Friday, July 27, 2012

Rambling thru Old Saybrook, CT.

In reviewing these photos from Sunday when I got an hour away work makes me
realize what a beautiful little town Old Saybrook is. Sometimes I  just need a reminder. It's quiet most of the time except in the Summer. The population doubles then but we locals are used to it. It's what you have to expect in a town along Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River. I think we are descendants of fish....we are all drawn to the water. George and I don't actually go to the beach or sail or boat but I have always lived near the water and can not imagine living anywhere else. The thought gives me a panicky sense. Like a little claustrophobic. I need a way out! Not that I could swim to safety or anything so it really makes no sense at all. I digress. 

Every year I try to check out Pat's from Headlines ( a hair stylist in town)  She always has such an impressive window box and always in whites, blues, pink and purple. She buys all her plants from us. And yes that's me in the reflections. Now if you think you really missed something you didn't. Maybe someday I'll show myself more.....or not.
 I'm supposed to be making blueberry muffins for hubby.
No none for me I'm on a 1200 calorie diet getting helped by an app called My Fitness Pal. It's easy, you just enter everything you eat in your day and it keeps track for you. It will scan any bar code on a product. It's been 3 weeks and I've lost 7 lbs. I haven't had a swim suit in years and threw away the ones I thought I might someday fit into again. Maybe this will be the year I buy a new one....of course by then their won't be any left in the stores. 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Old Saybrook Craft Fair....well sort of

Last weekend the annual Old Saybrook Art and Craft Fair was enjoying wonderful weather......(it's usually the hottest weekend of the summer) 
I almost missed it until one of my customers mentioned they had just come back from there . They picked up a print of Knollwood Beach where they have a cottage.  Seems like he knew exactly what they went there for....must have seen it last year. His wife found a lovely jewelry piece made from a sand dollar with beveled silver.
She really wanted it but it was $450.  So hubby gave her the look and she knew that meant NO.
I told that wasn't fair....he got what he wanted.
I'm such a trouble maker:)    they laughed

I got there late around 3:45. They close at 5.
I had to move along quickly. I didn't take any photos of the vendors  or their art work this time.
Plus if you remember from my previous visits photos are not really welcome. I do get that, some think that I am stealing their designs.
I found a gorgeous silver necklace that the artist was wearing.....
but it was $520 ....she said reluctantly.
I think she wanted to keep it for herself. 
that's ok George would have killed me. Not really he never says a thing. Might have given me a look though.

I took more photos as I was walking back to my car. 

I'll share more on the next post

i promise this time.

ps I forgot to change my camera off manual so the photos were 
very over exposed...opps

but interesting I thought.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little Gems

I knew this post was somewhere ^#!(?
I was looking for it everywhere the last couple of days.
Took this photos back in April and posted it on Live Writer.
Since the new blogger format I haven’t used it.
I know so many of you don’t like the new Blogger format and I don’t like all
it’s features either but I like the way the photos load faster
and you can move them around.

This year I made a lot of succulent pots in cups and mini teapots.

Interesting because almost everyone who came in early in the season ewwed and ahhed over them but they weren’t selling.

I didn’t find the need to rush to photograph them all.
I’ll do it later I kept thinking.

Then it seemed suddenly they were all gone
I shouldn’t be complaining…….that’s why I made them but I just wished I had taken the time to photograph them.
For you and for me :)  

This one I did keep for myself. It’s in an aged fiberglass shell. I made it last year and kept it in the mudroom at home on a shelf George made in front of the small window. I have it there now but may change it for a terrarium I made this spring.
I really love making these succulent containers up more then anything else.

What’s your favorite planter this year? 

Had trouble uploading this post from Live Writer so had to 
copy and paste.

Ok now I guess I'm not as fond of Live Writer.
Will try posting from there another time and see if it
was just a glitch.
Anyone else out there use Live Writer? 

Stay Cool!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lesson learned

Just a friendly reminder to always read your labels!!!
especially when it comes to chemicals. 

Never just take the word of the minimum wage teenager( just assuming) working
at the box store or garden center. 

Has this ever happened to you?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

What's up

Well I've been up since 4 after having fallen asleep on the couch....
Petey is sleeping there now.
We vowed we wouldn't let him ever get on the couch which he did on the first day home.

What can I say he's just looks so cute and he's good.... only gets on the throw.....which is white just like him....
well mostly him except for his black spots. 

Ok before I just keep rambling on I need to thank everyone of you that commented on 
my last post. 
Thank you for being there for me and making me feel like I'm not the only one.
I think I was having a mental blog break down of sorts.
The combination of not feeling 100% and working every day for months........ but I'm feeling better....
and things are not as crazy as they were, though
I could do without the heatwave.
I'm sure you too.
I realize now that I need to take it easy on myself and not worry
 so much if I can't keep up with my blog life.
 My real life suffers for it and so do the people around me....well ok maybe mostly George, our pets and I suppose my customers for not having what they want, when they want it...
of course who can really figure out what that is ??.....
you know the crystal ball thing.

Yeah we could all use one of those.

I've also figured out that I want to just post things
organically as they happen and not over think it so much. 
Sometimes thinking is overrated. 
at least for me:)

taken with my iphone by G and using camera awesome app. 

A customer sent me these 2 photos today after she was talking to George about the baby birds in her birdhouse.
I didn't know George had given her our email so I was so thrilled last night to receive them.

I don't think she'd mind me sharing. 

Aren't they adorable peaking out the hole? 

And of course a photo of her clematis growing on her fence and shepards hook. I have two growing on my shepards hook that I thought were goners since I had ripped out so much last year in the attempt of taming the wildness that had become my garden. The photos are still in my camera so I'll have to share those later.  

Thanks again for being such great friends and for stopping by. 

Stay cool out there!!!!!