictures very much but at the same time it's a little torture because I would love to be back and stroll through the streets again, sigh. Maybe one day ... :-)
Big hugs,

Angela said...

What a charming place. I'd love to visit someday!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Carole
Well I spent yesterday [internet permitting] looking up inns to stay at in connecticut .. hahaha.. i think all your glorious tours are getting to me and I'm dreaming of a white christmas... will have to go check out the Gris now..

What damage I could do in those shops!!! thanks for the tour and i'll just keep dreaming.. xxx Julie

ps .. trying to imagine you in preppy now!! hahahaha

It's me said...

Wowwwwww great tour...thanks for sharing with lovely......wishing you a nice day.......and owwwww that new jdl magazine is also great !!! did you read it???.......happy Ria.....

Rostrose said...

What a WONDERFUL atmosphere your pictures have!
Big hugs from Austria, Traude

trash talk said...

You know I love Texas, but honestly there isn't anything down here to compare to Essex. How beautiful and quaint (and I mean that in a good way)!
P.S. 1776 huh? don't look a day older than 1892!

Anonymous said...


I say (write) that a lot here in your blog, Carole!

But hey, it's true.

Enjoy your day,

Olive Cooper said...

I enjoyed this very much. I cannot wait for my hubs to retire and we will stroll thru towns like this. You are right,, that flower filled urn was just perfect. have a great weekend. hugs♥olive

Josh said...

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Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hey Carole,
Thanks for the Essex tour...makes me miss you guys even more!
AS the summer is winding down...hope you and George can have time for a little fun!
Take care,

June said...

Carole this place is a must see. I want to put it on my bucket list. It is so quaint, and I LOVE quaint. I'm not too sure I believe in ghosts, but I really don't want to find out. I've been in some pretty scary places and haven't seen one yet. Maybe the Gris will be my first encounter with one. Oh yeah, and I did catch the fact that you are very, very old, or maybe even a ghost!
Thank you for your lovely message on the little tea party. The girls didn't want any adults around, so I was very sneaky with the zoom on the camera. For the most part, they thought they were alone. hehe

Jill said...

What a beautiful place! The French Hen would be delightful to shop in!

erin said...

looks like my kind of quaint!! funny how everything looks cuter bordered by a white picket fence and cheerful flowers.i would not mind hearing about the history some day and seeing more. your pictures are wonderful.
happy sunday to you,
wish i could photoshop my shoes AND my clothes!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What a darling, quaint place!
I could have so much fun and get in so much trouble shopping there!

Don't feel bad, I've worked here at the hospital since at LEAST the Revolutionary War! ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Crinoline said...

Tanks for the Essex tour,Carole.What a beautiful place. Next winter you have to to learn to make socks. Have a wonderful week.


Thanks for sharing the Essex tour Carole, the photo's were supper. Have a great week. HUGS MARY

Laurie McGinley said...

Carol: Love your blog! ...I borrowed the pics you took of The French Hen for the Facebook page and I included your blog address. Happy Fall!