Thursday, August 26, 2010

Falling for Berries

I think we've all been waiting for Fall this year.
It's what I've been hearing all over Blogland.
This Summer had been brutal in some parts and we're all
wanting some relief.
Here in the Northeast we've started getting some cooler weather
and it couldn't have come soon enough.
Remember, I work outside everyday and though
I try not to complain about the heat

Besides the cooler weather the Fall is my favorite and mostly
for what happens in the garden.
You might be shocked but I did no altering to these pictures.
Not that they look it, but I just wanted to see if I could refrain.
Plus it takes more time.

and I rather like the contrast.

I said I tried

Bayberry that we found at the old dump which I have to
'clarify to everyone from my previous post about this place.
I must have given the impression that it was still the town dump.
It's been turned into a park but they still use the back part
for dumping leaves and turning into compost.
So don't be too jealous!!!
our dump, or should I say transfer station is just as unattractive
as everyone elses.
I was thinking I would like to take pictures of
our actual town dump
and maybe try to show the beauty there there's a challenge!!!!
the problem is that the hours have been cut (due to budget tightening) 
I'm working when their open so it's been
 hard to get there but it's something I'm determined to do
this Fall.
DUMP PICTURES!!! woo hoo!

While we were relaxing on the bench I noticed these berries
and I hate to admit this but I don't know what they are???

I just loved the color of them.

I also found this guy there.
kinda cute!!!

I'm meeting him tonight.
So I've got to run.

I call him cowboy!!!


oldgreymare said...

Ride em cowboy.....

I blush....



Julie@beingRUBY said...

Howdy cowboy!! your take real good care of my Miss Carole!! she's a keeper!!!

Carole.. I love these berries shots.. originals and the altered.. both!!! Love the one that looks like it has a label over it... I think you could submit that for a wine company label!! Vino alla Carole!!!

Ok... have a great night.. xxx Julie

Cuttingwood Cottage said...

I just love reading your comments! And your pictures ofcorse. Perfect every time. Enjoy the evening! Sandra

Dorthe said...

The photoes are fantastic, LOVE the ones with labels over,and all the other too,
enjoy your meeting!!!

xo ,Dorthe

It's me said...

Enjoy your evening....with your cowboy....lovely berries !! ......happy day love Ria....

Olive Cooper said...

Yes, he is cute and might I say handsome. The berry images are stunning. You just had to play with them! I get it. Have a blessed weekend and thanks for the visit. hugs♥olive

slommler said...

Beautiful photos!! The colors are amazing!! And I love the altered ones too!! So vintage!!! Very cool!
And that handsome fella you met at the beach...very handsome!! Enjoy!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

You are too funny!
Pretty pics...autumn is in the air...
Miss you...
:) said...

Oh, I know you could make a dump look magical with your photography. Love your different berries. Hope your date with your 'Cowboy' was fun;) Maybe my 'Harley Guy' will take me out to dinner tonight:) LOL Have a great weekend!
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Chrissy said...

Hi Carole....just wanted to let you know you won my little giveaway,I hope you like the necklace( I love it) my email is if you could send me your info I will get it off to you early next week! x0x0x0

Anonymous said...

Pretty pics & I always love seeing the ones you alter.
Say 'howdy' to Cowboy for us! :)
~ Zuzu

MJ Ornaments said...

You have fun with the cowboy Carole! Love your berry photos. Take care, Martha

Kathleen said...

Beautiful shots! Cute cowboy!

Rebecca said...

The berry shots are just beautiful. I'm ready for fall too-time to just sit for a while and enjoy God's beauty!!!

Bonjade said...

Is that handsome cowboy your husband....?
Love the pictures of the berries...real authumn colours.....
I am also very inspired by JDL, can't wait for the new one to come....;0)
Fine weekend......Ieehaahhh

vicki said...

Unbelievable photographs! WOW!!! These are beyond beautiful - so happy that you shared them. Fall is definately in the air - sort of nice actually - if you dont think about what comes next!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Love all your wonderful photos you have shown today.
The berries looks so glossy and pretty.
Hope that you are having a lovely weekend and enjoy your date night with the cowboy.


erin said...

hey carole that is one HOT cowboy!! and he has good taste in music!! hope you're having a good weekend...what is left of it...

traci said...

Gorgeous images Carole. The berries just jump of the screen. Love them. I am so ready for fall. Everything about it.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Carole! Wooohooo...yep that's a cute 'cowboy' LOL!! I love your berry photo's...fall is my favorite time of year too although not as much as when I lived in the mountains in BC. There's something very exciting about getting firewood and putting food up for the winter when you know you're going to get 40-60 feet ..yes FEET of snow before spring. Good luck getting your 'dump' photo's...looking forward to seeing those! Have a wonderful Monday. Maura :)

Luiza said...

Yes, the berries and fruits are the best!!!
But I also love the contrasts of everything in the nature...

Wow, you go and have a wonderful time with your cowboy =)!

Tell us all about it , when you get back ;)!


Debra@Common Ground said...

Love all the gorgeous fall berries, great photos, Carole, love the altered ones, and what a great find...the cowboy looks like a keeper!

maría cecilia said...

Hola Carole, delicious berries and wonderful pictures and cowboy!!!
I wouldn´t show the place where I do compost and humus, not so charming!!!
maria cecilia

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

I'm loving your berry pics!

And that cowboy ain't too bad, either. ;-)

Have a wonderful week!

Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Carole! Thanks so much for stopping by and welcoming me "back" to blogland. So fun to get caught up a little ... wish we could look at pics and read stories full time! (Now if I get someone to pay me to do that, I'll let you know, lol!) Here's a few notes from me ... i LOVE your history stuff ... (thought I remembered you from the Gris in 1776 when I stopped by .. hee hee) ... don't know what the orange berries are, but they and all the others look so great in your FAB photos ... painting oak ... makes me cringe ... but I am one of the few who like darker woods with my whites ... and the eucalyptus? try here for some info .... finally ... I'd best let ya go for some time with your cowboy. Hugs and have a SUPER week!! Betty :)

Chic Little Shop said...

Hello Carole
Thank you for visiting my little blog and adding the giveaway banner on your blog. Great shots of berries. I love to eat berries..yum, yum..
I was wondering how your date went with the cowboy..

Julie in Mel