Friday, October 30, 2009

It's almost here!

Today I looked all over the internet for some pictures of carved pumpkins since we hadn't yet carved any of our own. Needed some ideas. I thought I'd cheat a little and me able to show you something from all the wonderful decorating sites out there....Martha Stewart, Country Home etc. but for some crazy reason I couldn't seem to be able to save the pictures. They all wanted me to sign up with their I happily obliged (anything to get them) but nothing worked. I did find along the way some great recipes for Halloween parties that I probably won't have time to make.
I just like collecting them.
You thought it was just junk???
So my point being that the only thing I could come up with are some of my own pictures!!!! I know nothing like those crazy gorgeous designer photos.
Tomorrow will be the day we carve our pumpkins and if they come out good I'll show them to you. Don't hold your's not anything I excel in.
Ok more mantel shots. Sad to think I have to take it down soon. If I don't I'll be seeing Halloween decorations almost the whole Christmas season. A week before Thanksgiving I spend no time at home.
I've been known to be decorating my tree days after Christmas.
That's my time.
That's life in retail I guess.

More outdoor stuff!!!

I hope you're all ready for Halloween....candy bought, costumes ready, house and yard decorated. We used to stay home and wait for the kids to come but we live on a dark windy road and we don't get many kids anymore. I swear I would move to just to see the kids coming to the door on Halloween. So CUTE!
We're going to a small party at a friends house.
What are you doing for Halloween????
Trick or Treat!


Collected Treasures said...

I think your Halloween photos look worthy of any magazine I read.and I'm pretty sure i read them all :)........very nice :) xojana

Kathleen said...

Hi Carole!
Those mosaics are great. You should do Mosaic Monday with Mary..Her link is on my blog..
Really, your are so pretty!
Happy Halloween..
Now Sunday take down the Halloween and start on Cmas! That's the only day we will get done!

Kathleen said...

I just saw you have Mary's blog on your sidebar..duh! So do it!

Jacqueline said...

Oh Carole, your photographs are don't need Martha Stewart or Country're a little Matha Stewart all on your own
Your Halloween decorations are great ....I can't wait to see what you do at Chtistmas.
We are out all day tomorrow...we are going to London to the theatre.
Have a great time at the weekend and be sure to tell us all about it. XXXX

The French Bear said...

You have the most beautiful Halloween decorations! I can't wait to see your Christmas!!!
Margaret B

Gigi said...

I love your halloween pictures, Carole! Who needs Martha Stewart when we have you? I mean it!

We're going to a Halloween celebration in the village here on the island. Should be fun! Happy Halloween, honey! xo

June said...

Carole I would so much rather look at your awesome Halloween than any designer Halloween for sure! These mosaics are beautiful.
I will be handing out sweet treats to the little ones tomorrow night and I can hardly wait! I just love to see their costumes and visit with some of their parents. So much fun!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Great fall and Halloween images. I love fall so much, wish it lasted longer! Have a wonderful weekend!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Halloween got more popular in Germany over the last years but it's still not a real big thing over here. I like to do a little bit of Halloween decoration but we don't have any special plans for the evening. Have fun at the party!!!

Laura said...

Hi Martha...oops Carole!
Your autumn and Halloween mosaics are wonderful! Your photographs are just great... as always! I will be looking forward to your Christmas displays...of the shop and home!
Take care, Laura

erin said...

hi carole...i'd rather look at your images anyday!! much more inspiring when it comes from the heart! i can't wait to see the carved beauty...we will give candy out (we get lots of trick or treaters) and then head to downtown franklin for adult fun. they have a beer garden with live music and of course there are always our favorite haunts...people (spook) watching is at its best on halloween!! btw, your last comment to me is by far my most favorite...thank you!

Bella Dreams said...

Love your collage! Do you remeber those dolls that had two different heads and bodies? Then they had a really long reversible skirt that you flipped inside or out to match the body? Maybe that's what we need. Then you really could use some of your decorations thru Christmas! HA! Why don't YOU make us one! WOW I come up with such GREAT ideas!

Rebecca said...

Happy Halloween Carole!
Don't let the bumps in the night scare you too much tonight!

Rostrose said...

Great Halloween-impressions!
I also wish you a JHappy Halloween!
Boo Hooo Traude

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Carole
Your images are gorgeous.. and the decorating divine!! Clever girl!!

We don't really do Halloween here, hence the only decorating I did was the Dead Relatives.. haha and no Halloween party either... except the Dead Relatives visiting.. hahaha

Yesterday though, I did see a little ghost riding down the street on a scooter.. and as it is not common practice here is Sydney .. it looked quite funny.. wish I had my camera

Well.. You have probably finished your Halloween party by now.. but I hope it was a blast.

xx Julie

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I have enjoyed seeing your images and they are better than any you would see in a magazine.
Your photos are always great.
Over in NZ we do not celebrate Halloween.

Have a happy halloween and weekend

A New England Life said...

Okay, where have I been? Your blog is beautiful! Love the mosaics. I've been trying some out myself but they sure don't look like yours!

Thanks for stopping by my blog ... I'll be back to visit yours : )


BellaRosa said...

Carole I would love to use your pictures...they are just gorgeous and better than some magazines I have seen...look at your pictures thru our Besos, Rose


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