Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adrienne's home # 3

I wanted to start where we first saw the back her studio. The vista from here was one of the best I've ever seen. What a beautiful way to start the day. I imagine I wouldn't get much work done if I was left here. I'd be watching the birds and looking at the progress of the garden as the season progressed. Not much work would be accomplished but I'm sure Adrienne is not like me. I'm easily distracted.....just ask my husband. ha-ha

I love the shape of this bench or settle I think they call it. Her boxwoods just lend themselves to the classic look of the garden. There's a nice balance of formal and informal in this garden that gives it it's charm. From here you can almost see the little ceramic mushrooms she has in the pot on the right. Laura and I both noticed all the ones she had in her garden though I forgot to take pics of more of them.

I think I need some mushrooms in my garden. Oh, with all this rain we're having I could probably grow my own real ones!

Old vintage tools hanging by the front porch....

hanging above this table with ......

Bunnies at every turn.

This one looks very alert.

He must have heard us coming.

Oh there's Laura taking a picture of our favorite metal bee skep- turned gardenhose holder. I think we'll have to find out where Adrienne bought that one.
Her gorgeous hand painted table.

I wish I had taken more pictures then I did. Laura's blog shows more then mine I believe so please go to her's and see more. Don't know what I was doing???? I guess just soaking it all in. We had planned on coming back after seeing the other houses but by the time we were done it was after 4 and we didn't want to impose.

I wanted to share with you some cards that Adrienne has illustrated and sent me over time. I've gotten them at Christmas and Easter too but they were put away with the decorations. This one is one that hangs in my craft room at home
and this is one that I still had in the back room of the shop that she sent this past Halloween.

Aren't I lucky to have such a talented friend.

Today Laura received a comment on her blog about Adrienne. She wasn't sure at first who this person was. She later found out it was Adrienne's lovely sister in law Cathy. Laura gave me permission to show you what she wrote. I was going to just write a excerpt from it but I decided I didn't want to omit any of it.

" Adrienne Samuelson's home is indeed a "real life" dream. Imagination and creativity are captured at every turn and twist, in every nook and niche, radiating outward to encircle every vista and panorama. 360 degrees of pure delight.

This is a powerful vision brought to life-one where grace and goodness prevail and negativity is banished. It is a magical place, immediately enveloping all who enter and hold us spellbound by its charms. Adrienne's creativity cannot be contained to her studio- her artistic presents permeantes the whole house and gardens making every vignette a canvas for her illustrations. Childhood delights are rekindled as inquistive bunnies and flighty crows take us to another realm- a place where the expectation of joy abounds. But the realm, isn't just fantasy- it is real.

The enchanting home should be published far and wide-in shelter magazines, in the Home section of the New York Times, and in inspirational books, - it is a tonic for the doldrums, a cure for what ails us, and an object lesson that dreams can come true. It is the pursuit of happiness attained and the realization of the American Dream.


I couldn't have said it better myself. How beautifully written about an amazing person and a wonderful friend.


Diana Cohen said...

Some entries I start earlier, and finish and post later. I'm not sure how that affects updates for follows. Glad you popped back by though. I love all your pics from the house and garden tour. I always mean to go on a local tour but I never seem to do it. So I got to go cyberly with you, thanks!!!

Laura said...

Great post Carole! You really got some wonderful that hand painted table!

June said...

Such beautiful views out her window. I love her garden bunnies too.
I wanted to thank you for your visit to my place and the lovely comment you left me.

Bella Dreams said...

How beautiful! Everything looks so perfect and picture perfect (sigh) I can only dream......

The White Bench said...

FABULOUS, Carole! I love each and every pic and each and every word of this delightful post!
Thank you!

Bleudelavande said...

Hi Carole what wonderful view out that window!
Great post as always!
Tank you for leaving your sweet comment on mine, I'm always so glad to receive you!!!!
Have a nice nice day!!!

Paula said...

Dear Carole,

I have been enjoying your lovely blog! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful home and garden tour photos. You and Laura are so sweet to share with us. I think they are all wonderful, but I especially love Paula's home and garden.

Love, Paula

Mermaid Queen said...

What a beautiful garden, and I love the bird house.
Take care,

Anne Marie said...

what an amazing writer! they should collaborate together....she writes....Adrienne creates the atmoshpere....

I'm totally enchanted!

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Carole
Wonderful installement of photos again. It does feel like a magical and positive place. I would love to see that house in the flesh but am grateful to be able to see if through your photos.
Isabelle x

Laura said...

Outstanding garden pictures, Carole. I too love the metal bee skep. Your friend has a beautiful garden 'retreat'.