Wednesday, August 4, 2010


There was a time that I could eat something as scrumptious as these pastries


and never gain any weight.
and it wasn't all that long ago.

Now I haven't been a bean pole for years and have had that 10-15 lbs
to lose forever.
Lately I've been creeping up ever higher.
I guess they were right when they said that when you reach 50 your
body will begin to
What !!!!! no more pastries.
I've never shared with you that when I was young I went to France and
went thru an apprenticeship to learn the art of Patisserie.

I never did become a pastry chef.
I wonder how big my butt would be if I had???
don't answer that!!!
Most pastry chefs are not overly heavy.
......maybe they just get sick of looking at it all day.
I know for sure that I would not have tired of it.
My favorite pastry when I lived in France were
petit cochon....little pigs.
Cake inside and covered in
pink marzipan.
I would have turn into the human
"Petit cochon"
George has a huge sweet tooth and he's the devil that buys pastries
and taunts me with it.
He just says I need to have

Sure, easy for him he's got that annoying metabolism
that just burns everything off.

I think when he reaches male menopause
it'll all catch up to him...haha
There is such a thing......right?

I finally decided that I couldn't just wish these extra
jiggly bits away
so I've decided that I was going to really exercise.

rev up the metabolism and get the booty moving.
1st we start up with the 5 lbs weights.

then the 15 lbs

then 20 lbs

then maybe the 25

Then all of a sudden we'll be HOT like these people!!!
I'm not holding much hope of that
.....just want to fit in my clothes better and not have to
get a whole new wardrobe

I don't know what these are called but they help
if you have bad wrists.

Makes those push ups much easier.

I don't know the name of these things either.
I'd have to say arm pulls of some sort.

I like those.

The part I don't like is that hubby attached a metal bar to the wall
over our french doors in the family room.

That's what happens when I'm here on the computer at night
and he's left at home by himself.


I'm trying to convince myself that it makes the place look industrial.
PLUS at Christmas I'll be able to hang the garland from it:))
Those are our pull up bars which I can't even begin to do.

I cheat with a chair under me.
After the work out...or if I poop out before the session
I have the couch to catch me.

I've been getting reacquainted with my pillows.

Not a great shot and not even my good pillows
but you don't want to
use the fancy ones after a workout....yuck

Nigella just looks on wondering why we're bothering.

Lounging around and sleeping 18 hours a day
has always worked for her.

Well better get going.....late for my workout!
Tonight is arms and back...that's good because my legs are killing me!

Have a good night!!!


oldgreymare said...

OH really could this not have been more perfect timing!!!!!!
not 10 minutes ago I email you about, well you know..... ;-0

and then here is this about jiggly's why I keep coming back for more my funny, funny friend.

please forward some of your exercise determination my way- it is sorely needed here.



Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Wish I could say the same about there being a time in my life where I could eat anything and not gain a pound... and I'm only 22! :p

That's so cool that you went to France and studied Patisserie!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Oh Carole, you made me smile today. I'm so there with you. I've started with 3 lb weights though:-)
I'm turning 50 next week, and I've really been feeling it this past year. I was like that too when I was younger, I could eat anything and not gain an ounce. I always said that if my metabolism changed, I'd be in trouble. Well, guess what, it did. Oh no!

slommler said...

You are right about male does occur!! Mwahahahahaha!!!
Will power...smill such thing. Just can't have it in the house or I will eat if's and's or but's!! So I feel your pain.
Enjoy your workout routine! My mother (she is 82 and walks 2 miles every day) says "Move it or lose it!!!" She is so right! So I have been moving it since March! Up to 4 miles a day right now...very cool!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I simply cannot believe that after all the hard labor you and George do outside every day that you have to then work out at night! Those delicious looking pastries are making my heart beat faster...especially that chocolate thing! Even the weights have a certain charm under the spell of your camera effects! lol....
miss you Carole!

A New England Life said...

Are you throwing in any cardio? I'm going through the same thing. I just turned 46 and can really feel the softness around my waist and hips. It's not pretty. I know I need to work out but just hate the thought of it.

Being lazy definitely works for cats! Why not us??

trash talk said...

Yikes...exercise is a four letter word to me! I have to say through blogging, my fingers are in great shape though!
I wish I had your determination, but I do share your love of pastries.

Luiza said...

Oh, sweet Carole...
Isn´t life tough, haha...
Who could ever resist all the goodies?
I can´t, that´s for sure!!! That´s why I keep gaining weight...

I started running , couple of weeks ago, but then came vacation and holidays, and you know all the rest =)!

Well, good work, Carole! Really good work!
You keep on working out, and before you know it, you´re going to look like those people on the image =)!!

Now, I´ll tell you where I´ve been: Tenerife is one of the Islands, that belong to a spanish group called: Canary Islands. It´s in the Atlantic sea, and very near to Northern Africa =)!
Have the most wonderful thursday!
Luiza said...

OK, first you are sooo NOT 50! Second, a pastry chef? Amazing, yes you are. The more I learn about you the more amazed at your talents. And third, I just gained 5 pounds just looking at those yummy pastries. Lucky George, not gaining any weight eating them, just not fair. Good luck with the new excercise routine. We were supposed to walk all summer but would have collapsed with the heat so it didn't happen. Thankfully Fall will be cooler. My rain dance worked! We got lots of it last night and my well and garden are very happy. Have a great week:)Don't forget to save the date of Sept 25 & 26th;)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

vicki said...

Life is so not fair - I hate the whole weight issue - always a struggle for me also! I do try so hard - dont get me started!!! Kudos to you for your extra efforts and for sharing your struggle with us - so depressing - makes me just want to go hideout and eat a whole bag of chips or something!


Blissitydoodah said...

You are hilarious and I can tell you have lots of special friends :) I intend to go meet them all LOL. I am sure I have the recipe for that almond galette if you want it ;)

Zuzu said...

Good for you, Carole!

Me? I have no will power. Please pass the petit cochons, and then I'll walk for 20 minutes. :)

EmilySophie said...

Carole, how funny I just received weights delivered yesterday, I'll be starting with the 3lb though! Todd was teasing me this morning "working out" with them as if it were really difficult.

How amazing that you were an apprentice pastry chef in France, you must be an incredible baker.

I can't resist sweets - I do miss Du Glace since they closed their doors but maybe it is a good thing for us, they were starting to treat us like regulars!

Take care,

Jacqueline said...

Hi there Carole,
Well, I hold my hands up and applaud you. I thought the same as must get soooo much exersise at work. Do you really need to do it when you get home ?!!
I think that I'm quite lucky as I love savoury things and cakes and pastries don't do it for me......although, ice cream and chocolate does !! haha
I'm with Nigella. A nice little lie down on the sofa and a snooze is a much better proposition than exersise !!
Don't let me put you off though. You are doing so well and just think how great you're going to feel and look in a few weeks time.
How wonderful to have lived in France to learn the art of Patisserie. There is more to you than meets the eye, Carole ?!!!! XXXX

Rosemary said...

I remember being able to eat anything and staying thin as a rail. Now we have to work at it.
Funny post!!
Great job!

Heaven's Walk - said...

Oh, Carole.....I am SO with ya, girlfriend. Aren't these supposed to be the "Golden Years"? Whatsup with THAT??!!! Ever since I hit 50 it's been more like the "Jello Years" everything on my body's jiggling like there's no tomorrow. UGH!!!! And my doctor sweetly says, "Calories in - calories out. It's that easy." EASY??? Right.

So I hear your pain and I feel your pain. You have inspired me to get my jiggly booty back to my CDs and weights. UGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Oh I know all about hitting 50 and then the jiggly bits.
We are having a holiday away soon, in a warm place, so I have been working out extra hard to be able to get into my bathing suit and not look like a whale.
I have been doing workouts, I have a couple of old videos of Elle McPherson and Claudia. They are fun to do and might do a post one day.
Good luck
How wonderful that you studied the Art of Patisserie in France.

Happy weekend