Wednesday, September 23, 2009

White Junk!!!

Welcome to White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen from Faded Charm.
Except for the luscious and delicate white lobelia this is a post dedicated to all the JUNK in our back yard at work.
Are you ready....don't worry it's not that bad.

This is a chair from a set of 3.... a sofa and 2 chairs that we bought from an auction years ago with all intentions of getting cushions for it. In my defense I did go looking for some but never found anything I liked. So there they sit. We do sit on them sometimes but not for long.....OUch!

Ah yes the old house....the one we call the Johnney house. Long explaination....I'll spare you for now.
Not technically junk but this is the back of the house. The house needs new siding so it makes no sense to paint it when it needs to be removed.

Plus I like the white chippy paint!

These are a few of the boards that were removed after the roof on the porch and the kitchen were redone last Fall....
See we are working on it.
Not a ton of detail to them but it'll be fun to come up with something to do with them

You can see the new rafters were replaced last Fall. We don't heat the house with this wood we just store some of it here so it can dry better before we take it home.

Bathtub feet I bought at Madison Bouckville .....not really junk either....but they've been sitting here on these rocks since I've brought them back waiting to do something brilliant with them. I knew right away I was using them as a kind of pedestal.....i think??

Old baskets

Old door and column
Yes these golf balls you'll find everywhere. My husbands new passion.....GOLF
thanks dear for your contribution to White Wednesday!
Oh did I forget to mention we have a golf course!!!

Ha- Ha !!!!


Faded Charm said...

Hi Carole~

I'm loving all your great "white junk". I've also really enjoyed your posts on Brimfield. I would love to be able to go someday. I noticed you have the new Sept. Jeanne 'd Arc Living magazine. I'd like to get a copy from you. Please email me with the info.

Thanks and have a great day.


Sammy Girl said...

Carole - Thanks so much for sharing these FABULOUS pics ... love the chippy things and makes me want to MOVE ... now! Also makes me smile in a busy, hectic week.
Hugs and have a super day ..
Betty :)

Susie said...

Love all your white junk in the garden. Who would have ever thought that a picture of an old weathered window could be so inviting! I really enjoyed your posts from Brimfield as well...have a great day.

erin said...

hi carole! love this post and all of your chippy white paint. can't wait to hear all about the "johnny house"? i love that picket fence! i laughed seeing the golf ball as we live on a golf course and hubby hunts for "golf ball eggs" (like an easter egg hunt)every evening! we have tons of them! wondering if you saw my comment about the magazine? i'd love to buy one!? let me know if it is available as they seem to be selling fast in other locations...have a good day!! erin

Luiza said...

Love the house, the window, the fence... But most of all, the chair. Everything has a meaning, in life, and that chair wasn´t suppose to be different. It´s beautiful, just like all of Your photos...
Hope You had a wonderful day!


Rebecca said...

Happy Fall and White Wednesday!
Love the fence and the window...great post

Les Cotrions said...

Waw Carole! I adore your white junk! The rusty and chippy paint!!!! You have a treasure in your back yard!

BellaRosa said...

My what lovelies you are showcasing for "white Junk" Ha!! I love it all :) Rose

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Now, that looks like my kinda backyard junk! Beautiful.

QueenBe said...

The cottage/shabby style sure does make a person look at "junk" in a different way now. And I love the fact that you can go years without painting, and it STILL looks good!

Collected Treasures said...

hmmm~ummmmmmmmm....I do love your junk! You know, we ARE lucky with our men and wood, aren't we....mine will paint anything I ask him gotta love him for that! xojana

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Carole
Loving all of this.. as usual.. so clever of you to make junk look fabulous..and i LOVE the picket fence!! love it love it. Love the golf ball too!!! haha

I'm in the middle of cleaning up after the Sydney dust storm. Not sure if you heard but it is in everything.. even my pc... catch you soon xxx Julie

Rosemary said...

Hi Carole,
Thank you!!
This is my kind of white junk for sure.
It's been a bit hectic around here the last few days. Sorry I haven't been by to visit.

June said...

Hi Carole,
You know I love junk, and you know I love gardens, so you had to know that I would love your garden junk. Beautiful! I don't even know where to start. That chair, that column, the chippy siding and window. I'm in junk Heaven. White junk Heaven. I love it all and that photo of the lobelia is gorgeous.

Rostrose said...

Oh yes, I love this rusty, old and story-telling stuff! Hugs, Traude

Jacqueline said...

Oh Carole, I just adore that garden chair (and the sofa and the other chair)...wonderful....I'd love similar in my garden. I love the picket fence too....and everything else in your delightful photographs...many thanks for showing us. XXXX

christelle said...

comme ces images sont jolies ! On dirait qu'elles arrivent d'un autre temps , et la nostalgie de cette époque là nous manque à nous , aujourd'hui ! Je vois que tu t'attends à avoir un hiver plutôt frisquet !

junkdreams said...

I absolutely adore all the chippy, rusty whites...your garden is beautiful.

Magdalena said...

what a wonderful place...mistic...with history that I can just imagine...
Have a lovely sunday.
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Isabel said...

Still smiling at your "white junk"...who needs Brimfield when you have aplace like this ;)



Kathleen said...

Nice junk..I have many projects I was going to do too..I seem to be spinning my wheels...
Now if I didn't like to cook, I would have so much time for the other projects!