Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh Jeanne

I looked back at when I first started this post.... 3rd of August!!!

with all intentions of putting it up before the next magazine arrived.

So now almost 3 weeks later I'm finally finishing it,
The magazine came a few days ago and for those of you
that preordered they should be arriving at your
door any minute now.
I had to order more and as of today all orders have gone out.
Thank you!!!

You may have seen these "teasers"
that we all get before the release but now

I can share a few more with you.

Charming outdoor spaces.

( Shrimp and Salmon with dill dressing)

And delicious recipes

This issue is more about kitchens this time.

Organizing is the key to a happy kitchen or should I say happy cook.

Every issue is packed with easy ideas and craft projects.

One that intrigued me was one that allowed me to use my

ever growing eucalyptus plant.

It long ago lost it's tag. It maybe around 10 years old.

I believe it's spiral eucalyptus and only a tender perennial

.....meaning simply it's not hardy enough to be grown outside.

For the longest time it struggled to live in the
too small a pot I had it in but once
it's roots made it thru the
bottom drainage hole it was a happy camper.

At this point I'm afraid to move it.

George calls it wasted space.
I don't agree because when I make bouquets to bring to friends

I often like to include a few branches.

Yes, I know I could buy them at the florist but it makes it more special(I think)

that it was grown by me!

Just wrapped around a basket for a simple decorative touch.

I also have this elongated type growing but nothing as large as the one in the picture.

In JDLiving they mention the species that can be grown in
Denmark.....Eucalyptus archeri, gunnii, pauiflora, and perriniana.

That got me to wonder if they can grow there maybe they can grow

in our cold climate ( Z-6)

The information online was a bit confusing which it often came be when you

try to research the hardiness of a plant.

The best source I found was

there you can find most varieties that can grow in

zone 8 (10-20 F) and colder.

The hard part maybe to find the plants.

Many are not grown in the US and too many are mislabeled.

Maybe you might know of places that sell hardy species.

If so, let me know!!!

Well, meanwhile until I can get my Eucalyptus grove growing:))

I think I'll try making some of these projects.
A notebook can easily be decorated and become quite personal
if you dress it with layered eucalyptus leaves. Make it while the leaves are fresh
and glue them on the book using arts and craft glue.
You can add a little card for explaining what the book is meant for.
Write by hand and make it look extra decorative be using a complimentary color.

A large heart
Craft a large heart from fencing wire and tie the ends using steel wire.
Using a glue gun fasten leaves directly onto the wire. You can
decorate the heart with a card, a little cross, a bit of lace or whatever
you like.

A wonderful wreath
Grab a length of steel wire, string pearls and leaves.
Alternate the fresh leaves and pearls.
Once you get the length you want, finish it up by tying the
two ends together. It looks wonderful when
left lying on a table.

The hostess gifts I often like to bring!
Flowers picked from my garden using eucalyptus as
a graceful filler.
What do you like to bring your hostess????
or better yet what do like to receive???
Hope you had a good weekend!
we finally received some long awaited RAIN today!!!


Amy Kinser said...

Such beautiful photos.

Theresa said...

My friend loved the last issue I purchased from you. This one looks just as beautiful, such a special publication! These are the kinds of photos that make me want to take everything out of my house and start over!!! Theresa

The Country Nest said...

Such a pretty post,I can almost smell the eucalyptus! Hostess gift? Something handmade or grown always seems much more special.

Olive Cooper said...

We do not grow eucalyptus but it is so versatile I wish we did. I often give home baked goods or flowers from our garden or store bought. I have no preference for what I recieve but I never have enough flowers in the house. hugs♥olive

It's me said...

Yes he is soooo beautiful this month !!!...lovely week Ria....

sissie said...

I love the JD magazine. The photos are so inspiring.
Your post is so lovely with all the many uses of eucalyptus, especially the wreaths.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh Carole
I love the Jeanne D'arc magazine.. and this issue looks like another beauty...That last image is swoon worthy!!!!

You know I always think of eucalyptus as aussie.. probably as it grows abundantly here.... maybe I should plant some in my garden so I can have a space waster to decorate with!! and it smells so fresh too!!

Beautiful post... Let me invite you over for lunch so you can bring that hostess gift with you!! hahaha.... Have a lovely week xxx Julie

Denise said...

I remember when preserved eucalyptus was all the rage. It always smelled so wonderful in the house. I love the pretty color and the way it looks mixed in bouquets. I bet you've made some gorgeous ones!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Carole, I received my magazine and you packaged it and decorated it with such print ribbon, newsprint and tag....thank you! Once again, it is a delightful issue and I have been pouring over the pages! Thank you!! :)

oldgreymare said...


I used to decorate with eucalyptus and somehow drifted away from it. You have renewed my desire to bring the wonderful fragrance back into my home. I especially love the little wreath and have some beautiful beads that would be perfect, so I may soon join you in projects just like this.

Why did I ever stop buying it? ..and I can grow it here!...hmmmmmm?



slommler said...

Such pretty ways to use your eucalyptus! I can't grow it here...too cold and too arid! But I do love it! Your photos are amazing! So beautiful!!
Hey! My fiber sculpture is now installed! Come see!

Cuttingwood Cottage said...

With these pictures I kept on thinking: I want one in my garden to! Thank you for these wonderful ideas, next year there will be a Eucalyptus growing in my garden as well. And I didn't know what wonderful things you could make with the leaves! Thanks Sandra.

MJ Ornaments said...

These photos are beautiful Carole. I used a foam Christmas tree form, glued it into a slice of a branch for a base, then hot glued Eucalyptus leaves on it. Really turned out cute, and even when it was older the leaves turned a lovely color. :) Take care, Martha

Rosemary said...

Beautiful Carole!!
Great ideas of course.
Hope my magazine gets here today!
Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, eucalyptus. Grows all over the place in Califonia (lived there in my 20-30s).
Love the Jd'A images & ideas. Dreamy.

I read recently that the USDA hardiness zones will be changing. Global warming. Hope that means I can grow some more favs where I live!

Wishing you a great week, Carole!

Heaven's Walk - said...

Hi Carole! Hey, guess what? I actually read my new JDA mag the first week after I received it from you! lol! I stole a few minutes here and there, and while hubby was napping the sofa while watching TV, I buried myself in my mag. :) Life is good! JDA is awesome!! Thanks, Carole!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Christelle said...

Merci de ce partage de belles idées , de ce magazine rempli de rèves et qui nous donnent des envies de décors incroyables !

Anne Marie said...

Hi Carole......I'm trying to make some items like that for the sale...but I don't want to copy completely :)

all those pictures are great you chose to show us! and I'm a bitter zone 4! so I am not sure about it...

have a great week

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

There was lots of eucalyptus where I grew up down by the beach, but come to think of it, I've never seen it up here in the high desert. I don't know if that's because of the heat, the dry weather, or the cold. Someone once told me that they put the leaves in their dog's bed to help rid it of fleas :-) I'm not sure about that. We don't have fleas here...I know, if a flea can't survive here, we're really in trouble :-)
Loved your beautiful photos. I've got to get my hands on one of those magazines.
Marcia said...

Gorgeous photos as always:) I will try to grow eucalyptus in my greenhouse 'someday' when it is actually taken out of the boxes and built;) I just may try and do it myself. It depends on who I am visiting as to what gift I bring. Sometimes flowers,plants, a homemade gift. For one of my friends, I try to bring something fallish because she loves Halloween so much. Have a great week!
~Debra XXX
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Renee Finberg said...
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Renee Finberg said...

now all you need is a koala bear to eat them.