Saturday, October 23, 2010

White Christmas

The largely anticipated Christmas book is about to arrive.
The folks at Jeanne d’Arc Living were swamped
 in the last year with requests
to reprint this book. They decided to not
only reprint but to reprint in soft cover to lower the price.
Jul issue

Good for us
jul issue 2
Did I mention it’s in English this time?

jul issue 3

So not only can I drool but I can read too.
jul issue 4

jul issue 5
Some Christmas packaging ideas.
Wrapping a present is probably my favorite part.
jul issue 6

jul issue 7 

I thought I’d share with you a wonderful giveaway I won
from one of my favorite bloggers,
I have followed her blog since I first started blogging.
She’s someone with great style and  redecorates her home often.
We’re the lucky ones that get a peek at her latest changes.
Her style and images are like the pages of Jeanne d’Arc Living. 
My win was this gorgeous and unique necklace made by an
artist that she found in the same store her
 husband sells his furniture.
He’s a talented cabinet maker and their home is filled
with special pieces that he’s made.
I’ve worn this necklace a few times worn alone and with
other longer necklaces and it looks great both ways. 
I just love this little box with stamped text.
The number is such a cool addition.
Numerical style is everywhere now.
The year of the digit is what JDL claimed
was a big trend for 2010.
I think it will continue for some time.
Don’t you?

In addition to the necklace was an array of perfumes and creams.
I can always use these!
Chrissy works in the beauty industry as a
cosmetologist giving
her a window, I think,
into what is esthetically pleasing.
Beautiful objects whether animate or inanimate
still follow the same principles.

So you can get a feel of her warm
and charming style I've included some pictures
from her blog.

Thank you Chrissy.
I love everything you sent.
I'm so lucky to call you my friend!

Go visit her and you'll be happy you did.
You'll return over and over again.

( image 1-7 Jeanne d'Arc Living
8-10 me
11-15 Chrissy)


Olive Cooper said...

That necklace is pretty and very different. I am afraid to ask the price of the book but it looks fabulous.

sissie said...

Chrissy is so talented and I love her blog too.
I love the necklace she chose for you. Jeanne de Arc magazine is a must have for the Holidays.


Anne Marie said...

hi Carole! how cool you received that from Chrissy!! i'm so excited about the jdarc christmas edition!! thanks for the sneak peeks...

hope you are well
Anne Marie

Jacqueline said...

Hi Carole,
What a gorgeous necklace....that's right up my street. I love it.....and many thanks for introducing us to Chrissy. I am definitely going to check her blog out. It looks beautiful.
The Christmas JD'arc looks so full of inspiration and a must have for me.
Hope all's well with you Carole and you haven't eaten too much of that frosting !!!! I have !! haha. XXXX

It's me said...

O yes !! it is alomost there.....some shops have it already yet !! i hope we get it on monday...........happy Ria...beautiful gift you have !

Evi said...

first of all, Carole what a lovely necklace!
Secondly, I think numbers are here to stay....
just forget about birthdays!
I am going to Chrissy's blog to drool next, and finally you know I want that book ( you got me on the list I hope)
Carole you could make a beautiful Herbarium with all the beautiful flowers you deal with, plus the meadows etc.,etc.
Many hugs,

Chrissy said...

Carole...your so sweet,thanks this post really made my day!!! So glad you love your necklace...must say I had a hard time parting with it!!! x0x0

Denise said...

Chrissy has a beautiful blog. I visit often. The necklace that you won is fabulous.
I'm really tempted to order that book. I keep seeing fabulous images from it and I am decorating my living room in all white this year so I would probably get tons of yummy ideas.

Renee Finberg said...

great post.
you do such great images along with your posts.
i love your prizes.
lucky gal!!!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Well, I already have the hardcover of Jul!
...and it is indeed beautiful! How wonderful that it is in English now! Congrats on winning those treasures from Chrissy...her beautiful home certainly reflects her love of JD style. She is as sweet and generous as they come! :)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Carole
Well I love all these images.. whether they be 1-7, 8-10 or 11-15...

How lucky you were to win this giveaway... the necklace is fabulous.. Love the charms.. you know my obsession with them.. I must check out Chrissy's blog.. don't know how I have missed it for so long...

Love the Jeanne D'arc Christmas book too... might inspire me to actually decorate the house this year??? Remember last year was too much work and no fun for Ruby...

Another lovely post Carole.. have a great weekend.. xxx Julie

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

What a GREAT win!! I love Chrissy's blog and have been following her since I started blogging....

Lou Cinda

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

How exciting to win the giveaway and all the fabulous gifts ~ love the gorgeous necklace.
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful images and yes, is certainly something to drool over!

Happy weekend

MaygreenFairies said...

It is always a real treat to visit your blog!

Theresa said...

I'm heading over to Chrissys blog right now, I am just in love with all of those pics and would love to change up my entire house when I go through Jeannne De Arc, it is just gorgeous! I better try it one room at a time though so as not to tear this place entirely apart at once (I already have a crafting mess to take care of!) Your prize is beautiful and will go well with the new ring! Have a fabulous Sunday! Theresa xoxo

Tarnished and Tattered said...

I love Chrissy's blog too, her style is so subdued I guess is the word. Just gorgeous. I'm heading to you shop to buy the new JDA. I thought I ordered Jul from someone, but that was like 3 weeks ago & I can't find it in my paypal. I need to stop ordering books when I'm delirious at night. LOL Off to your shop. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, more eye candy - so beautiful!

I've never visited Chrissy before, so that's my next stop in blogland. :)

Thanks for your thoughtful comment over at my blog, Carole, and I hope you have a happy afternoon!


Meg said...

I just love your blog. I think I know you from my old life as a seamstress for Cottage Whimsey. After you closed your shop I wondered what happened to you,do you have a shop now at the greenhouse too? You have so much talent and ingenuity,I just love your creations, I ordered a couple of magazines and can't wait to get them. [Peggy] meg

rustandruffles said...

Hi Carole, exciting. Just ordered from your shop. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your willingness to ship to Canada Carole. I so enjoyed the last mag. and the pretty packaging!!!
Can't wait for this to come!
Happy day!

Charm and Grace said...

Carole, how delightful to receive your kind words and to come here to your beautiful blog. Though I have not ever been to CT in person, I know it must be so very beautiful from the photographs and movies I have seen. Yes, I really enjoyed drawing that lovely CT home, and what a gentleman the man was who had me do this for his wife as a birthday present. I do look forward to seeing more of your blog.

Christi said...

What a great win! Congratulations, and now I am off to check out her blog:)

Capers of the vintage vixens

Heaven's Walk - said...

Congrats, Carole! What awesome gifts!! That necklace is really so unique! Must go now and order my Christmas JDA mag! Thanks for the peek inside! :)

xoxo laurie

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Congratulations on winning all those wonderful gifts, Carole! The necklace is awesome! I love just love numbered tags, signs etc.