Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brimfield with Bliss Farm Antiques

The other day I received an email from a blogger who came upon one of my posts on my trip to Brimfield this Fall. There to her surprise was her booth. You may remember I had gone back to photograph some of the my favorite vendors. I later realized that I hadn't lost all the pictures from my first day. Never occured to me that they were in my recycle bin. I almost emptied it by accident, but thought maybe I should check first. Thank goodness I did.
Well anyways getting back to what I was saying. Jackie who's booth I had seen was so happy to see all her gorgeous things splattered there in front of her. Must be kinda neat when you don't expect it.

She had no idea I had been there.

Small world isn't it ?

This is the picture of her card I had photographed that day so I wouldn't get confused as to which card went with which booth I liked. Don't you hate that?? when at the end of the day you have all these cards and have no idea who any of them are ??? Does that happen to you too???
I try to be better now and jot something down that'll jar my memory. It's really hard getting old :)
Jackie of Bliss Farm Antiques was kind enough to invite me to her place in Rehobeth Mass. where she's having a big sale. She's making room for when she comes back from Paris. Lucky girl is shopping at the flea markets and bringing back treasures for her shop. I would love to do that someday!!! Told her next time I could be her interpreter. Guess I'll have to brushing up on my French!!!
"Oui monsieur c'est tres jolie mais pourriez-vous faire mieux sur le prix???"
What you think???
Don't be that impressed I used the translate gadget I have on my side bar>>>
I can speak it better then I can write it.
Same goes for English now that I think of it!

These were some of the fabulous things that I missed showing you on my original post of my so called "lost pics".

Shelley from Sweet Pea recognized these pillows from Michelle of Petit Coterie

She knew right away when she saw them on my 1st post since she sells them too and did great selling them at Round Top recently. She just did a post on them HERE.

I asked Jackie to provide me with some pictures from her shop that would make a good white Wednesday post.

Doesn't the light that reflex off of crystals just look so romantic. Maybe I'm part squirrel??? My eye just goes right for the sparkle. Good thing I don't do all the damage a squirrel does. Some might disagree!

Dresser adored with the all the things us girls need to get ready in the morning....combing our locks and adding a little jewelry before we start our day.

Doesn't this look so comfortable and the fabric I just love with the script printed on. I think I would never get up from this comfy seat! I'd be easy to find!

Cement statue of a french poodle.....what would appeal more to a pet owner and francophile??? I tell ya!
So happy to have met Jackie thru blogging. It's funny how you can meet and have so much in common with people in so many other countries and then suddenly meet someone right here in your own backyard.
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Debra @ Common Ground said...

Oh, MY, GOODNESS, I'm in a puddle of drool on the floor. Your photos are fabulous. That canopied bench is magnificent! And the chaise lounge; WOW, no wonder you were a fan. Thanks for letting us all get to see them!

Chemin des Muguets said...


What a wonderful assortment of pretty and special things -so much to take in and to be inspired by.

You must go to France. I think we gals should all make a group excursion there someday.


Anne~fiona and twig said...

Thanks so much for tipping us off to Jackie, I headed right over and became a follower. Thank goodness you found your pics!

Chrissy said...

Oh my I have so much to learn and this post was sooooooooo inspiring,thank you!!! Going back for more,hope you are well,Chrissy

Anne Marie said...

Hi Carole.......I too wouldn't leave that setee (sp?) and love that vanity/dresser - so simple and pretty -

what a great looking sale!! I really want to try and make it next year (God willing)

Bleudelavande said...

Oooohhhh Carole what wonderful post!!!!Tank you for sharing!!!I'm so inspired!!!
Take care my friend

junkdreams said...

Gorgeous post!!!! What wonderful treasures.
Happy day.

erin said...

hi carole! lovely post...i especially love the photo of the crystal chandy next to the rustic twigs! fabulous contrast! and the sea fan in that it!! i would love to go to brimfield some day...

Luiza said...

Oh, how happy I am, that you found the photos, you thought you had lost....
There are so many beautiful items in them...
I especially, like the pillows, they are really something.

Belive me, I know how you feel, with all the cards...=) It happends to me everytime I go to places like this...

Have a wonderful day!

June said...

Hi Carole, Jackie will love this post!!! Your photos of her booth are amazing. She will take you to Paris just to be her photographer. What a beautiful booth she puts together. So glad you found these pictures.

Rostrose said...

Aaaaah - sooo many "I-also-want-to-have's" !!!
Hugs, Taude

Renee Finberg said...

man oh man!!
i really want that chaise.
how cool is that!?

Luiza said...

Psssst, I left you a little surprise on my blog. Hope you will accept it =)...


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

How lovely that you got to meet up with Jackie, all because of blogging.
That is so great and I am glad that we got to tag along and see your beautiful photos and all the gorgeous treasures. Very beautiful, thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend

sweetpea said...

What a fab post! Thanks for mentioning me as a lucky seller of Petit Coterie's pillows. I hope to have more in the spring! You are so sweet!



Welcome to Yaya Chique! said...

Hi sweetie!

thanks so much for stoppin' by the Yaya! LOVE your blog....I look forward to going and reading and looking at all your beautiful pics!