Friday, September 17, 2010

Brimfield part 3

It's been a week since I was in Brimfield and here I am still showing
you guys sure are so patient with me.
You're probably a little bored with it by now.
I guess the picture taking for me is easier then the actual posting.
Thanks so much for the nice comments on what I've shown so far.
 I've been a little slow at getting back to people lately
and I'm so sorry for that.
I always think Fall will
be an EASY time but just the opposite much to do in prepping for the
next season and of course lets not forget Fall itself with all the
pumpkins and mums and all that comes with it.

This little fella least I think he does?
He has such a kind face.
I'm sure he made a deserving child very happy in his day.
...and now possibly the happy adult that buys him.

Look at the cute eyes on these guys.
Are you looking at me???

Modern toys do nothing for me and if I had children
I honestly would have a hard time buying them.
I would want to buy them old ones but I guess that's not a
safe thing with lead paint and all.
What kind of toys do you buy children???
I'm curious, as some of you know we have friends
that have 1 yr.old twins
and I'm stumped when it comes to buying them toys
that I like and them too.
Just thought I'd ask:))

I always like painted pieces....

but I usually like the ones that have original paint
but hey even the newly painted stuff can be fine too
if the design is good.

By the end of the day when I spotted this bed I
could have jumped head first
into it but,
I controlled myself.
I thought this one was extra feminine all pink and puffy!

And if you don't want to use chenille on your bed
you can wear it as this lady on the left is.
She was so excited that I took her picture.
I think she might have bought the jacket.
Doesn't she look great?

Now this was a great booth.
 I had gone by it the first time while I was dashing
off to find the restrooms (you probably didn't need to know that)
In my confusion I think I went down the wrong aisle
 and missed it so
 when I found it again I was so happy.
This is Pat White's booth by the way.
sorry no blog!
but I do have her card with her email if your interested.

Her booth was full of marvelous finds,
from dolls, vintage christmas, laces, ephemera,wedding toppers
and so much more. I wish I had taken more picture for you.

It turned out that she was only going to be at the
 show for 2 days because of
family obligations so I was happy I got to see her.
We had a nice chat while I was there.
She also does the Round Top show
and often sells to Cody Foster and Deb Dusenbury of Curious Sofa.
I'm not at all surprised!!!

Collection of vintage wedding cake toppers

Love this kewpie doll Bride and Groom.

and lacy bottles

These bottle brush trees look so good on top of this case and
in the wooden wagon.

Hope you get a chance to see Pat too at
Marburger this time.

See you all soon for the last Brimfield post
 of my second day.

Yep, that was only one day so far.

The second day I took way less pictures.


Blissitydoodah said...

That was fun :)
As for toys my recommendations are Brio and Playmobil whether boys or girls :)
and Lincoln Logs!!! Lots and lots of them.

Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Carole,

I'm pretty new to blogging and just recently found yours. I'm so inspired by your posts that I've signed up to be a follower. I love all your pictures from your adventures at Brimfield. I've not had the opportunity to attend myself so I'm happy to have a little glimps through your camera.

I make holiday art and so I've been scouring each picture of toys and Christmas items. I just posted some pictures of some of my new Halloween pieces, stop by if you get a chance...I'd love to know what you think of my art and my blog.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you,

I've always had success gifting creative toys: puzzels and wood blocks for little ones; Tinker Toys, and Legos for older kids. Of course, teddys and dolls are timeless too.

donna reyné said...

I love the bedspread! I would like to have that jacket too!
It looks like all in had a great time!
I hope you brought some of these treasures home with you!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs my friend!

oldgreymare said...

Holy Canoli AGAIN!

I just can't wrap my head around what it must be like to see all of this. I might not be able to stand it....

AS for the kids toys...I'm for the classics..building stuff, make believe, and books and more books...

Have a wonderful weekend dear friend!



Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics. Im a sucker for vintage bears and antique Christmas. I think I need to look for a little Christmas cart like the one in the photo. Have a good weekend.....Julian

June said...

Holy cow Carole, what crazy amazing pictures in your last three posts of this show!!! You are making me cry tears of regret that I didn't steal the money to come to Brimfield this year. I can't even tell you how much I loved the displays in all the tents. Those bottle brush trees really caught my eye. I am going to have to come back tomorrow and drool over your pictures some more. I'm too tired tonight to do it justice.
hugs to you,

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Great pics!
Glad you had fun even if it was without me...
Can't wait to see my girls!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

What fabulous pictures, Carole!
I'm crazy about those wedding cake toppers. :-)

And I think it's the coolest that we have twin necklaces, too!


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Carole, I always love seeing pictures of your flea markets because they are so much more exciting than ours and have the much prettier booths. The bear is very cute and I also love the vintage Christmas ornaments and the bottle brush trees.
Have a great weekend :-)!
Hugs to you,

slommler said...

Wow! Everything looks so delicious!! And those bottle brush trees are smashing!!
I love painted items too!!

A Cottage Muse said... those old bears! Can't wait to see more!

The French Bear said...

Carole, I am dying to see the dolls again, and those trees!!!! I think my heart stopped! Love them!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

Bored? OhMyGoodnessNoooooooo! I love all you share with us, Carole! It's all so beautiful!
I'll be back for more. :)

Olive Cooper said...

The bears are darling while the dolls are kind of creepy to me. When my child was little I never bought anything that required a battery. She did not know what a video game was. We read books! Still do. She is in her second year of college and she still loves to read so I think it was all good. I have been enthralled with the Brimfield series as I will probably never make it there! hugs♥olive

Monica@The White Bench said...

Hmm, I hate modern toys too, and always opt for a Teddy Bear. Child- safe, naturally.
Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave a nice comment. Can't wait to see your new banner!
Hugs and Happy Fall!
Monicax said...

That chenille jacket looks so cozy! Love all of the old toys. They are always fun to photograph. I never tire of beautiful photos....bring 'em on:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Your post today is delightful, having a love for old Teddy bears and doll.
Thank you for showing us your photos.
I love the little kewpie bride and groom, and the lacy bottles and Christmas decorations.
It must have been heavenly to see all these treasures.

Happy weekend

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Carole
I've loved every one of your Brimfield posts and this one included.. those teddies are just adorable.. especially the first!! Don't tell my teddy but I do wish he had movable arms and legs.. I still love him though...

The chenille is a blast from the past.. I was recently wondering if you guys had the same obsession with it that we did in the ??? 60's?? My childhood bedspread and dressing gowns... These pink numbers are quite lovely too..

Well.. another Brimfield post to come?? We are being very spoilt!! I look forward to it!! Have a lovely weekend and don't work too hard.. xxx Julie

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I usually buy from Pat at Marburger too. She always has unique things.

vicki said...

Dreamy my friend! Love all the picturres that you took at the "flea"! Flea markets are the perfect place for great photos - I could snap away all day! This was certainly a great day! How about the food? Any great cinnamon buns there? The Springfield flea market has a vendor that sells the absolute best!