Tuesday, September 8, 2009

White Wednesday

Sometime last week I decided to was high time I get to redecorating the hutch in our family room. I hadn't rearranged it since removing the Christmas decorations. There were blank spaces but I soon had it all cluttered up with various things. Albeit matching things but with no style. It was a mess!

So as much as I could have shown you the before.... I didn't take a picture of it......sorry too late I wasn't putting it all back.

This is it all stripped down. It has a wallpaper backing that you can still see peeking through. I have hated it for years but wasn't sure how I was going to change it so I decided last year that I would try a collage of different pieces of wallpaper. I taped them up and thought I'll live with it that way til I decide if I want to permanently adhere it. Well here it stands still the same a year later and I'm still not sure I like it. The original floral one is in the middle....paper kept falling down. Hmmm maybe I should have covered it before showing it to you. This is it all covered with "STUFF" and I can see now that I need to edit badly. Sometimes owning a store you think you need to cover every bit of space. Note to self...
Your house is NOT your shop!
Notice I threw an old fan in front of that awful floral paper so I wouldn't have to look at it.
Not big enough!

The light makes these simple glass frogs stacked on top of one another sparkle.
Small pink bead wreath encircling the top one. More is more at our house!
My doll made with vintage lace and a new(old) post card I got recently at Madison Bouckville. Love her expression.

Recently bought a large set of brown transferware so knew right away I was going to display them here.

Just a little more editing and adhering of some paper and it'll be perfect.
oh forgot to mention George made this hutch about 15 yrs ago. It was painted with dark wedgewood blue milk paint the rage back then. I repainted it against his objection but I rather like it this way and have no desire to change it.
Once he saw it completed he liked it too.
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Thanks fo rstopping by!
See ya Next time!


June said...

Hi Carole,
well your house may not be your shop, but I still love it full of all your awesome stuff. The old almanacs have the greatest patina and those glass frogs are so cool. Those are hard for me to find here, and I love them. Such a beautiful display of your favorite things. Okay, maybe now this is enough for me to finally clean up my act and redo my sorely neglected hutch.

Collected Treasures said... is gorgeous just the way it is....less would not have near the impact....I live by the mantra....more is not enough and I think it perfect! Just beautiful. xojana

common ground said...

I agree, I love clutter, especially if it is collected incredible clutter. love all yours. The hutch and the papers are so vintage looking, love the effect.

Bella Dreams said...

Yep! I know what you mean. Sometimes I would just think "but I can get it wholesale" like wholesale was some wonderful holy word or something. I love everything that you did. It looks wonderful! When you love clutter (and I do too) it's really hard to edit!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I love your Dresser and that really was how they used to be with everything on them.
Your doll is beautiful and love that old lace.


Chemin des Muguets said...


So many special and charming vignettes in your hutch. No need to edit.


Laura said...

You KNOW you're my kind of gal! You just have to have all those treasures out where you can see them! Love it all....especially all the beautiful transferware and your Madison Bouckville photo! How talented George is to make a hutch like that for you! Have fun at Brimfield...rain is no problem when you're with good friends and hunting treasure! Take care, Laura

BellaRosa said..., my what beauties you have :) I wish I had your talent for display and pictures...I just finished my special giveaway post and as beautiful as all my gifts from you much as we tried I just don't think we did them justice :) But I still them...btw whenever you want to edit, send anything your tired of this way :) Be loved..and my stars keep inspiring us with your wonderful blog..Rose

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Carole
I love your beautiful display of bits and pieces. Sometime more is more and less is less. hehe Now I really need to plan a trip to visit you. [I need to steal your brown transferware.. and then hop over to Laura's and steal her blue jars! haha]. Love it all and love what you have done with your photos. love love love.

Sorry.. just went back for another look. The transferware really wants to come home with me. i can hear it.. haha

Have a great week. xx Julie

Jacqueline said...

Hi there Carole,
Love your 'hutch' (Hi five to George!!) with all of your beautiful treasures on it.... minimalism is rubbish !!.
I loved the wallpaper, though. I did this treatment on a little shelf/cupboard of mine. I copied it from a shelf that my daughter bought. It was an old pine shelf that I painted and distressed and I put some wallpaper at the back. I did a post on it but it was one of my first posts. I'll email you a photo.
Anyway, don't ever declutter. I'll be coming over with Julie if you decide to declutter and we'll take some of those things off of your hands !!!!! He He XXXX

Rosemary said...

I just love it! I know sometimes we just need to redo stuff. I think it looks beautiful, and what a nice job George did making the hutch.
Thanks for sharing,

Luiza said...

I love it!
All it needed was a touch of your hand...


junkdreams said...

Your vintage treasures are amazing. A beautiful post.

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog. You have some wonderful things. Expecially those two babies.

Love your cabnet. I like less with a purpose. It shows each piece better I think. I like detail and I can't see it when it's more.

But wonderful still the same.

come visit

Chrissy said...

Oh so many treasures...I love that old postcard!! What fun it is to collect,I can just imagine when I am old and grey,I will have more treasures than anyone could imagine!! See ya,Chrissy

Faded Charm said...

Beautiful whites and your displays are awesome. Thanks for sharing and I'm still loving my magazine.

Take care,


Anne~fiona and twig said...

Thankee kindly for popping over and saying hello! Have fun in Brimfield! :-)

~ Anne

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hey Carole
Just checking my transferware is still there! xxx

Christelle said...

Presque certaine d'étre arrivée dans le monde enchanteur de la caverne d'Ali Baba ! Ces objets sont des trésors !