Friday, August 31, 2012

Going to the Post Office can be fun

My friend Kathleen stopped by to see me at work just as I was running to the Post office to send off some  JDL magazines. She had some time to kill so she came with me. I know how could she resist a trip to the P.O? :)  When we were driving back I asked her if she wanted to stop at one of my favorite antique malls in town. Maximus   One of my favorite booths is Mimi's who used to own Fenwick Cottage in Essex.
After closing her store she decided to keep a small booth just to give her a creative outlet.....and as she puts it her "feet" still in the biz. My favorite was that little secretary in the corner. Very sweet with lots of little cubbies and great little details. Only the first 2 photos are from her booth. I should have taken more....oh well next time
The old chippy blue beige piece was interesting and well priced but it was too primitive for me. Maybe it was the way they accessorized it? Filled with all white ironstone it could look so different. Do you ever feel like you want to move merchandise in their booths? This could look so much better here! I don't, but I so want to. Like I think I know better then them.....what nerve!

Oh then suddenly as we were walking out I saw Luna's the new frozen yogurt shop. Everyone in town has been there but me and hubby....and Kathleen. One thing that this town loves is Food!!! but at least it's healthier....right? it yogurt! forget all the fattening toppings you can add. wink   It was delicious and the girl at the counter was very friendly and helpful as we stood there like dopes not knowing where to look first. She gave us samples too... 
I ended up with some mango combo.....I forget what else. 


{ all photos taken with my iphony and on instagram}

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Late summer happenings

Hours, days and weeks just flying by. Hubby likes tomatillos tomatoes ( so he says) so I made salsa that I put up. Yup I'm canning. When??? usually very late at night. Friends will ask, when do you have time? I don't, but there is nothing better then pulling out a jar in the middle of Winter. ( that's when I'll sleep)

I found a new thrift store the other day. Actually it's always been there just  bought by new owners but I like their inventory better and great prices. I'll show more later. I love those Limoge plates. How could I resist. 
After going to the bank and post office..... so boring... I stopped in the fabric store Coastal Sewing Machines in town. It's mostly a quilt store but they have the greatest fabric. I gave myself 15 minutes and even set an alarm alert. It scared me when it went off. I really wanted that black and white number but couldn't decide how much I wanted. I showed the photo to hubby and he said I really didn't need it. He was right since I was just going to use it for the produce table. The french general fabric in red and white was 40% off. I may have to go back:) of course I've yet to do anything with the last red and white french general pieces I bought but I like just looking at it in the drawer.
I've been better at saving seeds. Well I'm good at collecting them, not so good at finding them when I need to sow them in the Spring. I'm going to be more organized. These are hollyhocks that were the prettiest shade of pink. I'm going to use them also to add to my own garden. It's hollyhocks and foxgloves all the way for next year. They are so easy I don't know why I stopped growing them? Gives the garden that English garden feel. 
Cricket is our oldest girl and well George's favorite) he even goes and gets her coffee cream from McDonald's because she won't drink any other. No not starbucks, not dunkin donuts not even organic cream from the carton. All I can think is it's the chemicals they use to preserve it. I know

She didn't buy that the mouse was real either.
She's old but she's no dummy.

And yes Christmas merch is arriving and I'm doing a terrible job keeping up. I love when it comes in but the unpacking and pricing is not fun. 

All these photos are from my iphone and instagram.
You can check out more by clicking on the button at the top of my sidebar. Join me if you wish, I'd love that. 

Hope you're all enjoying better weather.....I'm loving the temps in the 60's at night.......sigh

Friday, August 10, 2012

Remembering NYC last Fall

When my niece came for a visit I decided to tag along for the train ride to NYC.   Her friend from Brooklyn invited her to stay for a couple of days before she headed back to Geneva. 

We decided to walk to Bryant Park to have a coffee before she caught the subway at Grand Central. 
I don't know why but the subways in NYC scare me a little.
Scary is not the right word......just confusing. 
Walking the streets is more interesting anyways.

On my list of stops was Anthropologie. The place was packed so I didn't take many pictures inside. I actually went to two of them one in Chelsea market and I forget now the other....I think 5th ave? 

I really fell hard for this coat but I didn't buy it. I think it was the price:) I later found one very similar at Whyevernot in Mystic....and bought the matching vest too.

lights made from gourds....

Anthropologie was fun but nothing like this next spot. 

I have wanted to go to All Saints ever since I read about the incredible leather jacket Jackie bought.  She's smart and waited until they have a massive sale every year and scooped it up. By the time I looked online here in the US( it's a British company) they only had a few colors left. Then I started worrying about the size and decided I would go into the city.....but that never happened:( 

They have the most awesome clothes. I walked around in a daze and kept imagined if I was a size 2 or better a 0.  What does a 0 mean anyways.....? don't turn to the side or they won't see you:) 
It was like no other clothing store I have ever been in. Very industrial and edgy. I could have bought everything but tried on nothing. 
I know it's crazy .....I was feeling fat! and I was so high from just walking around I didn't want a glimpse of my fat thighs in the dressing room to bring me down. 

I have a deal with myself that if I get to my goal weight I will buy one outfit from there. Hey maybe I'll time it right for one of their big sales. I'll have to have Jackie keep me up to date as she lives close by to one of their shops in London. 
I'm still on my diet but have been stuck at the same weight for a couple of weeks so I went off today. It's suppose to kick start it back to losing again. We'll see but I'm not giving up and actually like eating less.

Even their display window is way cool with stacked antique sewing machines one on top of the other. I think their were 4 windows like that. Located in the meat packing district they close the fronts with big metal doors at night. No glass fronts so picture taking is made easier. No annoying reflections.... they thought of everything. ok obviously not why they did it. 

OK don't ask:)
it's NYC after all. 

Next stop was Free People. Very young and hip clothing store.

pretty barbie cake

 founder OSCAR FARINETTI and partners Marion Batali, Lidia Bastianich and her son Joe Bastianich. It is a must see in NYC. 

The fact that I was able to take a photo with very few people in it surprises me. This place too was swarming with patrons all enjoying wonderful food and atmosphere.
I liked what they wrote in their manifesto 


1. Choice: We offer a diverse selection of quality food and drink
2. Accessibility: We are dedicated to offering the best products at the lowest possible price points.
3. Knowledge: We feel that it’s not just important that we know everything about what we sell and serve, but that you also learn about the products we are so passionate about. We share with you the stories of the people and places behind all that we offer. The more you know the more you enjoy.


Our goal is to have you as our customer for a lifetime. The easiest means to that end is offering the best food and drink as well as the best environment in which to discover and expand your tastes.
No wonder they are so successful. 

My time in the city is always full of wonderment.
At every turn there is something new to behold. 

Never enough time to take it all in but happy to have had the day to  explore what I did. 

I leave you with a video of Ellie Goulding at the 
All Saints in Soho. 

A great British singer!
BTW are you all watching the Olympics.
I'm especially enjoying the synchronized swimming and rythmic gymnastics. Gorgeous!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Instagram love

Have I told you how much I Heart Instagram

Actually I just started it recently and don't have a lot of photos yet. I'm often late to the game on the in thing. 
I was late to Pinterest too. 
Besides all the great effects you can get it's the instant gratification that I like. No having to get the big camera out, manually focusing that I need to do these days...( yep it's still giving me trouble)  I really want to get the new Nikon D800. It's been on my radar since last year but didn't come out until early this year.  I was beginning to think it was a urban myth with 36.3 Mp.!!!!!!!!
It's my dream camera.....heck lets face, it's everyone who likes to take photos "Dream Camera". I've had a good talk with myself and decided to go with a more reasonably priced one....what that will be I still have no idea but I think I will stick with Nikons. I still think they have the best lenses and that's really what matters. 

 Until I decide I will leave you with images of my new timewaster  obsession.

Huge leek blossom. Petey likes to run around with them in his mouth. 

Back of one of the perennial houses....A no admittance greenhouse which is why it gets out of control.
I hate bittersweet!!!!!!

I came home early one day to watch Junk Gypsies on Saturday at 7 pm 
Love that show....thanks Debbie 
Yes that is a metal pull up bar on the left that hubby installed last year.
I'm not happy with it but whatcha gonna do? 

See that scratch on his nose???

Yes this little girl did that. 
When she's not giving him the WHAT FOR she's loving on the corn silk and will jump in the box of veggies we bring home most every night. 
Did I mention we sell the best corn in town?


New ribbon as it was being unpacked. Gosh still haven't gotten those priced. Trying to stay on top of new merch coming in.....but not doing a very good job with it. The gift shop isn't open now but I need it to be by Fall. 

Saw this on our walk last night. George told me to leave it:) 
Of course I did!

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