Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I’d been thinking for weeks about what I would show and write for
an Easter post.
Still not sure???
but a few weeks ago I decided to
make our breakfast table look a little more Springy


Remember my cute sheep that I got from Susie ?
I had fun playing around with them on the table

The glass dome was one I bought at the fleamarket
a few weeks back for $5. It had a horrible dried
flower arrangement in it that had seen better days.
….and boy was it stuck on with a lot of glue.
They must not have had hot glue guns back then
…..that glue comes off much easier.
I still need to paint the base white but for now I can live with it.



These were our Valentine carnations that I dried.
Inspired by June.
The queen of dried flowers.
Have you ever seen her dried peonies????
I envy her garden and at times her dry climate.
My peonies would rot before they could ever dry that beautifully.


s and p

These salt and pepper shakes I bought in a thrift store yrs ago.
Just realized that they were in the shape of eggs : )
and perfect of Easter.

Well I’m running late as usual
it’s already 3 in the afternoon on Sunday
so going home and adding
fresh flowers to the table
for Easter dinner…..
but before that
going to do a little yard work.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

What was once will be again

It’s windy today and overcast.
Not everyones idea of the perfect Spring Day.
But it’s not raining……


This was a photo I took last year…….
Soon it will be beautiful out with blue skies and warmer temperatures
...... just like the day I took this picture

…..and we’ll be busy.

I hope:) 
and I will be ready for it.

I think ? :)

Are you ready for Spring???

all your ducks in a row???

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Opening day at the Fleamarket

Last Sunday my friend Deanna asked if I wanted to go to the fleamarket.
I have so much to do this time of year that
I normally would have said no.
…..but the season is off to a slow start because the
weather isn’t warm enough for everyone.
I know I don’t understand it either:0
So I thought
yeah what the heck.

The place was sure hopping….more people then I’ve ever seen there
but it is the first one of the season.

ET_11April 2011

ET_02April 2011
you may recognize these…..old windows turned into little greenhouses.
Deanna has similar ones in her shop Gather in Ivoryton.
They’ve been selling really well.

ET_07April 2011

ET_08April 2011

ET_10April 2011
I even  met a blogger and didn’t even know it.
You never know when you’ll be in the presents of one  : )
Actually Debra from Vintage Vixens  got to met her that day.
It wasn’t until I checked out Lisa’s blog that I recognized her booth.
You can go over to her blog….Serendipity Chic Design….and tell her I said hi.

ET_13April 2011

ET_09April 2011 copy

there were little poodles
ET_12April 2011

to big 6 foot foo dogs

ET_14April 2011

Of course I would notice this cat doorstop
ET_15April 2011

with the sweetest eyes

ET_16April 2011

ET_18April 2011

Even at a fleamarket I take pictures of flowers.
ET_20April 2011

ET_21April 2011

ET_22April 2011

ET_23April 2011 copy

ET_24April 2011
This dealer sold mostly vintage toys.
Said he had done really well even by mid morning and had very little left to sell.
ET_25April 2011
ET_27April 2011

ET_28April 2011

ET_29April 2011

This must be an old box…….5 cents?
actually inside there were vintage egg cups.
Might have been cute for using at Easter time.
Now I think of it:)

ET_30April 2011

Now the junk shopping was fun but the best part of the day
was our little tailgate picnic in the field where we parked.
We met up with some of Deanna friends at the end of our shopping.
Everything was delicious …
the cheeses, the baguettes, the olives, egg salad, string bean salad, salami and
homemade bread
ET_31April 2011

ET_32April 2011 copy

ET_33April 2011

ET_35April 2011

ET_36April 2011

don’t you just love this wire basket?

ET_37April 2011

and did I mention Champagne?
Yeah I could do this every week!
but alas I will be working every Sunday for awhile.
I hope my customers know what I’m giving up to be with them…(smile)
I’ll try to post what I bought soon.
(…first I have to get it out of my car.)

Linking up to Debra's Vintage Inspired Friday

Friday, April 1, 2011

Coming along

Spring seems to be eluding us so far, though most
of the week was pretty sunny.
It was in the 20's a few nights ago and I've heard rumors of
SNOW .....but the north western part of Ct.
Thank goodness not along the shore.

Even our poor little pansies that
were left got a little shocked.

But heck they're pansies and they'll be fine.

Anyways we planted a few of these.
I should have cleaned them up or watered them in so they'd
look all pretty for ya.
I try planting flats as fast as possible and race myself.
Sometimes I get scolded that I don't push them down into the dirt enough.
My inspector (hum... hubby)
likes to go around pushing them in deeper as he shakes his head.

I like them just at soil level or above.
That way they don't rot.

He has his way, I have mine.


Then we planted a few of these.
I like seeing them when they're little and waiting for the first blossoms.....especially when it's a new variety.
Everything has really been growing with all the sun we've had.
Except today it rained.

It has to rain sometimes.

A white lavender that I wish I could tell you the name of
but it lost it's tag......that happens a lot....and why I have it the back
where I keep all my rejects with the hopes of adding it to a mixed container at some point.

Coleus called "Freckles"
...what a great name
I'm thinking I'm really going to like this one when it grows up.
 If you've read this blog
for awhile you'll know how much I adore coleus.
One of the easiest plants to grow.
They are in the basil family so just like basil they
don't take much to cold weather or too much overhead watering.
Other then that they're a piece of cake.


I was surprised to find that I still had one Black Panther
Streptocarpella left.
The grower I bought it from originally no longer grows it.
For 3 yrs I couldn't get my hands on it because it kept selling out.
Finally one year I smartened up and ordered it early.
I was hoping to propagate more but it's not all that big.

One thing I've learned about plants and gardening
is that you have to have patience.

Nature has her own time table.

Are you impatient when it comes to your garden?
and want instant gratification.

oh sorry Janet and Z no pics of Mr. George( YET)
I'll keep working on him.
he's camera shy just like moi.