Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Save me

Shaggy thought he was bringing me a present tonight. I thought it was a bird at first and 
I screamed for George ( like I always do) and he ran right over.
He knows I'm useless with things like this. 
With 6 cats this is a common occurrence.

He covered him quickly with an old pot and slid a plastic banner
 under it.  We carried him to where we thought his mommy was. 
Being careful to not frighten him....hope the big blue hands
didn't scare him too much.

Happy Ending

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A giveaway win and a new member

Today it rained and not just rain, but down poured.
I think we received all the rain we didn't get in all of March and April.
 Remember the warm spell we had in March?
It was wonderful but I knew it would turn into a cruel joke Mother Nature likes to play
on us who depend on the weather for our livelihood.
Last week after freeze warnings for the whole weekend
 we had a solid week of rain and cloudy days.
It's ok though because we all need a break now and then.
I caught up on a few things.....not as many as I should have.

I will never catch up and the list will never end.

About a month ago I received a lovely gift in the mail from Suzy of Suzy Qu's Threadworks.
I was so excited and photographed everything right then but when 
I looked back at them I decided that they weren't up to par.

I had taken them too late in the day and they were a bit flat so I vowed I would reshoot them on a sunnier day. It was worth a try.
Well sunny days came, and sunny days went and I kept busy with 
......well too many things.
 those plants sure are demanding:)  even if they can't talk.

And so I tried but once again the lighting wasn't great but I didn't want to wait any longer.

Suzy is an artist when it comes to sewing and could probably make just about anything. She has a real talent for putting fabrics and
different elements together. Some people just have an eye for that.
I urge you to see her blog and her creations.
You won't be disappointed. 

When I get some time during the Summer I hope to make a few things with what she sent me. 

As bloggers we are so lucky to have friends that send us sweet gifts like these. As I write this I'm touched that someone that lives thousands of miles away from me, that I may never meet, who lives in a country I may never get to see would take the time to collect up pieces of their collection 
to share with me. How special is that? 

Suzy I love everything you sent and am so happy to have met you.

And now I'd like you to meet a new family member of ours and another reason why I have been extra busy.

Our new sweet baby boy Petey. He's a rescue we got about a month ago. I can't believe it's been a month and I'm just showing him now. George thought I should wait until I knew how it would work out. I was so excited I was telling everyone. 
That's kind of the way I am. George is the opposite!
He's like a steel trap. 
Me I'm ?<;(*^#))blah blah blah!!!!!!!
what do you want to know??? which is why blogging is so hard for me sometimes. I have to restrain myself.
Ok why am I talking about ME? see!

Well I have to get to sleep, it's really late and so I'll tell you about Petey another time.

Say Night Night Petey.

Actually he's already asleep and snoring.