Sunday, October 4, 2009

After they've all gone home

The prettiest time of year at the beach........when the tourists and summer people have gone home. Only a few footsteps are left behind as evidence that they were once here.
Lifeguards no longer
man their posts.
Swim at your own risk!
if you can stand the cold waters.
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Black and White Sunday
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KarenSue said...

How beautiful! So peaceful, I love it.

sassytrash said...

What stunning photos!!!
Having grown up near the beach, I always loved the off season, sunrise, and after storms!

Anne Marie said...

poetically peaceful Carole........

when we visited my grandparents in Florida, it was never during the 'peek' times.....and those images you shared (are way! better) are just what I remember...we didn't do much swimming

those are striking Carole.......some of my favs. thus far......
p.s. did you see Laeriss is going to start selling clothing?.....I know!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Gorgeous images Carole, just beautiful.

I'm about to go through the tourist bombardment with summer on it's way.. It is only the weekend visitors, but very annoying.. haha

Love to live in one of these houses!! Have a great Sunday x Julie

Bonjade said...

Indeed the most beautiful time of year at the beach......
Nice evening

Jacqueline said...

What an idyllic with no-one on it....I'd love to be running along it, right now.
Beautiful ,quite dramatic in a serene sort of way (if that makes sense !!) photographs.
Love them Carole. XXXX

erin said...

well of course this speaks to me!! and my love of the sea........these photos are so beautiful and artistic. i especially love the "ripple" shot in black and white. you captured peace and isolation perfectly. well done!!! really gorgeous.

June said...

Carole your photos are breathtaking...I can almost feel the ocean mist. Amazing black and whites. Thank you for brightening this rainy Sunday for me.

Chemin des Muguets said...


Stunning images. I am enchanted by the colors, shadows and patterns. It is a perfect time to take a walk 'sur la plage'.

Merci, Marjorie

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Carole, Gorgeous shots!! This is my most favorite time to be at the beach! Love it! Thanks for sharing these with us... ~ Blessings ~ Teresa

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

We feel the same way here, when the tourists go away everything seems so beautiful and peaceful.
It is the best time to take walks along the beach.
Many thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

Happy week

decorator to the stars said...

GREAT BLOG,i go to ct all the time to buy & sell, STOP OVER & SAY HI :) GIO

Laura said...

A simply stunning post! Really beautiful images....Makes me feel calm and should definitely be framing and hanging a few of these!:) Laura

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

What gorgeous peaceful pics, Just beautiful!! Janna

Faded Charm said...

What beautiful pictures. It looks so calm and inviting. Hope you had a great weekend.

Take care,


Isabel said...

Don't you just love an empty beach, just you and the sand, the sounds of the sea and the sea can even finally listen to the wind without intrusions.

Love your photos! The sand one is almost like a painting!

Luiza said...

Your photos are heavenly, peaceful and...I don´t know what more to say. I love them, I mean it. They are magic to my eyes.
This is one of the best posts I´ve seen so far.


Rosemary said...

Beautiful and peaceful!!

cconz said...

WOW!! that's all i can say. Very stunning pictures. I love the way your pictures are colored and black/white.

Bleudelavande said...

Oh my godness wath wonderful photos!!! Tank you very much for sharing with us!!! Have a nice nice week my friend

Gigi said...

I completely agree. This is the best time now that the tourists have gone! I love your photos, and I'm so glad you found my blog today because now I have found you, too. That wonderful Jackie brought us together!

xo Gigi