Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jeanne d'Arc #7 and Gather

Hey guys it's time for another issue of
 Jeanne d'Arc Living
to be arriving soon.

I'm always excited with the arrival of every issue but
 especially for this Fall issue. 

It's the time for nesting and getting ready for
the long Winter season ahead.
Many days and nights of curling up on the couch
with my favorite blanket maybe
knitting or making all the things I don't seem to
find time for in the Spring and Summer.
This is also when I have more time to
decorate and if like me you want to get that Fall look
without using orange and the usual
traditional colors you will want to get this issue.

You'll also be harvesting the last of what the garden has to offer.
Have I ever told you how much I love to eat pumpkins.
Not the pretty ones like in the picture above
 but the sugar pumpkins.
Just microwave for 10 minutes and scoop out
the hot gooey orange stuff. 
Salt and butter,
maybe some cheese melted on top and that's it.
I get the strangest looks when I tell people I eat them
but it's just a squash!
It's delicious
Ok I feel your looks coming thru my computer screen!

Picking and eating lots of apples and going to
 all the pick your own farms.

Now another event I want to tell you about
which is happening tomorrow.
I know not much notice and only
good for you local guys and gals.

Gather is having a Vintage Jewelry event
tomorrow  between 1:00 and 8:00 with cocktails 6-8.
It's hosted by Dawn of
Dawn's Vintage Jewelry of Brookfield

 This is just a small sampling of what Dawn
will be bringing to the event.

Not only is the merchandise beautiful but the prices will be
having you come from far and wide.
Bring your friends, carpool, bicycle, bus, take the train...
do whatever you have to but come
to this show.

 Now I told you the prices are good.....not $.15

50 % OFF
Remember Christmas is just around the corner.

( opps little blurry)

Not to be missed!

If you want more information
call Deanna at
104 Main St.
Ivoryton, Ct.

The shop is brimming with the most wonderful
assortment of antiques, locally made crafts and art and
so much more.
You always find something unique in Deanna's shop.
A modern day General Store
in the historic town of Ivoryton.

Hope to see you there!


Thank you for all the emails.
The commenter is now back on!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Oh my! So much eye candy and great inspiration in this post...thank you!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Such a fabulous post, love the images from Jeanne D'Arc.
I so wished I could go and visit the Vintage Jewellery Event, looks like there are some fabulous pieces.
I like pumpkin too, especially a nice big pot of soup in winter.

Happy weekend

Denise said...

Love that silver pumpkin with the flowers. And all of the jewelry looks fabulous. Did you buy anything wonderful?
The little (HAHA) kitty in my post is declawed. Not by me, she was that way when we got her. So no scratched furniture here.

Rebecca said...

Hey there sweet lady...
I have been missing you!
Life has gotten out of hand but I am trying to keep it under control!
Loved your post on fall, my favorite time of year. I am going to slow it down, or try and enjoy it.
I need a magazine also L)
Many Blessings

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Argh! Yes, getting this a day too late ~ shame on me for not blogging enough. Serves me right!!! I hope the sale was as awesome as those gorgeous cameos.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

bugger... wish I could come to see Gather with you.. it all looks fabulous..
and .. I've just been reading my old copy of Jeanne D'arc... finally found it in the packing .. and thinking I should get the next edition...

ciao ciao xxx Julie