Friday, September 18, 2009

Brimfield part 4

One of my favorite booths was this one called
from Franklin, Tennessee
It was set up like a gift shop....which as I found out they have.
Will have to ask my blog friend Erin from Erins Art and Garden if she lives near by. I think it would be worth the trip and as you see more you'll see what I mean.

They carried the greatest furniture surfaced in zinc. I never asked them if they made it themselves. I've seen tabletops covered but never a whole piece. I imagine you could use it outside for a short period of time or on a covered porch. It would hold up better then an all wooden piece of furniture.
There's my friend Kathleen in the background. No not the mannequin!

Another wonderful dress form. The only other one I found was a brown one for $350. Never got the price on this one.... I don't know why???? I can see the tag hanging from the top...?????

This shade was very cool and looked like they had covered it themselves with vintage fabric.
Old books covered in great graphics

I asked them if they did the Round Top Show in Texas. They said they didn't but they get asked that all the time. Maybe they'll think about going there?
They also have a blog that is all about their store and their junking travels. She said she doesn't update it often but it looked pretty good to me. You can find it
Don't you just love the name Scarlett???

Angel Vine everywhere. Scarlett knew what she was doing. I was just listening to NPR public radio...they said according to feng shui if you want to attract someones eye you need to use the color green or red.
SO plants up front works great and in this case red would have looked out of place. The green foliage plants works well in this whole serene romantic garden look.

This vanity dresser I contemplated getting. It was pretty nice with it's marble top. It was a great price but I really wasn't looking for one. The problem is that the dresser it would have replaced has more drawers..... but has no mirror. It would have gone in our master bathroom and I would have had a good view of myself every time I jumped out of bed and went in there. Not sure I would have enjoyed that! Hard to primp before you go into the room to "primp in" ha-ha
Well only one more post of Brimfield.
A booth full of great garden containers and wire pieces and coincidently from Danbury, Ct.


Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

Glad you found her! She was one of my very first followers...And I agree about how wonderful the zinc covered furniture is! Everything looks great and you took some very nice pictures.

Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Carole --
Thanks for the comment. The thing about making $$$ for my going back to London ... #1 very hard to part with ANYTHING and #2 way too easy to find NEW THINGS ... lol!
Hugs and have a great weekend!
Betty :)

BellaRosa said...

Wow, I really liked this booth too...wait like it too mild a word :) You truly got to see so many lovely things...How I was wish I was there, I know I will probably regret asking this...but did you see lil tiny bisque bebe dolls, even like one you have here on your last picture on the right? I can't get those out here either :) I can't wait to see the Brimfield #5 post...Rose

Magdalena said...

Take me with you on your trip!!!
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Jacqueline said...

More wonderful things, Carole. I don't know how you resist. My house would be jam-packed and I'd be broke !!!! I love that white shelf with the silver teapots on it ....I think Julie might like that. We'll have to fight over it !!!!
That rusty candle sconce is really nice and I also like the covered books and I love....Oh , I don't know why I tell you all the individual things that I like....I love EVERYTHING !!!!
Looking forward to Part 4. XXXX

Julie@beingRUBY said...

I feel like screaming ...yes... SCREAMING.. We have nothing this good here. I want everything here.. yes everything.. and forget it Jacqueline.. the silverware's mine! and the zinc tables and the mercury glass and the dresser, and the mannequins . and even the saint [St Rita?]. And the prices are not too bad for these types of lovelies! [thanks for including the price tags!!!]

OK I'm tired now. Too much goodness.. too much coveting.. too many glorious photos.. and too much disappointment that i can't get my grubby little hands on them.!!

Fabulous post once again. Have a great weekend Carole xx Julie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

AND the framed print behind the graphic covered books.

Laura said...

Hi Carole!
I'm back and seeing here what I missed! It all looks fabulous!!! Your pictures are amazing! What did you bring home with you?? Will be posting soon but still jet lagged and hundreds of pics to go through...Missed you!

erin said...

CAROLE!!!! well, i just got back from the beach (like an hour ago) and im perusing your blog and guess what...YES!! i know Scarlett Scales!! and her fantastic shop in franklin!! what a small world!! did you ask her if she knew me? you would love, love her shop!! actually, there are many places in franklin that i know you would love, but Scarlett uses the white/taupe palette that you are into (me too). she graduated with my daughter and learned "junkin" from her father. really a sweet young lady. TOO COOL!! well i just had to comment...i should be unpacking or doing laundry but just HAD to get a "blog fix"! besides my whole body is aching from the jet skiing we did yesterday for 2 hours on choppy water! ouch! i feel like iv'e been riding a horse if you know what i mean...

6p010536b2c084970b said...

That looks amazing! So many wonderful pieces I would have liked to bring home with me ;)

Alice W. said...

Eek...I don't know why my typepad name showed up as those crazy numbers! But it's me...Alice ;)

Scarlett Scales said...

One of my customers came in the store today and told me about your blog. Thanks so much for all the nice comments about my booth at Brimfield. I love all the pictures you took. Thanks so much

Isabel said...

I am running to next year's calendar and putting a big circle on September with the words Brimfield.

After seeing all these, I HAVE to go!!!!

What an amazing time you must have had! Wow!