Sunday, February 27, 2011

The New Phonebook’s HERE

                                                          The new Phonebooks here, the new phonebooks here!!!!
       No, not really
            Ok it’s a line from the movie
       “ The JERK”
                 remember how excited Steve Martin was when the phone book arrived???
              I think he originated the Happy dance!!!
          or was that the Egyptian mummy dance???
         I think of that scene every time I get
     excited myself when a big parcel comes to my door.
         The difference with me and Steve is that I’m not actually
         in this book.
            But that’s ok.

                      You may be surprised but there is actually a little color in this issue.
                         A few well chosen pastels to brighten and invigorate our
                        homes for Spring.
                             I want to thank all the people that preorder the magazine.
                                I just shipped them out and some have arrived already.

                                      What is so versatile about a neutral color palette is how easy it is to change the look.
                           A few colorful pillows, some vintage plates with delicate florals and
                                 a bouquet of field flowers.
                                  All of a sudden you have a whole new room.

                You might even pull out something from your closet to hang from a door.

                   I know I always need to have my angel wings in easy reach.
                   Don’t you???
bird copy
               Last month we had fun rearranging the Living Room.
                Nothing too special but just a few things moved around.
             Unfortunately most of the pictures had something Christmas in it…..
so I couldn’t show you that.


                  The light in the living room is so wonderful and we spent as much time in there as we could.
             Well then came the painting project in the family room.
                   As much as I thought we could keep things out of there some of the over flow went in my
    new clean room.
      What was only going to be a painting job turned into more.
        George decided to add more trim to the baseboard.
     Trim that we were suppose to put in 20yrs ago. Didn’t seem that important
after a couple of years went by…..and even less as time went on.
                     You know how that goes … just find more pressing things to work on.
    Oh yes the list is long and keeps growing.
            I really wanted to add molding to the ceiling but the angles are so strange
           that it makes it impossible. Not impossible, but more difficult then we’re willing to tackle.


       We did manage to clear off some room at the breakfast table (that we hardly ever use for breakfast)
for our Valentines Day dinner.
We had a lovely meal of baked flounder and shrimp.
Turns out I  didn’t devein the shrimp  the
correct way. I thought you just removed it from the inside.
Guess who ate them all!!!!!
What’s a little poo when the whole ocean is …..well you know.

Now you probably think I’m gross.


I know I’m being silly and all this is just
FLUFF!!!! after all.
The icing on the cake of life so to speak. I never write about really important subjects.
Politics, religion, news, etc. etc.
though I often want to.
BUT ….. 

I’d be a bad citizen of the world if I didn’t take the time to mention
the people of North Africa and the uprising in these nations.
They have shown such courage  in the face of such brutal dictatorship.
I pray that they get the Democracy that they so long for and deserve.
We in all the free nations should never take for granted what we have
and what others before us have fought and worked so hard for.

I Hope That You Treat Each Day as a GIFT!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

NEW YORK and the show

      (This was a post I started 2 weeks ago….boy time can fly by.
     But I didn’t want to not ever post it……so here it finally is.
       Although many of you have been anxiously waiting for Spring
      to arrive…….for us preparations for it have been underway
       for months…..and now crunch time is here we’ve been
very busy.
Hence why I’ve been slow in posting.
Hope  you forgive me.)

                                           The couple of days at the NY Gift Show were cold and gray.
                                             That was not a problem as we were going to be indoor most of the time anyways.
                                      We were tired of waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive so we decided to
                            hoof it the 3 blocks.
                             Man that was rough but we survived.
                   We tried getting a taxi but no luck!
                                                              the street

                                                 It was a good thing that we started off the day with a good breakfast. The Tick Tock diner was right next
                                            to the hotel we stayed at. George knew he wanted to go there the minute he spied it the night before.
                                  We were running late that morning and normally I would have advised not to but I knew
                         he really wanted to go and plus the place was cute.
                                   I kept it simple…..2 eggs over easy, home fries and toast……rye toast
                                    but she must not have heard me and thought I said dry toast……but no matter.
                                Like I said we were running late!
                                     plus I just stole the extra butter George had from his pancakes….
                                 and yes he can eat pancakes everyday and still lose weight.
                        Not fair!
                          I keep thinking one of these days it will catch up to him.
                                                   This diner  is very much a throw back to the 50’s in it’s décor and menu.
                               The hand painted wall murals where so colorful and reminiscent of the era.
                                      I never noticed until now the route 66 sign on the wall.
                                                 My parents when they came to America in 1965  were mislead into thinking that they
                                 could drive cross country from New York to California just driving on Rt 66.
                                   They soon learned that they couldn’t.
                                         In the 50’s and 60’s they were making great changes in the road systems so that may
                                 have been the reason for the confusion.
                                           Whatever road we traveled on we eventually got there……
                                         to California that is…….
                                                  but by the end of the year we were back in New England……and eventually landed in Connecticut.
                       and here I still am.
                     (but I digress!!!!!!)

                                              I have to tell you that I ended up taken a fraction of the pictures I took last year. We weren’t
                                         sure that we would get all 3 days here at the gift show because of the ice storm that they predicted
                                                so we were trying to cram 3 days into 2 .
                                                After I was done with the order I would pass the rep off to Hubby so he could
                                             give them all the info they needed to finish the order and printed it.
                                                 Supposedly they were impressed with our efficiency:)haha
                                                          I was so worried about getting to the next stop I didn’t even think about taking pictures. 
                                               which is so not like me!

                                                                                vintage christmas
                                                 This was the first booth I headed to.  Last year  it was so busy I waited a long time to place my order that I  knew I had to be the first one in.
                                                      I planned it right because the place filled up so fast after only 10 minutes.

                                                                            gold fish
                                               Silly but cute…..
                                                  and no I didn’t order it because it really isn’t pink……it was ORANGE
                                      like all goldfish are. Makes sense but not for Christmas.


                                                One of my last stops was a showroom filled with Christmas decorations.
                                                       For my own benefit I took photos of the things I ordered so that
                                                I could have a visual record of what would be coming in July.
                                                     None of these I planned on showing to you guys since they were just quick shots so I collaged it so it would look more impressive.


                                           Now once relaxed at dinner I did take some photos. We met up with
                                         Brooke and her daughter Calista who are exhibitors at the gift show.
                                         Their company is called Hanah Silk and they make the most beautiful  hand dyed silk and satin ribbon.
                                      They have a gazillion different colors it makes it hard to not want all each one.
                                     One of these days I’ll have to sell it online.

                                I’ll share with you what we ordered for dinner.
                                  At Brookes suggestion we went to this Italian restaurant on 9th ave.
                                        They had been there a few times before and had always enjoyed it.
                      That sounded good to us because we had made no plans.
                                    We had been wanting to get together for dinner for 3 years now and we were finally going.
                                 We had such a great time talking about the show, the vendors and the how gift shops are doing these days
                       in this economy. But mostly we talked about plants since Brooke has a great love of
                                     gardening. She used to grow tons of lavender and used to sell it wholesale.
                               Living it Eureka California they are so lucky to have cool Summers and in the Winter months the tempertures
                   rarely ever drop below freezing!
                      Ok,  why am I living in New England????
     oh yeah I love it here……haha

                                           The Restaurant we ate at is called Il Punto Ristorante on 9th and corner of 38th.
                         Incredible food , service and atmosphere……..and the prices were wonderful.
                                          3 of us had the pre-prix for $35 which included, app. entrée, dessert and glass of wine.
                              Great deal for NYC I thought.
                                                        lamb chop
                                Brooke had a big honking piece of veal chop.
                    not my thing but you have to agree it looked darn good…..even for a veggie like me.
              the rest of us had the sea bass.
                               We eventually came to the dessert part of the meal and we all agreed on the tiramisu
                                                            cake straight on
                                    Which was hands down the best I've ever had and everyone agreed.
                                       I got a little carried away in photographing it.
                                                             close up

                                   two                really close


more cake

still more cake
It’s a good thing I was so stuffed or I might have ordered another.
I can’t wait to go back to that restaurant …..

hum….which reminds me I do have to go back to the city for one more day before
Spring arrives:)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day





                                                         Valentines Day is the day for LOVE and for us to remember to show
                                                        the ones we love just that .
                                                      “ I Love and appreciate you.”
                                                          It’s so easy to forget in our busy lives to stop  
                                                    and say those little words.
                                                  Whenever I get mad  at my husband or we have a fight.
                                          …..and yes we do.
                                    ( like any couple)

                                           I step back and remind myself…..
                                         what would I do if he wasn’t there anymore?
                                               What if this was the last day, or minute that
                                              I could see him, talk to him, hold him?
                                               would I want to be fighting over something insignificant?
                                                   Over the years of being together you begin to realize that they are not always perfect….
                                        like you once thought
                                        they won’t always pick up their clothes off the floor or  organized, or remember
                                            to write out the bills  ( oh right, I do that)
                                                   but that’s ok because I’m far from perfect either.

                                          That’s what makes a good marriage. Knowing that person accepts you warts and all.
                                           If you are gentle, kind and giving of your feelings you can overcome any problems life throws at you.

                                       So on this Valentines Day it isn’t important that you go out
                                       to dinner to a fancy restaurant or that he buys you flowers
                                      or that you exchange presents at all.

                                           Just that you tell that person how much you love them....
and couldn't imagine life them.

                      That’s it!!!

                          Now Have a Wonderful Valentines Day!
                         (I think I have to call someone )

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gotta love Etsy

I wanted to start off by thanking everyone about the kind comments that I received on my last post.
Boy you guys sure made me blush.
I've always been a little uncomfortable with getting
compliments but you sure made this old girl
feel darn good!

It was also nice to learn that I'm not the only camera shy one
out there either.
Hubby did manage to read that post and
man did he think I was conceited.

Knew I was crazy to think I'd get away with it.
Meant to throw a new post up right away.
He never has the attention span to read more then
one post at a time....thank goodness!
Do your husbands or (significant others)
read your blog??? 
or think they're silly?


Onto a better subject........
I got a lovely package the other day from my

It was all prettied up with pink tissue
and ribbon....
and lets not forget the beautiful paper rose she made me.




She also must have known that I would love these
vintage photos .......

                                                               photo 2
Two of which were of this couple on their wedding day.
Don't they have the nicest smiles?


I ordered these wooden handles.....
                                                                                handles 1

They were from a company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
I remembered my friend Paula buying handles like these and
doing something clever with them....
but I can't remember now.
                                                                      bingo with flower

                                  What I had to have were these .........                                           

bingo 1

Bingo Cards that were in brown.

I'd never seen them in brown!
have you?
Joan has been in the antique business for 30 yrs or so and
she'd rarely seen them either.

                                                                           straight on

I like the way they look on my flour sack.

Seeing the Middletown Ct seems ironic now!!!
I was just there today for jury duty!
My first time ever going.
We were dismissed before any interviews even started.
Whew!!!  that was a relief.
I had my responses to their supposed questions all figured out:) ha

The worst thing was that I missed our luncheon at

I was so bummed.

                                           close up

I'm sure I missed a great time!

....and delicious food


Well, there's always next year....

save me a seat Evi!