Friday, December 31, 2010

Lemons and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Do you love Lemons as much as I do?
I love the way they look, the way they smell
and of course the way they taste.
on mirror
Every year we sell lemon tree plants…
mostly Meyer lemon….they have the sweetest and best taste and the thinnest skin.
I’m sure the skin has little to do with the taste but I’m sure the shipping of them does.
You often find the thick skinned  ones in grocery stores in
areas of the country that are too cold to grow them natively.
Lucky southerners.
But don’t get me wrong I’m a true blue New Englander and enjoy our
4 distinct seasons.
and love being a Connecticuter!!! (that’s not even a word)

Every year we’ve sold out of them…but not this past year.
That’s ok …….more for us to enjoy throughout the Winter months.
They keep so well on the bush.
George had taken some lemons home in late November but as we were so busy during the holiday
season they dried out…..
like this.
They look like walnuts now.
Cute, but not too juicy.
lemon cake
Determined to not let that happen again I’ve been on the prowl for lemon recipes.
I promised our host and hostess tonight
that George would make dessert.
He’s the baker and the sweet tooth in this family….or yeah so is Charlotte and Nigella!
but no they don’t bake…
too bad.
coconut cake
So whataya think??
Coconut Cloud Cake sounds like the perfect dessert to make.
lemon curd
Lemon Curd
the key ingredient to why we should make this.
fluffy mer
and OMG my favorite
Fluffy Meringue Frosting!!!!!!
some of you already know my obsession with Marshmallow fluff!
I thought George was kidding me that he found a 6 minute version
of 7 minute frosting!
Lemon _07dessert 2010 copy
it’s like a silly joke between us.
“It would be the perfect frosting if only
it was done in 6 minutes.”
We laugh about the silliest stuff…..
and I love that we have things only WE would find funny.
It’s what keeps us sane sometimes.
Have you ever seen the movie
Of course you have!
Remember the scene with the hitchhiker.
and his invention of the 7 minute abs?
instead of 8 minute abs.
Tried finding it on YOU tube but it’s no longer available.
Ok what does this have to do with
New Years????
hum?? not sure?
In the 2011
when life gives you lemons make lemonade…...
or better yet Lemon Coconut Cake?
Life is full of sour and sweet people
pucker up and kiss the sour ones Good bye?
( Well no,  but that one might be a good idea)
My wish to you is when things
get hard, the working hours are long, and the goals too far out of reach
as it well may be in
2011 .
Keep your sense of humor.
Get silly and have fun with your friends and the ones you love .
Laugh until your cheeks hurt!
is what I wish for all of you!!!!
because without that,
no money, or “things”, or promotions or awards
really matter!
Happy NEW YEAR!!!!! 6

plans changed.....
Now making CHOCOFLAN Cake
watch video

Being flexible is important too!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve in Winter Wonderland


                                        I’m writing this post from my home, as some of you know I
                             have NO internet here which is fine most of the time
                         …… until now when I’m at home ( for a change)
                          I’m using Live Writer which lets me do my post without being online.
                                             Thanks Julie for convincing me to use it.
                                   I was afraid to try it but it’s been pretty good, except
                      for today!!!!!!     it’s endlessly freezing up on me
                      and all I see is the little whirling donut. Urrrrrr!!!
                            I think it’s all the excessive photos that’s the problem..(?#!*^)
                                        Btw…before I go any further I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.
                                            Ours was great just like I wanted it to be. Slept late and while
                        George went to check on the kitties at the greenhouse 
                              I cleaned up some and had pancakes ready for his return.

                                           The tree is finally decorated!!! and just in the nick of time. I think it’s   even prettier then last year.
                                                             New Years day last year my computer died and I never              did  get  to show much of anything.
                                                      This year I’m just so behind I think it’ll be Valentines Day before I get it all done.
                                      I’m getting a lot of freeze ups…..(that donut again) so I’ll keep it short.
                                    The reason of this post was to share with you our Christmas Eve
                                  at the Winter Wonderland House.
                      Paula’s home……..
                                            The lighting and exposure were all different so many did not do her extraordinary home justice.

                                             You can see some much better ones on Laura’s post.

                                                                                                                   living room


                                                                                     PAULA ON STOOL

                                                                                                                                                                                     make do

                                                                                         dressform decolored

                                                                                          evi doll

                                                                                       evi doll on mantel


                                                                                      wire wall

                                                                                                       bath tree

                                                                                                           paula on sofa

                                                                                                        bird on landing



                                                                                                      wire chix


                                                                                                      Paula's_38Christmas 2010
                                                         Laura’s gift to Paula by Michelle Palmer.

                                                                                                             Paula's_18Christmas 2010

                                                                                                         bird on coffe table


                                                                                                                    tree in bedroom

                                                                                                       tree in landing

                                                                                                                     under wire cloche
                                                    You can see why it’s hard for me to want to leave. If it wasn’t for      George nudging me that
                                             we really should head home( it’s getting late)….of which I ignored a few times.
                                                 …I think Paula and Bill would still find me there on Christmas  morning.
                                                   (The best part is knowing they actually would let me)
                                                     Thank you so much for all the laughter, good eats, hugs, kisses,  stories, wonderful memories
                                                   and most importantly your FRIENDSHIP.
                                                          ( It’s snowing here along the East Coast….our first
                                                       real snow storm. They are predicting 20” and
                                          with snowdrifts or even higher.
                                                We’ll have to have a lot of Kitty walkways down at
                                                      the greenhouse so I’ll be posting this tomorrow.
                                                 Stay warm and stay safe!

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Special Sweet Gift


                                      MAYNARD’s Pure Confectionery
                                                  sounds so much better then Maynard Greenhouse.
                                                 This tin was given to us by a friendly customer that who had bought it at an antique
                                                             maynard copy
                                      And it’s from England!!!!!!
                                        I had heard of the company but wasn’t sure if it
                                       was still in business or  much else about the company.
                             A little research found this:
                                           Maynards was founded in 1896 by Charles Riley Maynard.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A family business, he and his brother Tom manufactured the sweets in their kitchen whilst Tom's wife,
                                        Sarah Ann worked in the shop. Although the company was founded in 1896, Charles had been making his sweets since 1880.
                                                Maynards Wine Gums were introduced in 1909 by son Charles Gordon Maynard.
                                           Maynards has since been bought by Cadbury and now sells over £50m of sweets annually in the UK.
                                                            ( source found at wikipedia)
                             See now you know too….
                                      Then I received this gorgeous white and glittered package all nicely bowed with lace and a
                                      medallion (that I forgot to photograph).
                                 from my friend Laura
                                                              maynard 2
                                                And here’s what I received !!!!!!! I was so thrilled. I remembered Laura saying that she
                                              had found something special at the flea market back in the Summer
                                           when she went with Marcy from the blog Brocantess.
                                            I had seen Marcy this Fall at Brimfield and she mentioned that I would love it.
                                 Deanna had been there too when Laura bought the chocolate mold but was sworn  to secrecy
                                        If you want to see Laura post about her fleamarket adventure that day you
                                  can view it HERE
                                   I just absolutely LOVE it.
                                  My heart skipped a beat when I saw it.
                                   I kind of had a feeling that it was something related to our name or
                                greenhouses but I never suspected THIS!!!
                                     The gentleman that was selling them had been collecting old molds
                                   his whole life and was downsizing his collection.
                               Lucky me and lucky that Laura was there to scoop it up.
                              Anyone who knows Laura and follows her blog
                             is aware she has a knack for finding the best things.
                                                         maynard 1
                                        I can’t wait to make my own Chocolate bars
                          with our name on it.
                                   I planned on getting some done last night but sleepy eyes took over and I
                        fell asleep on the couch again.
                                         The markings are so cool on the mold. I looked up Plattinol and all I could
                                           find was that it was a preferred finish for chocolate molds so it would have
                                 a smooth shiny finish.
                          Thank you Laura……I will treasure it forever and
                            George being the chocoholic that he is going to enjoy the EATING!
me too!

                  Still so much to do before Christmas day……
             still have not finished decorating the tree….
                   This is the plastic bin that I just opened last night
                                                             blue balls
                                      I wasn’t sure what the color scheme was going to be this year?
                        After opening the box it was already decided.
                    It’s BLUE!!!
                             Not a good packing job. The better ornaments are on the bottom.
                           I should take a page from Suzans book….be better organized!
                        Maybe next year!

                      I want to wish you all a Joyous and Peaceful
                       Christmas Day!
                                              You all have made my life so much better…..I have made such wonderful friends,
                                  that if not for blogging I would never have had the chance to know.
                  Thank you soooooo much for that!!!

                                                                              “ Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred,
                                                                                    and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit,
                                                                                                  become a child again at Christmas-time.” 
                                                                                                                      ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

      LOVE and PEACE