Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday break

Just wanted to do a quick post just to share what we did early evening after work.
It had been a beautiful day and just the kind of
Fall day you dream about.
....but a little bit of me misses Summer.
I realized that we hadn’t even walked along the beach this season.
Not once! and well,
 we still really didn’t actually Walk.
George wasn’t in the mood ….his back has been bothering him lately
so I tried not to whine.
He sat on the bench and I took pictures.
There really wasn’t too much to photograph though.

Until this couple came along with their RED Balloons.
first picu
I first thought wow they must be doing a photo shoot
but I soon realized it was just a couple taking pictures.
Or maybe she’s a model  or even better they’re sending in pics for
some reality TV show.
Wanting something different that will stand out from the crowd.
Ya think?
Anyways it was fun to watch them even though
I felt a little voyeuristic.
But how many people do you see at the beach with balloons?
Red ones at that.
It was pretty windy so every couple of minutes they would take a break
out of the brutal wind.
Or maybe they were trying to hide from me.
Not sure how Cowboy (aka George) didn’t lose his hat!
Then just as I was coming back from the dock and getting ready to leave so were they.
They walked off in the other direction.
walking away
We walked back to the car and just as we were leaving they were parked right next to us.


Hope you had a great weekend

and thank you for the nice comments on the wedding.
It was really wonderful to see how much their union touched your hearts too.
I know you join me in wishing them
Happiness in the future.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

hehehe.... strange happenings with red balloons!!! and then parked next to you. hahaha... love that sort of synchronicity... the universe has a good sense of humour...

Carole.. I love that 3rd shot with the sea spray... just beautiful!!! As you know my back is causing me grief too and the chiro said.. 'walk walk walk'!! easier said than done... but I may get to see more seaside this week than usual... OH.. love that late afternoon light too... such a beautiful glow.. although i imagine a little wistful knowing summer is ending..

Have a lovely week.... don't get up to any mischief!!! xxx Julie

Christelle said...

Je suis tellement loin de la mer que lorsque je vois des photos de l'océan , j'ai aussitôt des envies d'évasion !Merci de cette balade marine !

It's me said...

Happy new week Ria.....

trash talk said...

The sky in the photo with the surf breaking reminded me of candy corn!
Debbie said...

How romantic you and George are:) Going to the beach together, I love it! The red balloon looked so pretty next to the water. I wonder if their photos came out as nice as yours?
Capers of the vintage vixens

erin said...

what a fun day! and to find that cute couple with the red balloons! o.k carole, i can't believe you hadn't walked on the beach once this year??!! i would be there every day. we are landlocked here in Tennessee and i would love to live near the hoo for me...i love the shot of the water crashing against the pier.
have a wonderful week, sweety!

Olive Cooper said...

It does look a tad chilly on the beach. Those red ballons are a curosity. We often overlook sights that are close by as well. hugs♥olive

Jacqueline said...

Hi Carole,
I am just loving the red balloon senario !! I am now sooooo curious as to what they were up to !! haha.......... I think that I might have been so bold as to have asked them when meeting up at the car !!
Beautiful photographs as always Carole.....I don't think that there always has to be something going on to get good shots. You really have captured that wonderful Autumn goldness.
Hope you are well and hope that George's back improves. XXXX

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

At fist I thought he was must be the romantic in me!!! NOT!!! LOL!!!

Beautiful pictures!!!


I also thought maybe he was going to pop the question! Anyways we can all imagine a little story about them. Summer has gone and Fall is upon us here. HUGS MARY

oldgreymare said...


The pop of red color against the colors of sand and sea is delightful. You've left us all guessing as to the meaning behind their gathering there like that, so I'm weighing in with two ideas.

One, he is a friend helping her photograph a romantic photo for her to give to her loved one...or two it's an assignment for a class. Darling Daughter was/is always doing stuff like this.

I'm am so happy to hear you guys had a relaxing time and sorry to hear George's back is no better.

I am so envious that you can just go sit by the water like this. I suppose I can go to the beach here. The topless Tuesday one at the palms casino?



Poppy said...

lol, how strange, but great fun for you to photograph! Have a lovely week.

Lou x

time-worn interiors said...

wow! she had a barbie doll figure! what a cute couple!

Rebecca said...

Hi Sweet Girl
How are you and what have you been up to besides taking pictures of strangers on the beach :)
I love your wedding pictures, what a beautiful wedding!
I got my magazine, thank you for the sweet note and I love the feather and ribbon... who makes that ribbon? I love it.
I had so many plans for today and I got stopped in my tracks, my back went out and had to go to the Chiropractor, so I am taking it easy this afternoon.
Blessings to you my friend

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Red balloons?
...a mystery!
Having been twice to the osteopath this month...I sympathize with George! Love the beach pics!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

Reminds me of the song 99 Red balloons!
I wondered if maybe he was going to propose to her, certainly a romantic place to do a photoshoot.
As always your photos are wonderful.
Hope George's back is better.

Have a great week

Luiza said...

Congratulations to Jen & Lars (Norwegian guy)?
They really look like a happy couple!!!!
Wonderful wedding!!! Love it!

this post is also amazing, I´m glad that couple came along with the red baloons!!! They really made the post =)!

Hope Georges back gets better...

Thank you for playing along in my giveaway =)!
Crossing my fingers =)!

Have a lovely tuesday!

LBP said...

Beautiful photos!



Jill said...

That is funny. I bet they would have liked to have your photos though of them doing their photos. The behind the scenes. But, offering them would have been REALLY AWKWARD.....