Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Laboring

I am reminded of the lazy days of Summer when we sat in the backyard of the house next to our greenhouses cooling ourselves under the shade of these old trees that have been there since George's grandparents lived there.

The wildflowers at the Park that was once the site of the old town dump.... Overlooks one of the coves from the Connecticut River. A wildlife viewing area full of native birds of the river.

Looking through my files and files of pictures I realized that as these images were at one time fresh in my mind. I had comfort in knowing that I had a window of time to recapture their beauty......I took them for granted.

Soon the leaves of the trees will turn rust,orange and red with the advent of cooler nights and will fall to the ground.

The flowers will dry and their seeds will scatter in the wind. Bedding themselves in the soil and sleeping thru the Winter til it becomes time to burst forth and sprout and start anew.

I have spent little time this year on my own garden ......maybe blogging too much has been the reason. I read today a fellow blogger pronouncing the same claim. Joan if you read this I feel your pain....or your "gardens pain". Planters gone unplanted, weeds not pulled, deadheading ignored. Yes a garden is always in need of attention. No such thing as a NO maintenance yard. Whether you are an ardent gardener, weekend gardener or not a gardener at all but own a patch of ground you will agree that it takes some work.

So for my Labor Day Weekend in the evenings. I will be laboring in my garden and glad to do it. There's nothing more satisfying then working in my own yard!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too.



Mermaid Queen said...

Have fun working in your garden Carole, your photos are beautiful. I'm
wishing we had winter right now, because it's so hot!
Take care,

Chemin des Muguets said...


Happy weekend to you. I shall be thinking about you working happily away in your little patch of heaven.


Collected Treasures said...

Hi Carole.....I also find solace in digging in the dirt.....I seldom wear my gloves as I like how the dirt feels on my manicure is a testiment to that....have a beautiful weekend and enjoy your animals...xojana

Anne Marie said...

Carole! those pictures are fantastic!

I'm so impressed!!

have a grea night!

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

Lovely photos! Warm wishes for a joyful Labor Day weekend! Esther

Lydia said...

What great floral pictures, and such a beautiful banner picture.

Please come to my blog about Jenny from Victorian Vignettes & C/Vignettes Etc.. Lydia

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

I am reading this! The one good thing is that my garden is old enough to "take it." It has weathered enough years that one year of neglect won't kill it. It just would have looked better, and I could have enjoyed it more if I had put alittle more effort into it! I am trying to make some of that up even this late in the compost, some mulch and weed free going into its winter nap.

Luiza said...

Wonderful text.

And yes, a garden is a lot of work.
But I agree.
There is nothing more satisfying and calming, as the work in the own yard...

Have a wonderful weekend!


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Beautiful post Carole
Your love of gardening really shines through in these gorgeous images and lovely words.

Have a great weekend.
[I will be cleaning my apartment.. yuck]
xxx Julie

Magdalena said...

Hi Carole, what a fantastic photographs!!!
I just love them!
Have a nice weekend,
many hugs
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Laura said...

Hi Carole,
It looks as if it will be a beautiful wise...which should give you the time and incentive you need to be outside in your garden. Enjoy every minute! Your photos are beautiful! Take care,
Laura ;)

Bella Dreams said...

Beautiful pictures! Really loved the chocolate cosmos!

Jacqueline said...

That last photograph of the chocolate cosmos is beautiful're really good at taking photographs.
I have always been a gardener but, perhaps there's something in the air as I have also been very lax in doing any gardening this year. I didn't plant up any pots and have hardlly done a thing....never mind. It will survive. Next year it will be magnificent !!!! Don't work too hard Carole. XXXX

Bleudelavande said...

Have a nice weekend you too dear Carole. Have fun working in your wonderful garden!
Tank you for passing on my blog. See you soon.

erin said...

ooohhhh...........such beautiful photos and writing!! have fun working in your yard and happy labor day too!! all the best, erin

Sharon said...

Lovely photo's. Brings back some wonderful memories of my own. Happy holiday. Sharon

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carole,

I loved reading your post today and the photos are beautiful.
I feel I am like that too, spending way too much time on my blog and my garden is in need of attention. Maybe I will get out in it this afternoon.

Happy weekend

Anonymous said...