Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adrienne's home #2

This is the beautiful and artfully arrangement that greets you when you enter Adrienne Samuelson's home. I met her about 5 yrs ago when she came into my shop and we've been friends ever since and have worked together designing a wedding. She's the kind of person that lights up a room and always makes you feel comfortable and this visit was no different.

I knew her house would be eye candy.....after all she's an artist extraordinaire, illustrating cards for Caspari. But Laura and I were blown away by her collections....

and her sense of design.

We loved all her blue and white in her living room.

and we were both drawn to the queen anne's lace delicate it resembled a snowflake

Wonderful collection of nautical antiques.

Her country side showing through with the blue and white quilt and enamel pitchers.

This is of course the dining room. This room is done in the same color blue but with the fresh touches of light green
maybe just used for Spring? Maybe we can come back another season and see????

This window display with it's bunnies and vegetables and fruit were so whimsical and fun I half expected to see Alice peeking out around the corner.
Makes me want to put in a bay window.

Laura and I didn't know where to look next......there was so much to see and to take in.

We both went a little crazy when we saw this clock and watch collection. Paula had told us about it but it was so artfully displayed we both just loved it.

Can you imagine having a window like this in your workroom?
And looking through this one right by your desk???
I'd want to be there every minute.
Makes my workroom look like a dungeon.

At every turn a bit of whimsy to inspire....

A little bit of her witchy side. We all have it that!!!lol

Assorted baskets and favorite pots adorn the kitchen sink. Two topiaries with wispy branches on either side flank the windows

Wonderful silver shelf not often seen.

I sneaked a picture of Adrienne while we were stand outside in the garden.
We still had 6 other house to visit and Laura's camera was giving her trouble so we promised to come back. At the end we ran out of time. Booooowho!!!
I'm going to end here and show you the gardens tomorrow.
.......more bunnies and whimsy!!!!!
Good Night!!!


Kerstin said...


thank you for your visiting my blog...
It was `nt 600 guests, but the church have 600 seats...

Lovely home you have visit, and so many lovely things...

I wish you a beautiful day....

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Carole

What a wonderful house!!! I would have loved to walk around it for a day. The photos are such a pleasure to look at, all the attention to detail! I really like the bunny, vegetables and fruit display.
Take care
Isabelle x

Laura said...

Hi Carole!
Oh I want to go back and visit some more! Great pics! Great fun!
Have a good day....and don't work too hard!

Anne Marie said...

Good morning!

I have been away and I so wanted to read these glad I savored it over my coffee this morning.....I tried to "pretend" I was there too -
OMGOODNESS!! If I could have been there I would truly have been obnoxious I'm sure! What inpspiration!

wow...truly unbelievable! thank you for sharing them Carole.