Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunny Border Nursery

Thank you for stopping by and celebrating all things "WHITE"

Today we're taking a little tour at the Nursery of Sunny Border Nurseries in Kensington, Ct.

It's one of the oldest nurseries in the country started in 1929 celebrating 80 years in the business. They grow perennials,alpines,herbs and tropicals they call "Bodacious Temperennials" and aptly named they are bodacious.

But for today I will focus only on white

This is in the display garden which is also at the glacious home of the nursery owner Pierre Bennerup.
Phlox paniculata "David" a mildew resistant variety

White Rose of Sharon

This well housing is in the neighbors yard. They have good taste too!

Pierre's house is a french mansard style. I have been in love with this house since the first time I saw it. They almost sold it 2 yrs ago after a divorce. I teased George that we should buy it. I wish!!!

The porch was being worked on. The ceiling paint had been scraped and was getting prepped for repainting. An old house is always in need of repair and repainting.....but so worth it!
Look at the details. I would have shown you more of the house, but it's not white....tan instead.

Rules are rules!!! lol

Like this beautiful white kitty. He has such a strong face. Very regal like a lion...

yet so friendly.
The Bennerup family had 3 cats there visiting with everyone but you guessed it they weren't.... white! You can see the other sweety in the background. She was getting so comfortable letting me pet her she almost fell off the wall.

Back at the nursery I went to see the temperennials that will be offered for next year. This you may recognize as Mandevilla. A "bodacious" tropical that climbs vigorously and flowers til frost. It's mostly seen in various shades of pink and crimson .....but my favorite is white. You probably already knew that!!!

Osteospermum...could that be a worse name!!! Common name is Cape Daisy....much nicer name but really I never call it that....I had to strain my brain to remember the common name. I'm not trying to show off at all it's just how you get used to ordering, reading and refering to it. Plus common names can be different in different parts of the country. On occasion the industry will even change the botanical name of a perennial. Not sure why...just to confuse us I guess. I'd give you examples but then I'd really put you to sleep.

I promise it's almost over.

This is a Shasta Daisy (leucanthemum) which will be planted in late Winter to sell in the Spring or Summer. This picture was only taken to remind myself what I need to order it this Fall for next year. Not a glamour shot. Just practical....I loose all my notes....this works much better.
This was the only Agave that had any white in it. It's one of my new loves "Agave". I took TOO many pictures of agave and aloes. Turns out other people love agave too since they sold out early last year . They're growing 3 times as much as they did this year. I'll bore you with them next time....LOL
Well there you go that's my mixed bag of White...some flowers, some architecture and even threw in a few kitty shots (my fav)
To see more Lovely White for White Wednesday please visit Kathleen at Faded Charm and say hi to all the participants for me!!!!if I don't get there first!


erin said...

wonderful whites!! that agave is spectacular!! never seen a striped one!! i brought home a "baby" agave in my suitcase from az. oh, 4 years is so big now i'm not sure how i will get it in the house for the winter. i'm loving the "spacing" tip you left for me! thanks again! erin

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I enjoyed your lovely white post ~ thank you.
I loved all the flowers, agave and pussycat.
That house is fabulous and don't older houses have so much more character.

Happy Wednesday

Laura said...

Hi Carole! I love your eclectic mix of whites this week!....from the great architecture to the beautiful blooms to the purty was fab! I just did a mini white first attempt to join in...I hope you have a great day and that tomorrow is as pretty a day as today was! hi to George!!
:) Laura

June said...

Hi Carole,
Great post. You know I love going to a good nursery. I worked for 6 years at a wonderful one here in Idaho. I had to reteach myself to speak common names again after quiting. People thought I was showing off when I would use their botanical names.
I love that house! And that kitty is a pretty thing. I love white cats.
Actually I love anything white except my legs.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Carole
Beautiful white wednesday. I see you even managed to find a white cat. hehe
Well I just love the porch shots of that house. Especially the angled shot. Pitty the house wasn't all white.. hehe... Well Have a great week. Catch you soon xx Julie

Bella Dreams said...

Hi Carole! Your post is beautiful as always. But I actually stopped by to tell you what a sweetie you are for being so caring and supportive! Thank you so much.

The White Bench said...

Hi Carole, what a beautiful house!!!!!!!
And the white kitty... so sweet!

Jacqueline said...

Well Carole, I'm flying over to buy Pierre's house...if only. What wonderful details there are. I can see why you would have liked to have bought it.
And what a beautiful array of white flowers....white being my favourite for the garden.
A really lovely White Wednesday. XXXX

BellaRosa said...

Carole, what beautiful pictures...that and those flowers...I swear I live vicariously thru your garden pictures :) Guess what I found out today? More than likely you all already knew this...but Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine (issue #5) is in English :) I saw it on a gorgeous blog called The Beautiful Life, I have the linky thing on my blog :) Have a wonderful week! Rose :)

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Carole! Your white post is faboulous as usual! The white flowers are stunning and that house is a beauty! I understand you...I'd like to have it too!
Happy day for you!

Tracey said...

This was a wonderful white post...the flowers are beautiful, and that porch is drool worthy!!!

:) T

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

We need a Tan Tuesday so we can see more of that house! LOL Thanks for teh garden tour!

Jenny said...

Carole, I love your pictures, but I love your comments even more! You seem so down to earth (handy in your line of work) and sincere! Just like a long-time friend. Keep up the great posts.

Rebecca said...

Ahhh, Carole you are so sweet, thanks for your comment.
Love that house!!! Have you been inside? Wow...
Kitties are so cute too

Collected Treasures said...

The whites are beautiful......they are even more beautiful at night when the moon is shining....I've always heard it called a moonlight garden and these would be gorgeous...LOVE the house...I want to live there...along with all of the cats as well.....have a beautiful day...jana

Cindy said...

love the house and the dasey.

Have a great day

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Carole

I agree with about the house, it is so beautiful! Interesting agave, I have not seen one like that before. The ones that I have in the house are a bright green colour. I use them for medicinal purposes.
Isabelel x

lou said...

Hi Carole, If I had my way everything would be white, it has such a calming and relaxing feel too it…and most of all I love all white flowers.
And as for the picture with the birds in the tree, if you click on the picture it will enlarge it so you can have a better look.

Thank you for your lovely comment…love Lou xxx

PS. I love the look of that house!!!

C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Oooh how beautiful... thanks for the tour... my French great~uncle was named "Pierre"... I adore all the kitties, white or not, I love them all!... Bisous... Julie Marie

Rosemary said...

Love it all Carole, but I especially love old houses.

Luiza said...

The house is just perfect! And the porch ,I love it!!!

I would love to paint our house white, but my husband wants it to be light grey, so I guess , that´s the nearest I will come...=)

Have a wonderful day.

Rostrose said...

Oh, I also fell in love with Pierre's house! And thanks for sharing all those wonderful white plant-pictures. And I love the kitties! (In every colour ;-))
Warm regards, Traude

Chrissy said...

What a pretty post!! Yeah,I know I just never thought of posting my furniture,I do love it though( and the carpenter)I am in a bit of a blogging rut,can't decide Hope you are well,talk to you soon,Chrissy

The French Bear said...

Carole, how lovely all the white is!!!! I love white flowers, my husband can't understand why I only plant white in the front gardens, silly boy!!!!
Thank you for sharing such great photos with us!!!!
Happy Friday!!!
Margaret B

junkdreams said...

Beautiful whites and beautiful photos.

Les Cotrions said...

I'm sure I'll love Laura!!! I'm very excited to meet her!!! Of course you are very welcome too!!!