Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 7 cable me up

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Did you do a lot of shopping? 

Our weekend was a good start to the holidays. It was nice to see some of our regular customers....some we see throughout the year, some only 
during the Christmas season.

I wanted to download my photos tonight and when I went to find 
my usb cable it was no where to be found.
I was already with my camera battery finally charged and now no cable.

I think it might have fallen in the garbage next to my computer and now it's been emptied. 
I looked everywhere.
I checked online and they're not expensive but if I want it
to come before Christmas I need to pay more in shipping then 
the cable costs.
I'll have to decide.

and who knows? it might show up.

 Just like Bella did.

Ok well I have a few more things to do before I can go home.....
like get some JDL magazines ready to be shipped out tomorrow.

Have a good night!


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 6 Wrapping it up!

I had to wrap a last minute Birthday present for a friend. 
 I almost forgot:) George had to remind me.

I didn't think of taking a picture of the actually present....shoot!

but then again I'm supposed to show restraint with only one photo a post.
I had fun wrapping it....can you tell?  I think I may have gone a bit overboard with
the embellishments......but that's the way I like getting presents.
There can be a rock in the box.....I don't's all about the package and "fluff" for me.

I used  baby blue ribbon edged with little pompoms.
You can't really see it now ......(with all the stuff)
but there's a shiny silver ribbon wrapped around it.
Looks like diamonds on a spools.....adore it.

 My camera ran out of juice today and I forgot my charger at home so had to take this with my camera phone.

No editing...just SOOC.

I'm feeling lazy:)

I did take more pictures of the store today and used my tripod which I love using so I don't get so much jiggle.

The bad thing is my camera is still not auto focusing so we'll see how good a focuser I am.

Yeah I can't focus on anything these days,.....let alone a photo.

When I get my camera recharged I promise I'll post more photos of the shop and not just close ups. Lots of you have asked for more pics of the store. I might even break my one photo post rule???...

Thanks so much for all the great comments about
She's adjusting well to being back home. Spending time in her usual spots around the shop.
I'll try to take a photo of her while she's on the ledge over looking the store.
I get such a kick out of seeing her up there during the day.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh Joy! Day 5

How is your weekend going so far?
Ours went smoothly.....
ok a little hectic at times but nothing I couldn't handle
and please.....
no pepper spray incident.
My goodness what is wrong with some people?
( sorry that just popped into my head )
we'll see if I end up deleted that comment..haha


Anyways I was going to wait to talk about this but with my Joy sign
I thought it was a good lead in.

After months of wondering what happened to her
My Bella came back home today.

Yes 4 months of her disappearance she just showed up.
A little less plump but looking fine.
George had her in his arms and it was like seeing a ghost.
That can't be her I thought? but it was.
Somehow she managed to survive .....somewhere.

The stories she could tell if only she could talk.

Well needless to say we are doing the happy dance.

I think I bored all my customers with my Bella story today....
 thank goodness most of them are cat people so they
were happy for us. Many shared their stories of their babies that came back to them after they thought all hope was lost.

So that's my story for the day.
An early Christmas's all I need

 Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and thanks for praying for Bella.......I think it really helped!



Thursday, November 24, 2011

Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

We are working today finishing up last minute details.
It's become tradition for us.
Which doesn't bother me anymore.


We're lucky to be able to be together....though
G on his set of duties, me on another
...he's at least in yelling distance.

It's a gorgeous warm sunny day. I'm in a short sleeve shirt working outside decorating wreaths. I'm in heaven!

(ok just looked at the weather channel and it says it's 48 degrees???
that can't be right?) feels like 70.

It's warm enough to have a picnic( I think).....which we might have!

I'm so thankful for so much.....too many to mention

but one I need to say is that I 
am so thankful for my blogging friends that give me
love and support. You make me laugh and make me cry as I read your heartfelt stories. 
It truly is a wondrous thing what goes on here on this computer.
A whole new world that has opened up. 

If you had said to me that I would make such wonderful friends with the most amazing talented and intelligent women through blogging I would have never believed it...

but here you are!

I am so blessed.

Thank you on this wonderful 
Thanksgiving Day,


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coming home Day 4

I think these are some of the prettiest and cutest glass ornaments.
Like delicate little doilies made from glass.
You may not be able to tell but they are only about an inch wide.
They are handpainted in Austria.

They fit perfectly in this small wire basket.

Not as cute with a few missing. Well they must have missed each other
because they are back.

The lady who bought them said they didn't work like she'd hoped.

I thought it was funny after my little fence story....

It is good to let go but sometimes it's nice when they come back home too.

 ( I know I broke my rule of only 1 photo)

Forgive me?

Joining Kathleen at
Faded Charm for White Wednesday



Monday, November 21, 2011

What, you want to buy those? day 3

Oh yeah I forget sometimes that it's there to sell.

Silly me only bought 6 of those fences.
I took this picture the night before we opened. I was so tired and really wanted to go straight to bed so I told myself I would only
be 5 minutes.
Well my camera was being's been off and on not wanting to auto focus so after hearing it make that sick noise for too long I finally tried
 manual focus, hence the sub par photo.

As you can see I do some cutesy too. 

I sold 3 fences this afternoon so before they are all gone I thought I'd show them. I have the others somewhere else.  
Out of all the things in here I don't know why I'm so taken by these. 
I know many of you have booths and shops.....are there things that you feel a little sad when they go?

I also had a great big angel in the middle of where some of my glass ornaments hang from. That went on the first day. 

I was happy but a little looked so good there surrounded by all the clear and sparkly bobbles. 

I know I'm crazy!

ok George is wondering why I'm not making up cedar
bundles:) and on the computer instead!

thank you for all the great comments.

I decided to put up a new you may have seen in a post before.
I actually have very few good snow scene photos....( except pumpkins with snow on them from our last storm)
I'll have to work on that this season.

Ok a bundling I go.........


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flocked tree day 2

As I was taking pictures this morning. I realized that I never turned this tree on yesterday.
I knew something was "off" no pun intended.
I just couldn't figure it out. I kept saying it looks so dark. Not that this tree is that sits on the opposite wall from my counter.
I usually light little things with remote control switches which I love. No more bending over or croutching underneath things to bring the place to life....

well except for this little tree.

I think she's worth it.

or he???

On another note my friend Sharon shared with me
that my header was coming off the page.
I never knew that and immediately changed it.
It looked normal to me it but I had noticed that when I used the town libraries computer headers they would be cut quite dramatically.
It sounds weird but I don't remember if mine was one of them?

Do you see headers chopped off on other blogs???

I need a new header soon....
I think fields of flowers need to go.

would you like to see a snow scene?

Too early?
(I think so too)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 1

I've been sitting here trying to come up with the first line to write.
Well I guess I just did:)
Not what I had intended but it's a start.

Every year at Christmas time I struggle with putting up posts so I decided a few months ago that I would post one photo a day.

I thought....
I should be able to accomplish that at least.

Do you know how hard it is to pick only 
1 photo???

What had seemed to be so easy is turning out much harder 
then I thought.

 We'll give this a try and see how it goes.
Day 1 for now.

Do you have your Christmas decorations up already???

I still haven't put away all of my Halloween decorations at home:)
That's bad huh? 

Maybe after this weekend I'll tackle it.


Sunday, November 13, 2011


One of the last Sunday mornings I’ll get to stay home after we reopen next weekend.
I was so happy to get to watch one of my favorite shows.
oh and to make carrot soup for lunch.
I was so touched by the love and devotion of these two animals.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did….
bittersweet as it is.

(Hey Erin, btw this sanctuary is in your back yard south of Nashville)
Hope your Sunday is a good one.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mystic Seaport

I knew right away when my niece said she was coming for a visit that I wanted to take her to
Mystic, Ct.
One of my favorite towns.
Though we go to Mystic often or at least as much as we can,
it had been around 18 yrs ago since we went to the Seaport.
The day had started off being overcast but it seemed soon after we arrived the sun came out
which made picture taking a lot more fun.

I took a lot but don’t worry I won’t show you all of them : )


but there’s still a lot of them


I always wonder who the lucky people are who get to live across the water.
Of course when you come here and can’t help but wonder
what it would have been like to live in this village back then when it was a Whaling community.
We of course learned about what went into getting the oil from the whales.
I won’t be getting into all that….
kind of yucky business though it was necessary back then.
Just glad we don’t have to do it now.
Have you ever watched Whale Wars on Animal Planet ???
Check out their videos if you have time.

the green

Ok back to the pretty stuff……

This was mid October and the leaves were already off so many trees. It has not been the usual
Fall colors we look forward to seeing. The hurricane/ tropical storm did a number on so many.


Coming here off peak made for a peaceful day.
No crowds!


Not all the buildings were here originally…..many were saved from all over New England.



Mystic_33october 2011 copy


yellow house

I was loving this building with the overflowing window boxes.
They were getting a change out with mums and ornamental kale.
Talked to the maintenance man and I learned that they have their own greenhouses, and though
I was a little curious as to where they were, I didn’t ask.


morning glory
This is the Buckingham Hall house that was moved from Old Saybrook back when the
Baldwin Bridge was built in the 50’s.

I love the kitchen.
I much prefer unfitted cabinets.


And love the huge fireplace.
Imagine making all your meals from here? Probably they had a summer kitchen so the house didn’t
get so hot during the summer months.


blue bottles

The Pharmacy was one of my favorite buildings full of old apothecary bottles with strange and interesting
ways to cure your ailment.


iron pills



It was wonderful stepping back in time for a few hours.
Life was hard back then and it makes me thankful that we have it pretty easy now.

I wonder if in only 100 yrs from now they’ll look back at how we lived and

How did they do it???