Sunday, June 22, 2008


Probably one of the favorite plants for shade...IMPATIENS. This one was done in a strawberry jar~ small one at that. Made a mistake of putting it out too early in the spring when it was still too cold and it looked a little unhappy, but it's been doing great inside the greenhouse since. In the foreground are some variegated bougainvilleas which I absolutely love. They're a great heat tolerate plant that I seem to forget to suggest to customers when they're looking for that kind of thing.

This was a angel wreath that we had by the register that was so gorgeous it was hard to see it go. The great thing about it was that it looked like it came from some great old estate, but it was new made out of fiberglass and very light...much easier to hang. The plants are from a hanging basket for the shade with potato vine and trailing coleus. Can't believe it's still here. Crazy!!!