Thursday, June 25, 2009

Keli's home # 4

As you have seen in Laura's blog this is Keli's ( Adrienne's Daughter) and her husband's house. It's tucked away up on a hill from the main road in the woods. As we drove up the driveway we both gasped at the size of this house. It's quite an impressive house which I had been told of by Paula but I never thought it would be this beautiful and pristine. Built in 2006 they had just completed the finishing touches on the in ground pool.

On the other side of the driveway which you can't see from here there is a driveway that lead to....

this huge workshop.
Laura and I started walking towards the long stairway that lead to the patio and the pool. It wasn't until we walked up the 40-50 steps that we saw big orange cones. We thought ah oh! Then someone spotted us and yelled out "you can't come that way". We had been so busy talking we had walked right by a couple set of cones. We were so embarrassed...but they were kind and let us walk across the front yard to the other side instead of going all the way back. We had a good laugh!

This beautiful moss basket was in the pool area

The landscaping was done by professionals with mostly mass plantings of daylilies, short grasses,lavender and boxwood.

This is a Tibouchina topiary or common name Princess flower. I'd never seen a topiary done this size. We've only had larger ones and we have 2 that I've trained into topiaries. One we've had for 10 years or more that is so huge people think it's a regular tree about 10 feet tall. The other is one I started in 05 and is now finally pretty nice. I may have to try training one this size. At least it wouldn't have to take 4 years to complete it. Everyone always loves the deep blue color. You can't tell from here but the leaves are fuzzy and thick.

It wasn't until I was cropping this picture that I noticed

this letter holder. This was a vintage piece that Adrienne bought for Keli from me last Christmas. I hadn't noticed until then. Laura and I were so focused on the large size of the room and the massive chandeliers that I missed the little details.
But being a crown collector I of course spotted this on the shelf. Notice the little hand too.....
And this covered dish with eggs. I wonder if this was a little bit of Adrienne's influence??? I think so!!!!!
Don't forget to check out Laura's blog for more pictures and stories of our day together.
Hey Laura where's the pic of the side mirror fiasco. LOL
Don't worry it's all fixed.
See you all soon,


Diana Cohen said...

Thanks again. I think you're my biggest fan. LOL
You laugh about spell check for comments but that's crossed my mind countless times. I keep a dictionary by my side but sometimes I get lazy about looking up every doubted word.
I'm hoping I can get out to the bees and lavender sometime this coming month.

Bella Dreams said...

beautiful! Once again thank you for the tour

Les Cotrions said...

Oh this house is abeauty and the garden....faboulous! I'd like to have garden is very small!
Wish you a nice week end!

Laura said...

You really got wonderful pictures here! I love that Princess flower topiary! Go to sleep now and get some work WAY TOO hard and long! :)

Chrissy said...

LOVE that last photo, love it all!! You two sure got some great shots, hope your weekend is a good one,and yes, you and I sure do like the same soon,Chrissy

Rosemary said...

You and Laura had quite the time!!
Beautiful !!!!!
Love it!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for your sweet comments.

Anne Marie said...

the outside of that home! good gravy....

I can't compete with that!!

I have set up the "Disguise Fete" at my place...

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Carole,
That house is beautiful. I think quite a few of my little maisons could easily fit inside it! You know, I would've walked the wrong way too, just happens. Thanks for sharing, I'll go over to Laura's and take a look too. Happy weekend.

The Country Nest said...

Carole, Thanks for stopping by my garden tour. I love your pictures and your blog. The topiary is to die for, I love the blue. I need to go read more of your blog.
Hugs, Donna