Friday, June 19, 2009


Imagine my surprise when I was driving out of the driveway one morning and looked behind me and thought "What are those???" Then I remembered George mentioning to me that I had foxglove growing along our neighbors lot. It's actually where I through out the weeds and clay soil that I don't want in the compost heap. Don't know where they came from? I haven't had digitalis in my garden in years.
So happy to see my "volunteers" content in my weeds.
I'll be going to the garden tour tomorrow that I talked about previously. Laura from 52 flea will be coming down to help Paula in the morning and we'll be touring the other gardens in the afternoon. Can't wait to see each other again. So much to talk about.
Enjoy your weekend,


Bella Dreams said...

How beautiful! Here your Foxglove just pops up and I can't get it to grow here at all. I think maybe it just gets too hot for it here. Seeing your beautiful plants makes me want to try one-more-time!

christelle said...

Comme toujours , tes photos sont magnifiques et donnent envie de rèver ! Merci pour ton gentil com' à ma Florie !

piitis said...

Beautiful flowers!!!

Have a nice day!!

Anne Marie said...

Say Hello to Laura for me!!

I would absolutely love to join you~

hope you are enjoying your weekend.....
(no worries on B&W Sunday btw)

vicki archer said...

These are just lovely...thank you for visiting French Essence and your lovely comment about my lavender, xv.

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I love foxgloves. That upright stalk of color can't be matched by anything else. Saw Laura's first set of garden walk photos. I hear you have some, too!!!! Happy Sunday.