Wednesday, October 14, 2009

White Wednesday at Home

Hi and thanks for coming by for another White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen from Faded Charm
This time of year I get to spend more time at home.......well I still go to the greenhouse everyday but not as long, so I actually get some time to photograph more then plants and bugs....oh that's right I keep the bug pictures to myself...don't want to make you squimish....not's not Halloween yet.

A display on the wine barrels where the big urns are. A new clock recently bought at Brimfield. I have metal wings that fell off some birds I received so they ended up here.

Making time fly????

The Pumpkin King or Queen? you decide!........where else to use my crowns. Your probably wondering why this pumpkin is sooo white. It's covered with a white paint with a touch of grey. It just happened to be that shade but I think it looks much better then stark white.

A small grouping of ordinary old bottles which I will do something with them someday but for now I enjoy them on this hutch just plain and simple.

The faux pumpkin that I don't have to worry about eventually get to the mushy stage. I've had luck with some pumpkins. I have one little one that has made it through from last year. It's just luck.

This little area has become the little wedding area in a sense. Not pictures of our wedding day. Gosh no!!!

We have none of those....that's a story for another post!

This plaster bust has been here for awhile but it's made it's rounds all over the house. The alabaster lamp I bought at an auction years ago. Everytime an alabaster lamp would come up I always bid against the same women. I think she was not happy with me.

I won 3 all total at different times. Auctions can be very competitive and dangerous for me though I've never regretted any of my purchases.

The gold liquor decanter set belonged to my parents probably from France.

Remember the wedding headpiece from Rebecca from Vintage Living this is where I placed it. Eventually want to hang it on the wall but I'll have to put it in a shadow box that Mr. M will have to make me.
I really like it here for now and I'm so thrilled with it.
Thank you Rebecca so much !!!!
I guess our house is a bit feminine with the laces, flowers and dolls but he doesn't seem to mind. Could be why he spends a lot of time in the basement.
Well I couldn't end this post without some plants. This is one of my favorite bushes.
Symphoricarpus -albus
or Snowberry
I'd want it just for the name but good thing it's so lovely.
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Gigi said...

What a pretty and inspiring post, Carole! I love your pumpkin crown, and I have to tell you that I am one of those people who buys alabaster lamps whenever I see ones that I can afford! They add instant warmth and age and loveliness to a room, don't they? xoxo Gigi

erin said...

poor hubby, having to hang out in the basement!! wonderful photos today...i love the first two, the bowl of treasures and the way the light is!! and i own the exact SAME clock (it weighs a ton)! we can't grow the Snowberry here or at least i have not been able to find it! Darn! cuz i love it so much! i have been able to buy the dried Tallo Berries though. do you have those?

Faded Charm said...

Your photos really capture the essence of your items. I especially love the first two. Very romantic looking. My snowberries are really pretty right now, but I'm afraid the rain will turn them all brown shortly. Thanks for sharing all your white wonders.


Laura said...

Hey Carole,
Love this peek into your castle.....all the white looks so pretty. Did you paint your pumpkin? Are my white pumpkins painted??? I don't think so ...I'm going home lunch time to
...and nice crown!
xx Laura :)

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Carole, your White photos are just making me drool today. So beautiful! Do you know we have the same "bust" ha ha. I just love her. She was my very first WW post, back in July I think. Thanks for all the great white goodies, just love it all!

Anna said...

great pictures!
I love your clock and bottle too

Gr. Anna

Rosemary said...

You are the master of White Wed!!
I think it's the pumpkin king!
Your photos are amazing. I don't mind seeing bug photos!
Anyway, have a great day!

Bella Dreams said...

Wonderful photos. I REALLY liked the old clock with the wings. Right up my alley!

Ticking and Toile said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Just found your blog & I am definitely following! Love your style!


June said...

Carole I always love your WW posts...well actually all your posts! I think you do white so beautifully. I love the wings on the clock!

Your wedding area is awesome. Just lovely!
The picture of your snowberry is so pretty and I'm sitting here wondering why I don't have one of them.

Jacqueline said...

Oh Carole... I absolutely love snowberries. I have a little wreath made from snowberries and I think it's so pretty. It hangs on a door, all year round. I love all of your white treasures and your wedding corner and the wings on your clock look brilliant. A lovely White Wednesday.I've had a bit of a white Wednesday myself...painting walls in three rooms white !!!! XXXX

sweetpea said...

pretty the clock...



Jeannette said...

Gorgeous White! That clock is just darling!
And what a great idea to paint the pumpkins! I was already searching for white pumpkins in vain and this is the solution. Thanks for the inspiration!
Big hug, Jeannette

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
Good to be back! Your white Wednesday is fabulous, your photos are really good...did you get a new camera or are you just getting that good :)
I loved everything and the headpiece looks fabulous where you have it~so glad you had a place for it
I forgot my camera at the shop today so will have to post tomorrow or Friday. I am having a Halloween open house tomorrow night...not really up for it, I think I have car-lag...

Weißer Vintagezauber said...

Dear Carole,
what for dreamlike white pictures.
They radiate a little nostalgia from....... and move to one into a romantic world.
Lots of love sends you,

Bleudelavande said...

Ooohhh Carole, what lovely white post you made!!! Your photos are amazing!!!
Have a nice day my friend

Jill said...

Oh, so pretty~~ really like your "winged" clock and display.

Crinoline said...

Hi,Carole. I like your white photos and the clock is beautiful. Have a nice week-end.

Luiza said...

You show so many wonderful details in your photos. I love it all.
And how nice of you to do a wedding area. Its beautiful.

Lots of hugs /

Draffin Bears said...

Beautiful post Carole and I loved seeing all your wonderful whites.
That is cute making time fly!
Your photos are always lovely.

Happy weekend

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Carole! I like your white post! You made such beautiful photos and I can see so lovely and feminine stuff...gorgeous! Nice plant!
Wish you a great week end!!!

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Carole, great WW post & 'em all. The snowberry definitely caught my attention...awesome..wonder if that would grow in FL? I am shamelessly blog hopping and asking my favs a favor. I just posted about a decorating dilema, and I would grealy appreciate it if you had a minute to stop by and offer your opinion.....I figured this would be cheaper than paying a designer!!!

Anne Marie said...

CAROLE! where have I been? holy crumb!! these are great vignettes!! for the season..........

for some reason - my 'following stopped'........

I'm doing okay.......been a hard 3 weeks -
no big deal.......just got my heart broken......and trying to piece it back together; you know.....same ol' same ol'


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Beautiful pictures! i especially love the transferware plate behind the old bottles. Pretty as a picture!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

You have decorated beautifully! I just love the display on the wine barrel and the pumkin with the crown. The wedding area is very sweet, too! Have a great weekend, Julia :-)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Carole
Well I love that clock. I've seen a few like that in my blog travels yet nothing like it in real life [well at least not MY real life]

You've done a wonderful job yet again of making me envious of your fine collections.. Great photos and gorgeous things.. and Transferware be mine! haha

Have a great weekend. xx Julie

PS Sorry I am so late this week... work! uggh

aimee said...

i just love your pictures. neat decorations.

Rostrose said...

I always love your white wednesday posts! So pretty pictures!
Hugs, Traude

BellaRosa said...

Carole, I always love visiting you and seeing all your beautiful whites, I especially loved all your pretties in those lighted urns and the wedding area, everything is gorgeous :) Thank you so much for your sweet notes, they always make me smile. besos, Rose