Friday, May 28, 2010

Paula's Windowboxes

Two weeks ago last Sunday the weather was gorgeous.
I had intended on posting much sooner...

boy how times flies!!!
It's already Memorial day weekend!!!
and I really should be getting ready
but since I already had most of the post done I'll
get it done lickity split!!!! haha

The best part of the day was when Paula came
to pick out her plants for her 16 windowboxes

yep 16!!!

Every year she's done something different....

well most years.
For a few years she would plant all bridal veil and they would fill the
boxes in no time with these delicate little white flowers.

It was so her!!!!

I remember the year she decided she was going to use some

I almost fell over from shock!!!!
It looked great against her all WHITE house at the time.

Now it's painted a soft gray with crisp white trim so every color

still looks wonderful.

The color theme this year is purple after she spotted some simple purple salvia.

The search was on for more PURPLE and these oxalis called Iron Cross

with their purple centers on the leaves were perfect.

The pink coral flowers set off the dark colors used.

Paula needs no help picking out flowers and most times just does her own thing.

No need for my silly imput
but she still lets me give her some suggestions.
I had asked her a few weeks before what colors she was going to do this year.
She replied.
You know me I'll just
wait 'til something pops out at me.
That's the way to approach it.......just let it happen and don't stress out.
If you like it then it'll be great!!!

I did suggest the lime colored vinca's so much more interesting then the
plan green and white.

Trailing and upright coleus with dark foliage were next on the list.

Petunia mini blue vein.
Love the spot of dark blue in the center.
It'll look great near her blue hydrangea's along the front of the house.
This is what the boxes looked like last year in June.
I took the picture late in the day and the
oxalis was closed up which they do in the evening
so unfortunately you can't notice them.

Cart in hand and windowbox under her arm she was
off and running!

Can't wait to see how they come out.
Thank you so much for all the
well wishes for George.
It's really meant so much to me to know you all care.
He's getting better and is now walking without crutches most days.
It's been frustrating to
not be able do things for himself.
Makes us realize how we can take
our mobility for granted and when you are in a phyical job
like we are, that we need to be careful and not take too many risks...
but even doing the mundane things you can get hurt.
I miss blogging so much and hope when the
craziness subsides and I stop working 95 hrs a week(uggh)
I can get some time to
visit all of you.
Hope your holiday is a safe and happy one!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Appreciating Every Day

My Gosh it's been ages since my last post, almost 2 weeks.
I knew there would be very little spare time now that the Spring season was here but I never expected that I would be away this long.
I've miss all of you and as busy as I've been I think of you all the time.
Ok I'll admit it
I'm addicted to blogging.
It's been killing me that I've have gone whole days without even getting a peak to visit anyone.
What are you all up to??
and what exciting things have you made,
What wonderful places have you traveled to?
What delicious food have you eaten???
These are pictures I took from some of the first days we
were opened.....seems so long ago.
and sadly we no long have any pansies left so it's nice to at least
get to see them again in pictures.
Love there happy faces!
but the deadheading I could do without:))
and yes the tulips are no long with us either.
...and the sweet smell of the hyacinth are but a faint memory.
Hydrangeas were especially colorful and soon we'll be looking forward to
the other varieties that bloom in the Summer. Have I told you before how much I love Hydrangeas???
Probably one of my top 10 favorites.
Can't really pick the variety I like best.
That's just too hard.
When we've been lucky we've had time to play with the twins.
Haven't they grown like weeds?
and OMG are they funny! and not only do they look
so different but they act so differently.
Clio(Coco) on the left is so serious and
Felicia ( Fifi) though they call her Flea for short:)) is the giggly one.
wonder if she'll like fleamarkets??? haha

Spring is always hectic for the two of us....
About 10 days ago
George injured himself while mowing the tall grass
with the brush mower and hit a piece of 3" inch pipe with it.
It came out and hit him in the leg.
He's ok but it's was pretty scary at first.
I knew something was wrong as soon as he called me
and came running around back to see him hobbling out from the back of the lot
with his pant leg all bleeding thru.
We didn't take the time to even look at the injury but just got in the car
and speed to the clinic.
Luckily he hadn't hit an artery or he would have
bleed out in the car before we got there.
It's been a struggle to get thru the days since then
but we've had extra help and some help from good friends which has been such a blessing.
So many have offered to give us a hand in any way possible.
It been really touching to know that people care.

This will help to explain why I have been away for
all this time too....needing to make sure that I was there and more
focused to his needs.
It's made us appreciate how vulnerable we are and not to take anything for
I hesitated to say anything about it since I don't
often like to bring up ugly news but
since it's turned out to be not as bad as it
could have and he's recovering well, I thought
I'd share it.

He's been having to sit down with his feet elevated for part of the day....
though it should be more like MOST of the day.
He reminded me today that this
does not count as vacation time like I
had when I went on our girls weekend last Fall
at Laura's lakehouse.
I guess after this he deserves more then
a few days away.

I wonder what I could get him???
maybe a spa day??

Whata ya think?