Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last day of Brimfield ....for me at least

The second day of Brimfield was filled with even more fun finds.
One of my main stops was to visit The Brocantess who you may
already know from her blog. Unfortunately she hasn't
 started her new blog yet with
Typepad but I for one am anxiously waiting.
Debra and I met up in the New England Motel field and
 went right over to find her booth.
For some reason I had thought she was going to be
 under the barn but after a
quick jingle to Laura she set me straight and I knew where to head.
To my surprise when we arrived a sign was hanging
on the door saying that
the booth was being restocked and that the
booth was temporarily closed.
I knew I should have gotten there first!!!! uggh

Debra and I still wanted to peek while we were being
nosey petes the Brocantess spotted us and asked us if we
 wanted to come in.

So being NOSEY paid off
this time!!!

She was so busy on the first day that whole sections of
 her booth were sold.
The whole back wall was empty.
Good for her!!!
Someone even wanted to buy the bike that was
 being used for display.

A couple of designers came in and loved everything and
half her booth was dismantled.

I still managed to get some good shots of what she had left.

This is only Marcy's second show but she obviously knows
 what people are looking for and has an eye
for displaying it well.

I think her next show is in California.....but unfortunately
 that's all the information I have.
I wish her all the best.

One booth that I happened upon was one with
 old laboratory equipment.
Something caught the corner of my eye.......
thinking I had seen some of those large clear light bulbs like
 these below.

New York Gift Show

But just as good were all these beakers and glass jars. 
Reminded me of
 High School Chemistry class.

Not really sure what they are all used for but all
 I knew was that I had to
Oh good an new obsession!
and a new collection.

Recently Debbie from Talking Trash talked about
her love for the movie
Practical Magic which you can read about 
The movie inspired her to
look for all things Apothecary.

That theme kept running thru my head as


as I perused the glassware.

Images from Google
I wonder if I could prepare dinner with this arsenal
of equipment at my gasp?
mighty tasty indeed!



 I figured I could always use it for a Halloween prop like some wild science experiment gone MAD.

This was my friend Mary Maquire's booth.
She's an artist and also sells
18th c. illustrations. I spent a lot of time in her booth. It's a little hard to just look quickly...she has so much to look at
for a small booth.

Yes, I bought some bug pictures amongst others. Mostly spiders ones for George.
I hate snakes but I bought one of those too.

These were old German prints. The red pencil marks underneath the words made them less expensive so I bought those
instead of the others.

This was a booth that was new in this field...well at least I'd never seen it. It was like walking into a fine linen and bedding store. From the outside you could only see panels of lace curtains.
It was even prettier inside as you can see.

Debra and I ewwwed and ahhhed when we saw this pile of lace but it was pretty high end stuff.

This believe it or not was a curtain panel.
I think marked at $900.

Now I don't know what was going on here but these ladies were having a nice relaxing time sipping drinks and taking a load off.
Some even sitting in bed.
Oh my!
They asked us if we wanted to join but
there really wasn't any more room.
Maybe we'll come earlier next time or reserve a space.

This was Debra's friend Linda who was in the tent with some of the people like Rosemary of Tinsel Trading.
I should have spent more time in this tent but it was the end of the day and it started raining. It was full of great things. Lots of great furniture and really well priced.
The first picture was her trying to run away from me when she  knew I wanted to take a picture of her.
She's shy too so
 I told her I'd take a pic of her outfit only. 

The pants are Magnolia Pearl and the bag is hers.
You can see more of her booth at Debra blog

Well it was another great show. I'll be sharing the things I bought
and the stories that go with them in future posts.
I hope you get to come to Brimfield at least once in your lifetime.
Just bring comfortable shoes!!!
unlike me who wore flip flops:
what was I thinking???
you can't really make good time in flip flops!

See you again soon.
Hope you enjoyed the tour.



Georgia said...

Such greta finds. I lover her stall and all the items. Especially those little vintage books in the background of one of the images. Stunning.


Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

It's all so wonderful.....I would definintely be in overload mode...:)

MJ Ornaments said...

Your photos came out so well Carole and the lab bottles will be a perfect Halloween decoration. I love the set design of Practical Magic too. Take care, Martha

Julie@beingRUBY said...

OH Carole.. Fabulous.. don't know where to start
Well Marcy's booth is simply amazing.. what a talented girl she is... and the white linen booth reminds me of something I have seen in Romantic Homes.. the red and white needlework.. If i figure it out I'll let you know..

So I love that movie Practical Magic and understand your interest in all things apothecary. Again reminds me of my childhood.. not that we were witches.. haha.. but visits to the osteo..

Okey dokey.. have a great Sunday.. and thanks once again for these fabulous posts!!! xxx Julie

Anonymous said...


I've been spending a lot of time googling for Practical Magic pics in the last week - I guess everyone has that house on their mind this time of year because it was such a gorgeous home. I don't remember much about the movie storyline - but the house - yummmmmm! :)

Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous photos with us, Carole!

Have a happy,

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Wonderful pics of Marcy's booth...
...and that booth full of linens was fabulous!
Thanks for sharing all that I missed...
Practical Magic is such a fun movie!
Hope you and D are having fun at ET!

oldgreymare said...

awww poo...will I ever get to go? It is all so incredible and thanks to you I get an idea of what it must be like. I would be the one dragging behind all day I'm sure, not able to bear leaving these booths.... maybe if I sold my house I could shop to my hearts content but then I would have no place to put all my treasures...the world is not playing fair landing me in lala land...

:( for me but : D for you!



Nice and Easy Antiques said...

It was always a dream of mine to go...I wander if I ever will. In the meantime, I so enjoy your pictures!!! Thank you!!!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

It's me again, don't know why I didn't follow you before, but I'm doing it now!

Luiza said...

I adore all of the things!!!!
Love it, really, I´m speechless and hope I can come some day (with cofortable shoes)to see it on my own!
I love the apothecary things and wish I could have it all, to make the atmosphere just as your images shows...
Thank you , Carole, for sharing all these amazing images and experiences with us.

Have a wonderful sunday!

Olive Cooper said...

You wore flip flops...that sounds eactly like something I would do. That linen booth looked dreamy but $900...good grief. I could see many uses for the lab bottles. I used to bring empty bottles home from the hospital and use them as vases many years ago. You are our roving Brimfield Reporter! hugs♥olive

KarenB said...

Wow! I'm amazed at how many photos you took while shopping! I usually get so distracted by all the fun stuff that I forget to take pictures. I've found a couple of things in your photos that I'd love to snatch up. Too bad I'm on the other side of the country. I lived in Massachusetts for 5 years and I think I only got to Brimfield once, maybe twice. It was so hot one time that I got sick afterwards. But, it was worth it. ;-) Thanks for taking us along!

Chemin des Muguets said...

Hi Carole,

You are so lucky to be able to attend Brimfield. I miss the shows back East. Can't wait to see what you found. I agree about the "magic" of the lab equipment,


sissie said...

I just love your post today. I'm just sitting here drooling and wishing.


A New England Life said...

Oh Carole, I would love to be one of those ladies sitting in a big comfy chair or laying in bed having a drink! I can't imagine a day so carefree! Maybe when I get a little older.

Looks like a great day with lots of good stuff! I do love linens but it sounds like those were well out of my reach dollar wise.


trash talk said...

That first photo made me think P.M instantly...then your post sealed the deal! You need to link to the P.M. party yourself! I can see all kinds of uses for those fact I'm going crazy thinking about them and don't even let me get started on those prints!
Great post...thanks!
P.S. I have feet like Fred Flintstone from wearing flip flops so much. I swear I could run in mine...if I could still run!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Oh my goodness Carole, I think you must have just had the time of your life. I would've loved to have seen all of those booths. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Charlene said...

I was blog hopping & happened upon you & LOVE the post about Brimfield. OH MY!!!!!! It's been over 15 years since I took my one & only trip there & so want to go back. I am heading out for Round Top in Texas because it's fairly close to where I live (4 hours is a lot closer than Brimfield). I hope to buy some of those Magnolia Pearl Bloomers at the show in her booth. Thanks for sharing & I would take some of those glass test tubes & beakers please. Charlene

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I enjoyed coming along with you, thank you for sharing. What a wonderful place Brimfield is ~ my oh my, would so love to be able to go there.
All the gorgeous old lace, linen and the red and white embroidery and the glass lab beakers.
Look forward to seeing what else you got.

Happy week

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Those amounts of great treasures in one place keep amazing me. What fun! The price of that curtain panel amazes me as well though. Are they serious?
I guess the ladies were happy to find such a comfy place to relax.
Thank you for that wonderful trip to Brimfield, Carole! I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to taking a look at your finds :-).
Big hugs to you,

la Brocanteuse said...

wow! how I wish I could see it in real..but happy that you are sharing it with your great images. thank you! xo Colette

Renee Finberg said...

i wish i wish i wish
i were there with you.

the images are amazing.
it sounds as though it was a blast!

hugs xx

Jacqueline said...

Oooo Carole,
Lots and lots of lovely things....and even some that I own (Some of the candlesticks....they must be reproductions !!)The lacey tent looks so pretty... I think that I might have spent a lot of time in there although, I don't think that that lace panel is worth $ must have been special in some sort of way (24 carat golden thread, no doubt !!)
I LOVE the film Practical Magic. Whenever it's on I watch it. Dont you just love her shop ....and their house. I love the end when they jump off of the roof !
Can't wait to see your Halloween chemistry tableau !! No pressure !! hehe. XXXX

Passionate for White said...

Thanks for sharing your pics of Brimfield. I, too, was there but missed out on some of the great finds because I'm not an early "enough" bird! Stop by my blog if you can to take a peek of the pics I snapped up at Brimfield.

Christelle said...

Ohhh !
Mais , tu as donc découvert la caverne d'Ali Baba ?
Que du rève par ici avec ce billet au gout d'antan !

MaygreenFairies said...

Ohhh Carole, what a truly scrumptious blog post, i was drooling over each picture, thank you for sharing. Mandy x

vicki said...

Carole - these photos are to die for - what in the world could be any better than this! Oh what fun you must have had perusing all the wonderful booths. You did a fab job taking the photos! LOVE the chemistry equipment - cant wait to see what you do with that!

Totally get the flip flop thing. I wore them to the Springfield Ohio flea market this past weekend - my feet may not ever recover. (nurses should know better!)

A wonderful and lovely post!