Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jeanne d'Arc #7 and Gather

Hey guys it's time for another issue of
 Jeanne d'Arc Living
to be arriving soon.

I'm always excited with the arrival of every issue but
 especially for this Fall issue. 

It's the time for nesting and getting ready for
the long Winter season ahead.
Many days and nights of curling up on the couch
with my favorite blanket maybe
knitting or making all the things I don't seem to
find time for in the Spring and Summer.
This is also when I have more time to
decorate and if like me you want to get that Fall look
without using orange and the usual
traditional colors you will want to get this issue.

You'll also be harvesting the last of what the garden has to offer.
Have I ever told you how much I love to eat pumpkins.
Not the pretty ones like in the picture above
 but the sugar pumpkins.
Just microwave for 10 minutes and scoop out
the hot gooey orange stuff. 
Salt and butter,
maybe some cheese melted on top and that's it.
I get the strangest looks when I tell people I eat them
but it's just a squash!
It's delicious
Ok I feel your looks coming thru my computer screen!

Picking and eating lots of apples and going to
 all the pick your own farms.

Now another event I want to tell you about
which is happening tomorrow.
I know not much notice and only
good for you local guys and gals.

Gather is having a Vintage Jewelry event
tomorrow  between 1:00 and 8:00 with cocktails 6-8.
It's hosted by Dawn of
Dawn's Vintage Jewelry of Brookfield

 This is just a small sampling of what Dawn
will be bringing to the event.

Not only is the merchandise beautiful but the prices will be
having you come from far and wide.
Bring your friends, carpool, bicycle, bus, take the train...
do whatever you have to but come
to this show.

 Now I told you the prices are good.....not $.15

50 % OFF
Remember Christmas is just around the corner.

( opps little blurry)

Not to be missed!

If you want more information
call Deanna at
104 Main St.
Ivoryton, Ct.

The shop is brimming with the most wonderful
assortment of antiques, locally made crafts and art and
so much more.
You always find something unique in Deanna's shop.
A modern day General Store
in the historic town of Ivoryton.

Hope to see you there!


Thank you for all the emails.
The commenter is now back on!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brimfield goodies

I finally got around to photographing some of the things
I bought at Brimfield this morning. I like using natural light so by the time I get home
well....the sun is no more and not news to
 all of you, the days are getting shorter.
Not so bad now but when it starts to get dark at 4:00 it takes a little getting used to.
 I feel like saying...... wait a minute
 who turned the lights out?
It just seems to happen overnight.
In reality it does when we "Fall back"
which I never seem to realize until it's too late and
 I'm late.

Don't get me wrong I like the quieter pace that goes along with it.
Wouldn't we all get bored if the seasons were all the same?
I would.

I digress

This was one of my favorite old tool box with distressed gray paint.
I saw plenty of them up there but I liked mine the best.
It's sitting on an old metal stools that I will have to
 show another time.
That's one of my favs too.
Ok I have a lot of favs.

Lace doilies. I bought a lot of lace...mostly tablecloths.

metally thingys

simple little mirrors.
Gold I know...not what I usually buy,  I might even leave
them that way.

Sequined pieces that I'd like to think were part of a
fancy dress once.

A few tin type photos and a small doll purse.

So serious but having to smile for a long time
...not so easy.

Some of my test tubes.....the others I have set up already.
I'll show those another time.

This mirrors are not even that old but I liked the detail on them.
The shoes on the other hand are old.
My fat feet would never fit in something that thin.
Not that I planned on wearing them. 
Why is it that as you get older your feet get fatter?
maybe it's just me.
Ok forget that question.

My  second only altered photo.
I'm so proud of myself that I resisted not adjusting
or tweaking most of them.
Hence why I like the LIGHT!
Some of that discussion is partly selfish, it does take much longer.
I did notice that blogger had changed the photo uploading.
Not a fan of the new change. I had no idea it was going to upload the whole thing at once.
Then it never memorized what file you were taking it from.
So click click click later you got back to it.
By then I forgot what I was looking for.

Maybe I'll have to post less pictures from now on.

Not sure why this purse called to me. It only has a
 draw string to close it but the
beading was so pretty.

This will make a great dolly bed.


Wish we still wore hats like this!
I wore the craziest outfit to Debra's Oktoberfest party yesterday you'd think I could wear a hat like this.
Sorry I won't be showing the outfit.
If it was up to George I would burn it.

A blouse I bought for a dollar. Only a small hole.
I'll use it on a dressform probably.

Checks written in pencil.
Trusting back then.

Will use this in a Christmas tree!
decorated of course.

That one single seltzer bottle that I bought
from that incredible tent with French antiques.
I was standing there with my little purchase as
someone else was purchasing a big armoire
and having it shipped to Florida.
What a dork I felt like.

Metal baskets....after awhile I kept finding myself
buying baskets everywhere,
 I had to control myself.

Maybe I can get George to play Bingo with me tonight.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend of fun and games.

Have a good week!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where do they come from?

Most people don't give these plants much thought.
They just show up every Fall,
whether at your garden center, your farm stand,
grocery store of box store.

 Years ago we used to grow them ourselves...but with limited space
we've bought them the last few years.

Don't ask me why but George wanted to see them for himself.
So we took a ride.
At first I thought I'd better stay home and get something done
but it was a beautiful day
so why not?

I don't miss setting them up on drip tubes but in the end
it saved a lot of time.

You might be wondering why they're not in flower,
but as the crops start to bud up and
as we say " crack color"
they get shipped out.

Yep me!

Except for a handful of workers it was rather quiet.
Being around 5 in the afternoon might explain it
but it's so enjoyable just seeing everything just quietly growing.

Poinsettia's that have been growing for 2 months now.
There's a lot more work to growing them then you might think.
Shading, applying growth regulators to keep them from getting too stretched out.
I know you'll never believe me but they really aren't as poisonous as
people would have you think.
You'd have to eat a whole plant to make you sick.
If you ate that much of any euphorbia you'd get sick or for that matter any tropical plant.
Poinsettias come orginally from Mexico.
You probably knew that already.

We couldn't come without inspecting the pumpkins
of course.

and all the different gourds

just having fun.

for those of you who don't do
you know who you are:))

One of my favorites are the white ones.
I remember about 10 yrs ago when Georges dad would
grow them....they were more scarce then
but not now.
I thought everyone was familar with them but I had a customer
 the other day that had never seen them.


Well off to try and make something of the rest of your day off.
Hope you all are enjoying Fall as much as we are.
I'll be back with pictures of my finds from Brimfield.
Just wanted to share a bit of the season with you.