Friday, September 11, 2009

Floral Tour of Mystic

Tuesday this week George and I went to Mystic Ct.
It is one of our favorite towns to visit. Most people may go visit the Seaport here or the Mystic Aquarium but we like to go to the center of town where there are the cutest shops.
This is the floral tour of the town though I did get some pictures of some the interiors of the shops. To come later. Though some of the shopkeepers don't like you to take pictures but I managed to get a few to let me.

Each shop had it's own planter but each one was a little different.

Many included my favorite plant of all time "Coleus"
It's maybe been about 10 years or more since they first introduced this kind of coleus to the public.
I remember a time when they were hard to sell. I could not understand it. They were touted the new wonder plant yet we never sold out. It was almost 5 years before people would ask for them. I kept thinking I'm going to get people to like these even if it kills me. Well..... not kill me....
that's a little extreme.
But they were going to love them as much as I do.
NOW they finally do!

This image is shown just as is...

This one I edited with bloom, film effect and vignette.
Just thought you might like to see the difference.
Gives it that "dream-like" look!

Display window of Peppergrass and Tulip....mostly clothing but they carry an array of victorian style gifts too. The salesperson saw how excited I got when I saw this creamy white dress and insisted I try it on.
Go ahead play dress-up.....ok sounds good to me!!! I love dressing up. I tried on a couple more things but came out empty handed this time.

I had intended tonight to show you some pictures of Brimfield Antique Show that I went to yesterday but as I was loading them I realized I had not moved the file to my external hard drive and deleted them off my adobe photoshop. OPPS.......I'd be crying about it but I'm going back tomorrow. Some of the booths I'll have to go back and reshot. Some are really worth going back to show you!
It's been raining all day today. I just feel so bad for those poor vendors who have to keep their things from the weather.
Tomorrow it's clearing up after the morning.....wish me luck!!!!
See you again soon,


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
I feel sad I can't be there with you... wandering around the shops... or going to the antique shows with you... Your posts always fill me with 'wishing'.... 'wishing I was there too' Julie

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Carole! What a nice place to visit! Faboulous planters in front of these shops! In few hours I'll meet Laura...I'm very happy!!!
A nice Saturday for you!

Magdalena said...

Hello Carole!
what a great ide to have planters in front of every shopwindow...
It gives the palce magical atmosphere...
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Luiza said...

Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to wonder around those streets, just to see all the cosy shops and beautiful flowers along the way...
Can´t wait to see the photos of the booths =)
Good luck!!! And hope the rain will stop poring.


Jacqueline said...

What a beautiful little town and their floral displays are really gorgeous. Do they have different displays outside their shops for each of the seasons, Carole ? Here in the U.K. we have a national competition called 'in bloom' where any town, city or village can enter in different catagories.Throughout the year, they organise planting, outside shops, in the squares, council planting. The organisers have to encourage shopkeepers, pub owners and home owners to put on displays, which culminates in the summer, when they are all judged. I know a lot about this, as my sister runs her town's 'in bloom'. It's very hard work, but well worth it as the towns all look beautiful. My sisters town has won on several occasions.
Sorry Carole, that was all about me. Your photographs are great . I love the large lantern with the little birds nest.They certainly make a big effort.I'd love a visit there. Have a good day at the antiques fair and I hope the weather stays fine, Shame about your photos but at least you can have another go. XXXX

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Carole,

What beautiful shop front. It is always so nice when shops make the effort to have plants at the windows or by the entrance. It looks so much more welcoming. I love the photo of the bird cahe with a nest on top. Great window display. I hope the weather clears up where you are. We are had a couple of days of sunshine here at last after quite a long spell of grey and rainy days! A bit of sunshine makes all the difference especially when it comes to events.
Have a great weekend Carole!
Isabelle x

erin said...

hi carole! lovely tour! i too love coleus and use it a lot for its fabulous colors and now there is "sun" coleus!! i also love, love those coral bells for there dainty little flowers and they bloom twice down here! would love to see all the goodies inside those shops! i have photoshop cs and have not had the time to learn it but hopefully this fall.... have a good week! erin

Anne Marie said...

I'm totally screaming I LOVE AUTUMN!!! after that-

how you been girl?

June said...

Your pictures are so stunning of these planters. I just love to be greeted by lovely planters when I go into shops, and these are beautiful. I'm so glad that you would share them with us. I can't wait to see the inside of some of them.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I enjoyed seeing your photos of the beautiful shop fronts and planter boxes.
I used to grow Coleus and I have not seen them here for ages. I loved all the different colours they came in.

Have a wonderful time at the Antiques Fair and I hope that the weather clears for you.


Chemin des Muguets said...


Thanks for the floral tour of Mystic. I love the mix of greens and the Coleus.

Can't wait for your Brimfield reportage. I remember setting up there in the heat, as well as during rainstorms. Not fun at all!

Happy hunting.


Mermaid Queen said...

Oh Carole, I love all these healthy beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing them. Take care, Martha


Hello! What a beautiful blog! such interesting and creative posts, and I love your pictures as well! sorry if my writting english is not correct.Lovely greetings from Spain!

Rosemary said...

What a pretty town!
Love those kinds of plants together.
Did you have some Mystic Pizza?
I love that movie!
How lucky you are to live where you do. I have always wanted to live in New England, and I don't really know why, being a California native and all. My husband thinks I would freeze.
Anyway thanks for the tour.
Chat soon,