Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where do they come from?

Most people don't give these plants much thought.
They just show up every Fall,
whether at your garden center, your farm stand,
grocery store of box store.

 Years ago we used to grow them ourselves...but with limited space
we've bought them the last few years.

Don't ask me why but George wanted to see them for himself.
So we took a ride.
At first I thought I'd better stay home and get something done
but it was a beautiful day
so why not?

I don't miss setting them up on drip tubes but in the end
it saved a lot of time.

You might be wondering why they're not in flower,
but as the crops start to bud up and
as we say " crack color"
they get shipped out.

Yep me!

Except for a handful of workers it was rather quiet.
Being around 5 in the afternoon might explain it
but it's so enjoyable just seeing everything just quietly growing.

Poinsettia's that have been growing for 2 months now.
There's a lot more work to growing them then you might think.
Shading, applying growth regulators to keep them from getting too stretched out.
I know you'll never believe me but they really aren't as poisonous as
people would have you think.
You'd have to eat a whole plant to make you sick.
If you ate that much of any euphorbia you'd get sick or for that matter any tropical plant.
Poinsettias come orginally from Mexico.
You probably knew that already.

We couldn't come without inspecting the pumpkins
of course.

and all the different gourds

just having fun.

for those of you who don't do
you know who you are:))

One of my favorites are the white ones.
I remember about 10 yrs ago when Georges dad would
grow them....they were more scarce then
but not now.
I thought everyone was familar with them but I had a customer
 the other day that had never seen them.


Well off to try and make something of the rest of your day off.
Hope you all are enjoying Fall as much as we are.
I'll be back with pictures of my finds from Brimfield.
Just wanted to share a bit of the season with you.



Hi Carole! Love this post. So fun to see the behind the scenes of gardenland! Waiting for Fall... ~ Angela

It's me said...

Wauwwwww.....what a post....a post near my's my job !!! lovley pumpkins...i like the purple love Ria..

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Quietly growing....I like that!
Beautiful photos!

...and just so you know...
lots of people I absolutely LOVE ...
like orange...
:) said...

Love that pink pumpkin;) I don't had luck growing pumpkins but that never stops me. I am already planning on trying again next year. I love all of them - even the orange ones:)
Capers of the vintage vixens


Thanks Carole, I love the white pumpkins, and the white and purple on the gords. Just wonderful. HUGS MARY

Olive Cooper said...

Was that pumpkin pink or purple? No matter, it was gorgeous. I love pumkins of every color! hugs♥olive

Brenda Kula said...

Your photos are wonderful. One of the places I truly love to just go and browse and lose myself is at a nursery and/or greenhouse. To walk amongst the greens and colors feeds my soul.

A New England Life said...

Okay you had me really excited for a minute, I mean Purple Pumpkins? That would be awesome!

Those Poinsettia's don't excite me nearly as much. I dread the holidays. Sad, huh?

Awesome pictures, and I love all the Mums! Tomorrow I'm going to work on my outdoor arrangements.

trash talk said...

I think you need to try and develop a pumpkin those colors. Wouldn't that be a hoot?
I absolutely love the term "crack color"! I think I must do that every time I take my face off the shelf!
I know y'all work hard, but it still looks like a dream job from this side of the fence!

vicki said...

Amazing photos - so wonderful to see things from "your side" of the fence. I love that you just admire the beauty as they grow - what fullfillment to start from so little and end up with suchbounty! Those pink gourds are out of this world - love those! You have shown us am amazing display of color - outstanding!


erin said...

wow...what an immaculate green house!! glad you are enjoying your time off and fall. we are STILL in the 90's here and I am so over it!'s Laura who doesn't like orange? right. well, how nice of you to turn the orange into purple. ha. ha.

June said...

Oh boy Carole, you can imagine how much I enjoyed reading this post! Your pictures are so amazing. I know that poinsettias take a lot of work to grow. There is a greenhouse in Idaho that grows thousands of them.
Your previous post was so great. I have just loved your posts of Brimfield. Almost as good as being there myself. I can't wait to see more.
hugs to you...

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

It was great to have a look around the garden center and what wonderful plants and pumpkins.
It was fun to see your shadow, taking the photo.


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

You make me wish there would be pink pumpkins available, Carole! Until you grow them the white ones are my favorites :-). I've never liked orange very much and since last year I've banished it out of my Halloween decoration.
Big hugs to you,

oldgreymare said...

So Laura is a sans orange gal too! Good for her.

Who would like Orange? Orange is weird. No word in the English language rhymes with orange. Doesn't that make you suspicious?

I adore the pink hubbards and turban squash. Wish they really did grow those colors...



Heaven's Walk - said...

Awesome photos, Carole! To see your miles of mums was intoxicating! And (sigh!) I sure do miss the smell of those greenhouses. I worked for a landscaper for 8 years and just loved working in the greenhouse. I couldn't get enough of that warm earthy smell. :) Happy Autumn to you, friend!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Robyn said...

Your photos made me feel like I was there! Thank you for the little trip, it makes me want to go to my favorite nursery tomorrow.

I also appreciate you sweet and kind words on my blog tonight!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Carole
Got to get in on the orange act.. I don' particularly like orange either.. although sometimes I get crazy and will buy something orange then wonder why... Riveting conversation that I just had to share with you!!! OH.. and I don't like fall either.. but here.. in Sydney it's not really fall.. just bland chilly reminder that winter is on it's way... and loss of summer.

So.... i have never seen a white pumpkin .. don't think so... but love all the different coloured varieties you have shown today,, [or yesterday as I am sooo late to get here]

This has got to be the most inane comment I have left to date.. Aren't you glad I showed up????

Well your photos are terrific as usual.. my favourite being the close up on the drip thingy

Can't wait to see what you bought at Brimfield... I know I will love it all.. always do... ciao ciao... off to find my head.. xxxx Julie

Anonymous said...

It all looks absolutely so beautiful! And I am one of those "you know who you are's" hehe...LOVE the white ones ;) My dad actually had never heard of them the first year I got one...he thought I had painted it! lol ;)

Poppy said...

Hello Carole, a beautiful post as always! You brought back lots of memories for me from when I worked in a garden centre.

Don’t work too hard!
Lou xxx

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Carole,
I love this trip to the nursery. I could sit and listen to the plants grow all day, I swear I can smell the earth too, love it!

Carole, I want to thank you for your comment about my sweet cat, Gigi. You are kind to take a moment and share your story with me. I am holding all the lovely, kind comments in my heart while I am missing her so. Wish I could tell you just what it means, your being so kind.

Chic Little Shop said...

bonjour mon ami,
OMG, what a beautiful plants! I always envy people with a green thumb. I tend to kill everything.(sigh~) We need a great gardener to clean up our garden. I want a lot of those plants in my house.

Bon week-end
Julie xx

Renee Finberg said...

this is my favorite time of year.....
keep sharing every little 'green' adventure with us.


Evi said...

Hi Carole, my goodness I had so much catching up to do with all the last blogs.
Just came back from vacation in PA where I always find great pumpkins. Well last week was too early for most of the ones I love. Bought a couple of smaller white ones and a pink peanut pumpkin.
That nursery looks awesome! Can't wait for the white spoon mums.
I loved the blogs about Brimfield, would have gone crazy wanting everything. That booth with the linens really got much red....but the 900.00 curtain is....well...strange!
Anyway, I am glad you had so much fun.
Hugs, Evi

Tamara Jansen said...

Hey, just stumbled onto your blog. Love your photos. They are all to familiar a view. We grow 15 acres of garden mums year after year. Gotta love the fall.

And, we DO ship with color because that's what our customers demand here in Canada :)