Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brimfield Part 3

Ok I know linens like these have been around forever but I'm not sure when they hit my radar. My mother was a "linen person" towels, sheet, tableclothes and in all her arsenal of french fabrics did I ever once see anything like these.....too bad for me I guess. I did inherit tons of bedsheets made of heavy linen. Somewhere I do have them and lately have been thinking of bringing them out. It's beginning to get chiller at night and maybe their weight would feel good. This booth was extremely busy on the first day we were there. She had the nicest display of anyone with these French Linens. The Company name is The Textile Trunk and the owner is very nice. I told her I had a blog and if she'd mind if I took pictures. She said "of course not.... I love bloggers!!!"

WoW I'd never heard anyone say that! People LOVE us!!!

Well the feelings mutual. I love all these linens, hemp and grain sacks.

Look at all this nubby goodness. This wears like iron and is almost indestructible. You'll find some pieces that have been patched up but that just makes it more authentic and charming. It fits into any style of kitchen and home. It's timeless and classic. Whether your style is French Kitchen, Early American Primitive or even Contemporary it works.I'm not usually a lover of red but I love it as an accent with white or cream or in this case.... linen color. It turns out George likes red....

I just found that out last Spring.

Who knew????

I think if you asked most men what their favorite color is they'd say RED.

At least when it comes to flowers that's what they pick. It's a strong color and if I was a good blogger and did some research I could tell you all about the meaning of the color but.....

I'm not!!!

I'm luck to get a post together. Always so empressed with bloggers who put that effort into informing us. Bravo!!!! I do like learning things.

Most of the time I'm shocked anyone even comes over for a visit.

But I'm so grateful you do!!!

I asked her if she had any with a touch of brown seeing as I didn't spot any. She said she was getting some in Spring. I love brown!!!

This booth was on the other side of the linen and sooo charming. I went back to take pics of this booth too because.... yes, I lost these pictures too.

This was a settee made with posts and various other pieces.

Very clever!

Very cute pillows and they were reasonable at $40 but I can't remember now if they were the good linen or not.

This is a great idea for an old wire shade. The trick is to use very thin wire so it looks delicate and airy. The base itself is even charming.

This cabinet had been fuller the first time we saw it but I wanted to show you how she propped it up with the posts. I think the would have looked better with less ornate ones myself.

When we came back she had sold a cuff that my friend had wanted like the ones above but linen colored with the coolest metal beaded thingy attached. I talked my friend out of it at the time because we had just gotten there. Guess I shouldn't have said anything. Oh well! She was disappointed!!!! but she consoled herself later with a beautiful gold ring!!!

I really liked this little chest even if it's not the kind of wood I usually like. The enamel top was sweet!

This little display piece I took a picture for George so he would make me a larger version. I like the banister leg. It's different then I've ever seen. Don't really think he'll ever make me one.....he doesn't like it.

They say black is very hot. I didn't see much of it except for these repainted

pieces. I think they could have looked just as good in grey or white.

Unusual metal frogs.

I should have bought one of these!!!! Two of them were marked 75 or 85 but one was 45 and he was going to sell it to me for 35. If they were American they would have been more. I really don't buy things because they have a certain value. I just buy because I like it. I think that's what they tell you to do??? Not for investment because you never know what something will be worth down the road. Some collectibles don't hold there value so buy it because it's something you want to look at and live with.

Simple as that!

These are reproduced overseas and probably sell for $25 at least

so $35 was a great price.



or is it coulda, woulda???


Chemin des Muguets said...


Those textures and colors of the linens are amazing. Your pictures are terrific. When does your buddy get back from Italy?

Cheers and love,


Collected Treasures said...

Lucky,lucky you......I love the flower frogs.....I love it all! xojana

The French Bear said...

I don't know how you restrained yourself, I would have bought it all!!!! I love the red, but oh my I do love brown!!!!! I may have to go there in the spring!!! He he....... maybe......
Margaret B

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

I AM a linen person so I loved this post. Everything was so pretty. Love that you got a few flower frogs in there too. xo Joan

June said...

I love it when you take me to market! Everything here in this post is wonderful and am I ever glad that you got such great pictures. Next best thing to being there. Oh for the linens. This is a post I have to see more than once.

Bella Dreams said...

Well.....more great stuff! Black is huge huge here. Has been for some time in fact. White, on the other hand, takes much much longer to sell. Go figure, huh!

Magdalena said...

Love those linen, I love work with textures like makes me feel being near nature.
Have a great day,
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Beautiful linen - I love all those colours and textures too. I am lucky to have inherited my French mother in law's bootom drawer, well "armoire" actually, full of gorgeous linen sheets, teatowels, bedspreads. Nothing like heavy linen in winter and cool, crisp linen in summer.

Les Cotrions said...

Waw Carole! What a faboulous place! I adore old linen...and specially the thik old one!!!
Happy week end!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Of course we come to visit Carole!
We love it here!! and we love all these fabulous photos and gorgeous linens. I really like the look of that booth that has the pretty settee, and suprisingly I love all the reds too.. particularly when mixed with pink. {been in a pink red mood lately], but have to say I am a bit like you and love all the browns. Well looks like this excursion was a lot of fun and tooo much eye candy.. Those little jars are probably the winners for me.. much better the jar than the Anchovie paste!! haha Have a fabulous weekend xx Julie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

I'm back again.. never been known for my good timing!! Just noticed a certain comment on a certain blog... well missie i'm ga-ga for you and your gorgeous blog too!!

Susie said...

Oh thanks for letting me visit the show through your eyes and thoughts! The linen booth is amazing....exciting just to see the pics..if I could only touch them. Have a great weekend, and please keep sending pics so I can imagine I'm there...

Bleudelavande said...

Oooohhhhh Carole what amazing post you know how I love the old french linen!!!! What amazing treasures!!!
Tank you for your lovely comment... yes I know that you love very much white flowers!!!
I'm so sorry to answer you just now, but I had many many problems with my PC and connection to Internet in the last days!!!
I wish you a nice weekend.
Big big hugs and see you soon

sweetpea said...


Love this post as I am total linen and grain sack addict! The cuff bracelets look like Leslie Janson's and she sells on etsy. I have bought a couple of them and she even designed one to my specs with an old shoe clip. Her etsy shop is if you'd like to check it out. The pillows look like petit coterie and I will have them in my booth at marburger this time. I am very excited to be selling them--they are burlap.



Jacqueline said...

I'm banging my head on the table now as you're showing me another fantastic market. I just can't get enough of that linen ...gorgeous. Those anchovie paste pots are quite easy to come by over her. I think that I had a few in the loft !! and as I told you before, Carole, I often dig up bits of the lids of those pots, in the garden. Thanks for taking us to market, and I will try not to be so envious next time. XXXX

The Feathered Nest said...

Omygoodness...each and every thing is so WONDERFUL!!! Carole, thanks so much for taking the time to share what you see...we're there in spirit!! xxoo, Dawn

piitis said...

Hei Carole!
Wau..amazing treasures!!! I love it:))

Have a great weekend!!!

Big hugs and see you soon:)

Luiza said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luiza said...

Carole, I´m sitting next to Jacqueline, banging my head in the other side of the table...
This is like candy to my eyes.
I love it all...Too bad I can´t have it all =(

Isn´t it strange, how we suddenly find things we grew up with, and never thought of , become beautiful. And here we sit and regret it.
Belive me. I know that feeling...

Have a nice weekend, if I don´t see You before.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Carole

So many beautiful fabrics, I would have loved it there. I REALLY like the red pelmet!!! I would have spent a fortune there.

I didn't know was men's favourite colour, somehow I would have expected something like blue maybe.

Have really enjoyed your posts on Brimfield

Have a great weekend.

Isabelle x

junkdreams said...

Wow...thanks so much for sharing these pictures with us....there is nothing like this where I live. Very inspiring!!

BellaRosa said...

Carole, I am so glad that you went back to take more pictures, the things that you saw are so beautiful, I wish I could find stuff like that down here...linen and hemp...hmmmm well Like I told you before..I live vicariously thru your pictures :) To tell you what a goober I am...I just noticed your new color back ground :) loves it! Rose

Renee Finberg said...

what an interesting blog.
beautiful images.

i will be back.

Jackie said...

Hi, The pics you have are from my booth at Brim! I was so excited to see them! The other writer was correct, the bracelets are from Leslie Janson and the Burlap pillows are from Petit Coterie-both sell on etsy and I carry them in my shop (Bliss Farm Antiques in Rehoboth, Mass.) Please check out my blog and website!

I'm having a sale until the end of October-mention this blog entry and you'll get a free prize too!