Friday, June 26, 2009

Garden Tour #5

The architecture of the homes and garden is also what intrigued us on this tour. This town is full of old Victorian homes. I'd lived in Ivoryton back in my 20's in a little house I rented along Fall River.

The detail in this staircase were indicative of this era

I enjoyed walking along the road and getting a better look at the homes along Main Street. There are so many big trees that hide these old homes that you can't really see them as you drive by.

So happy they didn't painted this old wrought iron fence. we are!!!

Wild Ginger......not aptly named because it doesn't grow wild at least not in Ct. and grows rather slowly til it's happy and then it fills in. This is the beginning of the walkway to the backyard
and the adirondack style cabin by the Fall River....decorated very simple. Laura and I couldn't help but think how wonderful her collections would look here.
It was so quiet and peaceful back here I almost felt like I could have taken a nap on the lawn. I'm sure Laura would have joined me.
Years ago the dam above the river broke and flooded out the houses along here. The houses here recovered but the ones that were right near the dam were completely distroyed. It was strange to see that area all changed from what I remember as a child.

The house I rented so long ago had a paddle boat that went with the house but I never took the time to use it....I guess I was always too busy....I always regretted that.

Mountain Laurel - proud to say our state flower

There's Laura's wonderful new bag. From a company called Vagabond Vintage which I ordered some products from this year. Very cool .....very Jeanne D' Arc Living- ish.

By the way don't you just love this kitchen and that STOVE....OMG I love it but you need a maid or a chef in your house to clean it. I know my parents owned restaurants when I was growing up.

Here we are again.
This begonia was just too gorgeous. It almost doesn't look real.

I'm the one that looks like "Cousin It" in the picture. In my defense I'm trying to grow my bangs out. I'm not sure why???? it get in my eyes. I guess that's why I wear a hat 90% of the time :))

This will be the last post of the our tour together.....hope you all enjoyed it. It was fun showing you this beautiful part of Connecticut.
Thanks to all the kind and generous people who opened their homes to us.
See you again soon,


Laura said...

Ha! Carole you are too funny! Your pictures are amazing! Wonderful shots! Now, we can look forward to the next adventure!
Lucky I got a pedicure!

Anne Marie said...

Your photography Carole is getting better and better...not that it wasn't already good, but I can see a change.....
I was going to thank you for posting all these pictures! You really have no idea how perfect this tour has's summer....the kids and hubby are still sleeping in....I'm only with the cool breeze, hot coffee and a bit of sunshine...

Bella Dreams said...

Another beautiful tour as usual! I'll pretend that I went with you and it WAS NOT 102 degrees outside! Thanks for visiting today.

Mermaid Queen said...

Oh my goodness thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous photos. I could spend all day looking at them. :) Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. You'rs is really beautiful!
Take care,

Diana Cohen said...

The tour was a delight, thank you. I love the name of that company, "Vagabond Vintage". I have to admit, you're teasing me with peeks of yourself. I'm very curious to see you.

Chrissy said...

How beautiful the walkway lined in trees,and the rusty gate,have a good day my friend,Chrissy