Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

NEW YEARS last year

I struggled to find this photo file I had put these in. Don't you hate that? 
Just as I was about to give up I found them. I'm running late so I'll be brief.
We are going to the same party tonight too. I am so looking forward to a night of laughter, great food and drink with dear friends.  Last year we played the game Right, Left Center ( or is it Left Right Center?) like we have played many times before. It takes no skill which is one of the things I love about it. You play with only a few dollars and set of dice.  That was me winning the big jackpot at the end of the night. I had forgotten I had won last year until seeing these photos again. Wonder if I'll be as lucky this time?  Don't want everyone to resent me so maybe I'll have to throw the game. Oh yeah you can't it's just luck. I didn't take the photos hubby did I think? I never looked better. Thanks honey. I wish I was blurry in everyday life. 
The little wooden guy with his pants down is a Caganer. I know what you're thinking? what the heck is that.
All I will say is I never laughed so hard in  my LIFE. 
Do you know the tradition? One the guests at the party lives in Spain and told us of the Catalonian Christmas tradition.
If you want you can read about it HERE 

With that I wish you all a Very Happy New Year 

You make my life a better place and I thank you with all my heart. 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

I have been MIA here for awhile but I wanted to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas. 
It's been a busy season for us and I'm grateful for that. 
The news of the tragedy in Newtown, a sweet Ct. town much like the one we live in has me reflecting again on how fleeting life is. How important our loved ones are to us.  You included. 
 I know you join me in praying for the ones around us that are suffering and to continue supporting them in the new year.

Merry Christmas