Sunday, October 18, 2009

Black and White Sunday!!!

I am guilty of this as well.
Be happy with all that you have!
Visit Anne Marie for more Black and White photos
Happy Sunday!


Anne Marie said...

Yes, that is for sure.......and thanks for posting a BW post today..........
it's actually sunny here today! (at least, I think that's what you call that bright light) it's been cold and rainy here for over 3 weeks! and I still have to tend to the garden......

Jacqueline said...

That has to be one of the most beautiful photographs, Carole and the quote....oh, how true.....I think that we are all guilty of that. XXXX

Laura said...

Beautiful photograph Carole and very wise message! I think I will have me some fun today! Take care, Laura

Luiza said...

Thank you , for reminding me of, what is really important.
I had a talk about life with my mother in law , the other day. And this is exactly what we talked about. She told me, that she always rushed for something else in life, something better... And today, when she´s 62, she wonders : "Where did life go"?
Time passes very fast, and I wish we all could be happy and thankful. We can never turn back the time/years...

Have a wonderful evening.

Rosemary said...

Happy Sunday to you Carole!

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Wow what a wonderful quote! Thanks so much for sharing I needed to hear that! Warm hugs, Esther

Sharon said...

Love the photo but love the thought even more. How true it is for some people. I try to find happiness in what I have. Some days ist might be a little hard but I am always thankful for what I have. Sharon

June said...

So full of truth. Carole, the photo is amazing. Boo hoo, makes me miss the roses.

Chemin des Muguets said...

Dear Carole,

Yet another lovely and precious on-line bouquet from you.



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

That is such a lovely photo and message you have shared today. Thank you.
The quote is so true and I think we all are guilty of this. We do need to be so happy with all we have.

Have a great week

Jolanna said...

Hello :) First time in your blog and I fell in love with your images. You have a new fan from Poland. Lovley pictures they never stop to amaze me. Have a nice day !

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Carole
Simply gorgeous photo you clever girl!!

I must say I think I am the worst offender of this bad habit. My 'life' is now on hold until Christmas... Do you think you could speak to my boss for me? hehe Well you know I laugh about it.. but it is very true that we all do this. Thanks for the reminder. xx Julie

erin said...

good morning carole! this is so true...stop and smell the roses! such a beautiful photo...i love the very subtle soft pink of the rose. so beautiful! and such very good advice! have a good day :0) erin

Bleudelavande said...

Dear Carole, what wonderful photos and precious message!!! Tank you very much for that!!!
Have a nice week

giulia said...

Lovely post, Carole. Yes, it is true...I was "cured" of this some time ago - difficult lesson, though. Will return but yes, have a great beginning to your week.


Rue said...

Hi Carole :)

Oh my! Your blog posts are gorgeous! I'm so glad you followed Tracie's blog to mine and thank you for the sweet compliment :)


The White Bench said...

So true! I'm guilty too :(

Rebecca said...

Hi Carole
How have you been? Your post was beautiful and a nice reminder of what should be a constant in our lives
Have a wonderful week

Jill said...

I can get pulled there too often. What a beautiful reminder.

Tracey said...

Gorgeous Carole! How did you get the b&w to have that ever so slight pink tint on the beautiful rose...I love it! We all need to appreciate living in the moment a little more...great reminder!

:) T