Thursday, June 11, 2009

Through the Garden Gate

A Tour

of Homes and Gardens


Ivoryton & Centerbook, Ct.

Saturday June 20th-09

10 am-4 pm

This is one of the homes on the friend Paula's amazing house and garden. I stopped over yesterday to help her with a little plant identification. OK.....twist my arm....... plus it's been a little slow this week because of the rain. I just love when it rains.....but it's been a bit much this week. This weekend it's suppose to clear up and here's hoping we have great weather for the tour too. I was approaching her house. I was stunned at how gorgeous the stones that lined the picket fence were. A new addition to help hold the bank on the edge of the road. She laid them all by hand herself. The other side of the fence is all blue nikko hydrangeas.

Front view with the gothic picket fence surrounding the front yard. The house was once used by the caretaker of one of the farms in the area. I'm not sure what year it dates but it had seen better days before Paula bought it and did her "magic".

The side of the house with and vintage trellis and tall sculptural foxgloves just looks the part of a New England cottage

A metal garden sculpture given to her by our good friend Laura of 52 flea

A little candle light for the cool summer nights under the stars.....with a beverage perhaps????

This pond was here when she bought the house but hadn't been cared for and had became all over grown with brush that she didn't even know it was there.
Water gently trickles water out of the old watering can and adds a peaceful sound.

This is a small memorial garden for her father. His old hat perched on an old wheel and picture of him when he was a young man in the service.

The Bird Nest Inn with Akebia Vine growing all around the arbor. Isn't it just so charming? This was also orginally on the property used as a chicken coop. The inside is completely decorated and just to die for and when you come back I'll give you a look- see. It was getting late and hard to see inside with just candlelight.....
Well, I can't give it all away.

A collection of alpine perennials in terra cotta pots

One of the many restful places to sit......and enjoy the fruits of your labor

An arbor covered with an old rambling rose to be peaking and in full bloom by the day of the tour.

The added treat of this garden tour is that it includes the interior also. I'm teasing you only with the dining room view for now but will give you more later.
There are 7 more houses on this tour and we hope you take advantage of this opportunity if you are in the area. Tickets can be bought at the Ivoryton Library 860-767-1252
or check out for info.
Happy touring
Thanks Paula...
I had fun ID 'ing
Don't forget " Filipendula" LOL


Anne Marie said...

that is amazing~

I haven't been on a garden walk in a few years....with this nice wet spring and mild temperatures things look lovely all around~

Can't wait to see more photos!

Laura said...

Beautiful post Carole....I am looking forward to helping Paula out the day of the tour and hopefully getting a chance to see you and some of the other homes and gardens too!

Sea Angels said...

This is lile a beautiful fairy Tale how fantastic...I wish I could be there
Lynn xxxx

Witch Hollow Primitives said...
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Witch Hollow Primitives said...

I am so glad that you did come over to my blog, I may have not found yours, Amazing! If its one thing I love is gardens, statuary, greenery and ah...anything photographed on the new england coast. I love it, and the sounds in the background. It is so peaceful here, thank you!

Bee Serendipitous said...

Oh this cottage is sooo enchanting...thank you for letting us tag along on your walk through Paula's beautiful garden...I most definitely will be back to tag along again...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! grace & peace 2 U, Marlene

Les Cotrions said...

Thanks for your comment and for this wonderful tour! This garden is faboulous! So enchanting! Great details and lovely plants and flowers!!!!!
Happy wee end!

~~~Lydias Gröna Fingrar~~~ said...

Hi Carole!
What a lovely garden your friend Paula has got!
We have hade an 'open Garden' as it is called in Sweden, where people open up their gardens for everybody who like to look at the garden. Is it the same as garden walk?
I just love your hostas, my favourite right now is Striptease because of the white stripes and because it is so big.
If you ever come to Sweden you must come and visit us and our greenhouse! :o)
Have a lovely weekend,
Have a nice

QueenBe said...

The garden tour looks amazing. Worth the price of a ticket just for the house and garden of your friends! Hope the weather cooperates for you all. Your blog is so inspirational! Carol

Jeannette said...

What a dreamy just can see that a lot of love and time has been put into it!
Have a great weekend, Jeannette

emilie m said...

WOW what a beautiful garden it gets me your blog...
blessings emilie m.