Monday, September 21, 2009

Brimfield part 5

The two top images are from Scarlett Scales Antiques that I showed you from last Saturday's post.
I had forgotten to include them.
Angel vine plants but this time trained into topiary forms.

My friend Paula likes them because you can use the stems to make bird nests. Much easier to do when they are fresh. I have a whole box of dried angel vine and to pull it apart is not easy and very dusty.
So if you kill the plants you can make Nests with great is that???
Guilt free plants!
Sort of :)
Love the little zinc pots

This is Ann Marsh's (sorry no website) booth full of all kinds of wire containers. oh and flower frogs too!!!

We ~ Paula, Laura and I had seen her booth last year and loved it. So I made a point to stop and see her. She actually remembered me.

She said "I always remember the people who are having FUN."

Easy to do when your doing what you love!!!!!!

I did oouuu and aahhh over all of her things.

and did come away with a few of her pieces.

These baskets are always useful and can just be left on the floor if you don't have room on a shelf.

I asked her if she'd heard of Jean d'Arc Living?.....she said she hadn't.

I explained that it was a Nordic French style and that the things she carried were a staple of the look....
and of course a lot of WHITE!

"Well that might explain why some French people bought a ton of it the other day to bring back to Paris" she said.
I thought isn't that funny here we want things "from France"
go figure???
The wire hangers were very cool. Not sure what the boxes in the back would have been used for except for the obvious of storing things.

Ok these I'm showing you just for fun.
The little bear on the left was so cute and when you wound him up the little thing on the end of the wire went around in a circle.

I don't know why I wanted him??? I don't collect anything like that. I guess I thought if I started with this one I may end up needing to keep looking for more.

No not another collection!!!

His crocked smile and one eye going off in another direction was what I really liked....

and his friend was kinda cute too.
Promise to show you some of the things I did buy....
Next will be White Wednesday .......of the junk around our greenhouse!
yep junk!


Les Cotrions said...

Good morning Carol! Such fantastic zinc and wire stuff! I have to go there to find so nice things!!! This place is a paradise for shopping!
I'm looking forward to see what you bought!
A nice day for you!

Rostrose said...

Hello & Servus, dear Carol! Thank you for the nice and amusing story and the fantastic pictures - Vale is right, this is a shopping-paradise (not only for French ;-)) I just have to ask you whe you got this new "frames" around your photos - they are looking very good; are giving them a nice old-fashioned style! I also made experiments with frames from my "photoshop"-programm a few postings ago, but this wasn't sooo easy (lots of steps to do to get a good result...)
Warm hugs, Traude
PS: Oh, and I hope it's ok to link to your blog?!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Carole
I really like his eyes too...and the koala.. well you know we aussies are sort of over that.. haha although he is a cute one!! Now my favourite though is all the wire and metal baskets... love them.. I bought some wire gym baskets from the US recently...and just love them
Well.. I think you need to be the new advertising and marketing manager for Brimfield. You've done a wonderful job of inspiring us all. Have fun xx Julie

Jacqueline said...

Oh no Carole, not's so not fair..... all of those gorgeous things, and I can't get my hands on them !!!!
I love those wire coat hangerss...the spiraly one...and that rusty, is it an oil can ? I love that. Great finds and I can't wait to see what you bought. XXXX

Laura said...

Hi Carole,
Your photos are fantastic!....really make me sad to have missed the trek with you girls! You know the zinc and wire pics are making me crazy and the little bears are so dear!
Take care! Laura

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Carole

I loved all the wire and zinc items, perfect in a garden. The koala's facial expression is so sweet!
I would really have enjoyed myself at Brimfield. Always interesting to see what is going on in a different part of the world.
Take care
Isabelle x

Chrissy said...

I am pea green with envy!!Your photos are so well done, your good girl!!Keep them coming,Chrissy

June said...

Hi Carol,
Just enjoying looking around Brimfield with you so much. I love all the wire baskets. I like them because, not only are they cool looking, but they have so many uses too. Those metal containers look so great in a garden also.
I love your little bear, what a sweet face he has.
I look forward to your white Wednesday.

lou said...

Hi Carole, I would be in heaven shopping with all those gorgeous things! I can’t wait to see what you brought!

Take care love Lou xxx

Bella Dreams said...

Yes! I love all of the wire and zinc! There is a really nice looking angel vine growing in the flower bed at my mother's house. I would like to dig it up and plant it in my flower bed. What do you think? Do you know if they transplant well? I'm afraid if I wait, we'll sell the house before Spring and then I'll loose my chance. Who knows, huh?

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

Don't you love angel vine? I did make a bird nest out of one that I trimmed back but I left it outside and it got was rainy at the time.
I love all your photos!

Have a great day!!