Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ok this may not be anything you would get excited about .......but for me it's like finally entering into the 
21st century. 

 We finally have internet at home!!!
We ordered Infinity internet after realizing that all our tv channels were gone.....well not all, but nothing good. 

It's been over a month that we ordered our bundle plan but with our work schedule we just haven't had time to set it up. Actually it was Georges job.....I'm not touching that stuff!   When we misplaced the instructions then things really didn't progress at all. I'm blaming him for that     
I kept getting annoyed that I even decided to change over now. What do I care if I don't get any channels anymore? I'm not home to watch anything anyways.  All I care about is watching The Daily Show and the Corbert Report at 11 pm.  
At that time of night I just want a good laugh....
and then I can sleep like a baby and have happy dreams

Ok enough babbling for one morning. 

Here's a few more photos for ya.

Liking the new format for uploading a post too.
Reminds me of Windows Live Writer which I use often.
Bigger area to write in and uploading photos was much faster.
Not as fast as live writer but an improvement.
Way to go Google.... but I'm still not changing my template:)

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments.

It really makes my day and I hope to get more time to reply.

Until then I hope you get to spend some time in your garden or at least spend some time outside! 

The World Wide Web is a Wonderful thing 
but so is nature!!!!!

Like you needed me to tell you that:)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring flowers

Seems I’ve been absent from the blog world……again.
though I have been thinking of you and this little blog of mine quite a lot.
Getting any screen time has been difficult but I’ve enjoyed being
outdoors and watching the season progress.

Seems when I have more to share,  I have no time to tell you about it.
Isn’t that just the way it is sometimes?

Seems like ages ago when we had these pansies, now we only have a few left.
 Only the yellow ones.
Doesn’t anyone like yellow anymore? 

The daffodils where better then ever this season. I dug up more 2 years ago
and moved them around and they are filling in well. 
The early heat this spring made them come on sooner then normal.
I was worried they would go by too fast but thankfully
we went back to normal temperatures so they stayed around longer.
The last 2 days have been like summer weather.
This is the strangest Spring I can remember.
Winter one day Summer the next : )

Easter_142010 at home copy

Easter_582010 at home

Easter_572010 at home copy

Easter_62010 at home

Easter_352010 at home

Easter_432010 at home copy

As some of my other daffs are ending my Thalia daffs are just coming in.
The whitest of all daffodils and not overly tall.

Greenhouse_45mid april 2010

Greenhouse_46mid april 2010poppy
Of course we can’t forget the poppies.
Do you have a favorite spring flower???

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter eggs_162012

Easter eggs_112012

Easter eggs_102012

Easter eggs_182012

Easter eggs_142012

Easter eggs_212012

Easter eggs_362012

Easter eggs_282012

It’s a beautiful crisp sunny day here in southern New England.
It couldn’t be a better day.

Hope you are spending it with good friends and family.