Monday, July 11, 2011

Texture Tuesday and I love a good fake!

I just loved the texture Kim sent this week that I had to give it a go.
Please check out her blog  and the other participants for more texture art.

carpet rose.jpg2

I had a little more fun with them then just adding the texture.
While looking at my email from Miss Martha( Martha Stewart)
I spied a beaded flower tutorial.
I thought
ahhh I can make that???
of course I had no idea what they were talking about.
I even read the instructions to George who was equally puzzled.
( don’t really think he was listening)
Maybe you can understand it better then me

martha bead flower
see ….pretty!
So I turned to my friends at Youtube!!!
and did eventually figure out what they were trying to teach me.
I need visual ad! don’t you?
Anyways, then I decided to look for instructions on Photoshop just for the heck of it,
one thing just leads to the next!
and found this video on faking depth of field.
I love me a half blurry pic!
Did you already know how to do this?

I’ll admit it seemed easy at first but I kept messing it up.
The examples I tried it on were probably not the best but I was in a hurry.

Ok what am I forgetting???
That those are Carpet Roses in the photos.
I had cut them to see that there really was a difference in the petals of the red, pink and scarlet.
We planted the pink and red ones (before they flowered) for a customer.

He came to tell me that the red ones were single petaled and the pink double.

I thought he was crazy.
But he was right…..
and the scarlet ones are even more doubled.
Who knew?  : )


trash talk said...

Love the techniques. Too bad I'm camera challenged!
Carole, why don't I save you some energy and just send you a French beaded rose? Then you can take a blurry photo of it in your hair. Deal?
P.S. I'm the queen of faking it!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I love the wonderful texture of your carpet roses and have never tried this technique.
Have a great week and hope you get the hair accessory sorted. Will go and check it out. Thanks.


T's Daily Treasures said...

I hate reading instructions or even viewing tutorials. If I see something, I usually just try to wing it! I have never attempted any digital imaging. Your flower images are gorgeous! Good luck with your project. Best wishes, Tammy

Dorthe said...

Love your roses, never heard of them! and I love what you did with the photo- never tryed- and don`t have photoshop :)

Theresa said...

Love the texture on the roses, I need to try that with picnik... no PS here. The beaded flower is gorgeous, good luck! Maybe once you get beading George will jump in to help ;O
I am in the midst of cleaning the workroom... I have been in the midst of it for about a week now. ugh. I keep going in and turning tail and running! Geez, I really make a mess in there sometimes! Have a fabulous week! t. xoxoxo

Olive Cooper said...

The roses are very pretty. We used YouTube to teach us how to use our fancy expresso machine because the instructions went whoosh over our heads. Have a happy day!

oldgreymare said...

So wonderful to learn new things, good for keeping us young..or driving us crazy... sounds like you are winning the battle. <3
the pink carpet roses are gorgeous.

Karen said...

Beautiful pictures.. your header is awesome!... glad to know another Connecticut blogger!

A Cottage Muse said...

This old dog would love to learn some new camera tricks! Thanks for the beauty and giggle today!

Rebecca said...

lost my comment so if you find 2 of them floating around, they are from me, you would think I would know how to do this by now!
Love your photo shop pics, I haven't mastered that yet, maybe if I would stay home long enough. it is on my list of to dos;
And then there is the pattern instruction topic, just don't get me started other then where do they find these people to write this stuff, from a rocket science lab? Why do they have to make the simplest instructions so complicated. just show me the steps in pictures and I am good.
Hope your summer is going well!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Good morning, Carole! I'm smiling about your cute mixed post :-). The roses are pretty and I love what you do with Photoshop. I think I have to get it one day and then you have to teach me :-).
I took a look at the tutorial and think I might have an idea how they make the petals but this could easily change when I would really try it, lol. I have no clue how they do the stames though and also mostly find it very difficult to follow written instructions without pictures. If you try to make the flowers, you have to show them of course :-).

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

The carpet roses are beautiful.
Mag arrived safe and sound even amidst our postal strike.
Thanks so much.
Susan x

A New England Life said...

I get Kim's textures too. She sure does have some pretty ones! Lovin' the roses, but I'm big on roses lately. Both my husband and I bought one. Mine, the Eden rose, was so beautiful, but now all the roses are about to die and there aren't any more buds. While my husbands rose looks gorgeous with loads of buds! Wish I had bought the English Rose I was originally going to purchase!

Although I didn't watch the video I wonder if it's similar to the tilt-shift effect? I've yet to try that one myself.

Hope you're having a great summer, Carole!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

I don't know how to take these photos but yours turned out so well! The roses are gorgeous.
I will watch the tutorial and try to figure this out.

vicki said...

Hi Carole- love those beautiful roses- the color is exquisite! Your pictures are stunning! I have no idea how to create with photography- know nothing about photo shop- I'm impressed!!

The flower photos on your sidebar are unbelievable- your blog is just simply summertime gorgeous!

Jane said...

Hi Carole,
I'm catching up on your latest posts. Your photos are wonderful and your flowers are gorgeous! I don't know what kind of flowers are pictured a couple of posts back but you captured some incredible pictures of them.
Thanks for visiting me and your nice comments about my creative space!

Martha said...

very interesting tutorial! Love your pictures of the flowers!

mary pernla said...

I also do not understand those who can not respect plants, walking on them seem so thoughtless...........glad you took the time to enjoy George with the car ride and coffee, us work all day, all night people need to relax more. Take care. Hugs Mary