Tuesday, October 6, 2009

White Wednesday

I can't believe another week has whizzed by. At least it's my favorite day of the week...."Wednesday" where lovers of decorating with white get to show it off.

Who says white has to be boring?

These pieces of jewelry I may have already shown you but there's a few more that got sorted out from the mixed bag of jewelry. Some were broken, some missing stones but that just makes them that much more interesting. The worse ones will get used in projects.

A collapsable doll bed that may end up being Nigella's bed but until I can figure out how she can sit in it without it.............. well, collapsing then it'll be a doll bed. It didn't seem to have a way of securing it. I like the idea that it can be put away compactly so I don't want to glue it or nail anything to prevent that.

More junk jewelry hanging off the corner of the bedpost. The pillow is one I already owned.

The jewelry hanging off the corner reminded me of my friend Jackie's (Home) blog header but in a mini version.

Whatya think??? For those of you who have not yet visited Jackie you are missing out. She is talented with amazing taste and so laugh out loud funny....that British wit you know!!!

Actually I shouldn't even tell you about her.....she's already getting too famous and popular and will get distracted if all of you go and visit. Then she'll forget all about little ol'

A friend of mine was selling at the show so in her booth I couldn't help but buy these small linen drawstring bags with my initials on them.

Brown transferware that I got in Brimfield for what I thought was a good price.....I forget now how many can't tell from this picture. The platter was worth what I paid for all of it. Brown transferware is probably my favorite but I only get them if the pattern is what I really like. I haven't found many I haven't liked. A lace collar that I first thought I'd frame but this seemed so much better and easier. Just tied around the top of a cloche. Just make sure you put it on the back and not the front of what you have inside the cloche. You probably figured that out yourself!

One of the white urns sitting on wine barrels. I'm not that fond of the wine barrels but they make the urns look more promenant in the room and right now they're filled with dried hydrangeas. In the past I've had ferns in them....but you know how hard it is to have ferns in the house in the winter. It's a full time job to keep them watered and not shedding everyday. We bought the wine barrels from a local winery~ Chamard's in Clinton. It was owned by the owners of Tiffany's at one point but not sure if it's still is. Never saw any diamonds there when I visited. ha-ha!


For more White goodies go visit Kathleen at

Faded Charm

Thanks for stopping by...

and thank you so much for your kind comments on my last post of the beach in our little shoreline town.

I enjoyed reading what the images mean to you. Sometimes it's better when I write less and let you tell me what it stirs in you. The words you write inspire me and are so much better then anything I would write. You reach deep down inside and reveal a special moment or memory in your life. It means so much to me that you would share these things with me.

That is what I love about blogging!

Til we meet again...



Rosemary said...

Hi Carole,
I just love your white Wed posts!!
They are awesome. That bed is adorable.
Have a great evening,

Laura said...

Hi Carole!
Lovely white Wednesday post! Love the monogrammed linen bags, the jewels, the doll it all! Hope your evening is relaxing and your day tomorrow brings sunshine!
Take care, Laura

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

It's all beautiful, Carole. Please let Nigella use that bed, it seems perfect for her and take a photo! Off so visit Jackie as I don't think I've been to her blog yet.

Collected Treasures said...

Hi your WW post, especially the little bed and jewelry......perfect..xojana

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I adore your white post.
The little bed is beautiful and love the postcard stamped pillow and the jewelery on the bedpost.
Also the monogrammed bags ~ we share the same initial.

happy Wednesday

June said...

Carole, what a beautiful post. Your pictures are always so amazing and really show all your lovely things off so well. My gosh...that little doll bed is darling, and I love how you have the jewelry hanging from it. The first picture of all your bling is making me crazy, cause I love bling!!!

erin said...

Hi Carole! I love the photo of hydrangeas in the urn!! it looks like a painting! i am inspired by that image, indeed! and i know what you mean about ferns in the house, in fact i have several kimberly queen ferns that are looking for a good home for the winter or it is off to the compost heap!

Bonjade said...

I don't know what to say....
I am speechless............................................................................................georgeous.
Nice day

Jacqueline said...

Oh Carole, I love seeing all of your lovely treasures all photographed so beautifully.
I have a Carte Postal cushion, the only difference being, mine is a beigy colour....lovely little bed...perhaps Nigella should cut down on the cat food, then she won't break the bed....don't tell her that I said that !!!!
....thank you for such lovely words about my little old blog, but I don't think that I live up to your are such a lovely, loyal and generous blogging friend and we have such great chats. I am so flattered by the things that you have said....I don't know if I can live up to it. I hope that people won't be disappointed if they come and visit me !!!!
Thanks for being my New England blogging buddy !!!!. XXXX

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Carole
I almost didn't want to read this one once I saw the first gorgeous photo of your 'stash'!! You know I'm going to want everything!! and of course I do... The transferware goes without saying... and all the little baubles, cushions and goodies... so mine!! hehe The little kitty bed is cute too!!

Well as you know I can't resist Jacqueline's blog either... her style and wit keeps us coming back!!

Have a great week. xx Julie

The Créme House said...

Hello, Carole! This is my first visit on your blog, and certainly not the last... I enjoyed your page veru much! I'll put your blog on a link in my sidebar, if you don't mind! Welcome to me too... Hug from Gro - in Norway!

Les Cotrions said...

Hello carole! The doll bed is simply gorgeous! I'd like to be 5 years old and play with my doll!
Very nice monograms...I adore them and the plates are enchanting!
Wish you a very nice Wednesday!

junkdreams said...

Hi Carole,
Beautiful whites.
Happy day.

Isabel said...

What wonderful treasures you have collected! That doll bed reminds me of one I had one I was a kid.

The Feathered Nest said...

I love everything Carole!!! So many gorgeous treasures you found and the little doll bed? ADORABLE!!! I love the way you casually adorn things but yet these little touches bring an ordinary item up to a whole new beauty....thank you so much for sharing your wonderful finds! xxoo, Dawn

lou said...

Hello Carol, the bed is adorable! I loved every bit of the WW post!

I hope all is ok with you…love Lou xxx

Tracey said...

Hi Carole! I love all of your White Wednesday pics! I have that same little carte postale pillow :) Happy Wednesday!

:) T

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Very charming post!


Faded Charm said...

Beautiful whites today Carole. I love the white ones too. I've also found some cool grayish green ones, but I think they are actually gourds. I hope you have a great rest of your week.

Take care,


Bella Dreams said...

Cute bed. I know my kitty would be happy to cuddle up in something so wonderful. Especially if I provided her with a little heating pad underneath. Nice and cozy! Really loved the way that you hung the pearls from the side. As for everything else....YUMMY!

Weißer Vintagezauber said...

I am to the erten spot on your Blog. And you have caught white Wednesday wonderfully.
Your pictures emit warmth and harmony.
I liked your last post particularly... the Strandilder are simply marvellous.
There I would also like to be favourite at the moment.
Completely lots of love sends you from Germany,

Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Carole!
Just dropped by for a quick visit at the end of a long day. just needed a "hit of pretty" to send me to sweet dreams. And guess what I saw?? Your little sweet doll bed? I have it's twin! Seriously! Got it at a garage sale this last year ... a "just saw the sign and turned" garage sale. It was meant to be mine and seeing the twin just made my day!
Thanks for the smile ... have a super day!
Betty :)

Luiza said...

It´s so wonderful comming to your blog. You always show so many beautiful things here.

The photos are great.
Thank you for wanting to help me with the linking thing, I think I´ve got it....=)
I´m linking to Jackie , and I hope it´s working...
And thank you for all the wonderful things you said in her post.

Have a great day.

Rostrose said...

Oh yes, time goes by so fast - but I love your white wednesday-impressions! Thanks! Traude

Chrissy said...

Carole......your photos are so beautiful,something magical about them,anything but boring my sweet friend,all the best,Chrissy

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Thanks for the eye candy! That's such a pretty post.

Gigi said...

What a beautiful post! I collect brown transferware, too. The photo of the pieces you got at Brimfield (one of my favorite markets) is wonderful. Thanks for the inspiring words and images! xo Gigi said...

LOVE the little bed. And the transferware, and the jewels and the......I love ALL of it. Great post. Lisa

BellaRosa said...

Carole, I loved everything about your White Wednesday pictures you shared...especially that gorgeous little bed, I have the perfect bebe doll for :)besos, Rose