Friday, February 26, 2010

The promise that Spring is coming!

While having lunch today and sitting in front of my computer
I remembered that I didn't know
where my pictures of last years plugs and cuttings had gone off to.
Then I found them on my little zip drive kicking around in my pile of papers.
Have I mentioned I hate to file papers!!!

These are from last year like I said but in a few more days some of the
same will be coming in.
Most of our trays have 82-100 plants already to get planted.
Most times they come on a heated grower truck. My favorite way for
them to arrive.
We used to start planting first week in February
when oil prices were less but we've changed what we grow
to accommodate that.

Sometimes they arrive in boxes sent Fed Ex where they are stacked on top
of one another divided by cardboard.
We get to know our delivery guys pretty well.
They know our plants are perishable and know that they
need a little more fragile handling then most of packages and need to be
left in a heated house.

On occasion we get the boxes delivered tipped on it's side and the plants
are damaged a little or the soil gets bounced out.
Doesn't happen that often.
We used to have to pick up at the airport in Hartford but I
avoid having to do that. Many growers do it that way to save shipping costs.

It amazes me that they can arrive in such good shape
with the cold and the handling.

Coleus is very tender as you may know and the slightest cold will damage it.
This one is called "El Brighto"~ appropriate name!!!
Vegetative coleus (from cuttings) had been touted as being
the best plant around but it took our customers a long time
to fall in love with them. Now it's the first thing
everyone wants to buy when we first open.

It can be a sunny, cloudy or a rainy day in the greenhouse and it's always a place
I love to spend my time in.
Right now we're still cleaning before our first delivery and the heat is only set at 40 deg.
or 4C. but that doesn't bother us.
We dress warmly but gloves are things I have a hard time using.
I see my hands in a picture and I can't believe how
wrinkled they look but that's ok. I guess when I get
really old::))) if I'm so lucky
I can look at my hands and know I did work hard but enjoyed what I did
for a living.
We work long hours...7days a week for months on end
but I can't imagine doing anything else.
We are truly married to our work.
Good thing we work together...haha...
we'd never see each otherwise.

There was a time we used to seed so many trays
ourselves but now we purchase them
mostly in plug trays.
Just pop them out and plant them.
Easy squeasy!
Marigolds, herbs and some veggies we still do.
The first day they poke there first set of leaves still excites me.

What do you plant by seed???

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentines Day Luncheon!

Only a mere week since our Valentine luncheon at our

fabulous and talented friend Evi's house.
I'm still floating on air about the whole day.

It was such a girls day....all 6 of us joining together for

the ultimate LOVE day.
Valentines Day.

Preparing the sweet treats the night before to add to the cans I had decorated. I think I ate a few while preparing them! but who's counting?

One for you.....

two for ME!....

and before I knew it they were done.
I headed upstairs to get the other things I was making their finishing touches.

George was making a fire in the wood stove and afterwards we would have champagne.
A little bubbly and a few apps!!!

I heard George call up to me to tell me to not get excited

but we had a fire in the house!
I thought he said we had a fire at the green (House).
My heart instantly went into my throat!
No !!! it was chimney fire....and here at home.
oh good that's not Bad!!!. I thought.

Always tell me the worst.... then the real news won't hit me so bad.

We stayed calm and called the fire dept.
We had to move furniture so the firemen could get in and do their thing.
I stayed out of way filling water buckets.
1 1/2 hours later everything was fine again.
The house was a mess but we still had one!
We were lucky and thankful for our volunteer fire dept.

Note: remember to be generous with your local fire dept.!!!
I was glad we hadn't gone out to dinner like previously planned,
but as George said he
wouldn't have started a fire if we had gone out.
"So I guess you would have burned down our house another night dear?"


Maybe it was my little Angel cans full of goodies that saved the night????

Needless to say we never had any champagne....poor George he loves champagne.
We were up pretty late that night but I was so excited that next morning
I wasn't even tired.....

Look at what awaited us!!!!
It's a feast for the eyes at Evi's and Ebbie's home.
The day was sunny on a warm Winter day. The house sits up on top of a hill with woods surrounding it.
You feel like your in a tree house. The sunlight fills from everywhere.

I know this picture is a tease.....just a little pact Laura and I have.
I think I really like the blur option!!!
too much maybe?
The food was amazing. Evi even made me something special......being a vegetarian.

Making me two delicious panini's.
She's so good to me!

We were also celebrating Laura's One year Blogiversary!
      It was the next day last year that Laura started her blog!
52 Flea!
She's having an giveaway to celebrate. I think it just ended today.
Congrats to the winner!

We ended the meal with chocolate covered strawberries, lemon cake and frangipane torte.
More details are on Laura's blog too.

The gift giving started soon after lunch..... I think Paula couldn't wait anymore and started the passing out of the presents.
Her presents are just as beautiful as her home. They even mimics the
colors of her home:)) so pretty!

Kathleen holding the chocolate boxes that Paula decorated. They were filled with homemade caramels
that she bought at Deanna's shop Gather.
I had one today...and OMG they were so good..
not like any caramels I've ever had.
Leave it to Deanna to get the best!
Thank you Paula too for being so sweet and treating all us girls!
now I just have to make sure to keep George from gobbling them up:))

Laura put together the cutest papers and little bits and bobs to make our own
Valentines. The cutout bird shaped papers were a big hit too.
We all vowed we'd all buy the punch from
the craft queen Martha Stewart!!!

The crown cookie that Evi made us you may have seen on Laura's blog. I only got this picture of it thinking I would take one later when I got home.
I was heart broken when I took it out of the bag in broken pieces....
Yup! it was broken....uggghh

This was the book box I made Evi.

Just an old book, papers and lace and looooots of glue!

oh, and of course a sharp blade to cut the middle out.

I had planned on putting small love letters in the box but I ran out of time

( the fire incident )

Evi told me she had some she could put in there.

Some from Ebbie maybe?:))
Now I know I'm forgetting details of that magical day.
Laura did a wonderful job recalling everything that happened.
I even forgot to photograph some of the hearts I made. Sigh!!!
In all the excitement I didn't want to miss anything and be annoying to anyone with my camera.
Please go to her post HERE
if you haven't already.

I think Evi was surprised and happy with her gift. It was fun to make. My first one ever.

We all went home that night with our little goodie bags having had an amazing day.
So happy to have spent time together laughing and telling stories.
Evi's generous spirit and gorgeous home all still embedding in our memories.
Now I'll have many pictures to look back on to remember that glorious day.
Thank you Evi!!!!!

Can't wait to come back.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gift Show #4

Time seems to have slipped away from me but what a way to go
if you can look at
a beauty like this on your walls.
It's new but it looks like one that you'd find at the fleamarkets in Paris.
Or what I think I would like to find in Paris.
I didn't buy from this lovely booth but I did sneak a shot of it anyways.

I'm so bad.

Next time I'm taking a smaller camera and will be even sneakier!!! lol

This is a booth with a more industrial decorating style

but can be incorporated in so many ways.

Modern, garden, country and vintage could all work.

My biggest problem....if you can call it a problem is

storage that looks good.

I really don't like the plastic storage bins that you see everywhere.

Don't get me wrong I have those too but I do my best to hide them away

out of sight.

Not sure what they called these ....not cloches though they

do show them with small succulents under them.

I don't think anyone uses their cloches the way they were
intended to anymore.
The hole on the top of these would let the air circulate better for the little plant inside.

Just noticed the coke bottle....opps

Don't you just love glass and the way it picks up the light?

looks even better in mass!

This booth was full of interesting displays.....we even asked the sales person how he gets

all of it done in time for opening day. So much to do and bring in. He said he did much of it himself.

They usually make them use union electricians, carpenters and such. The cost is so expensive.
They still get charged a minimum of 2 hrs @ $175 whether they use them or not.
The rules are different at the Javits where they don't even want them to hammer a nail themselves but there not as strict at the Piers.

This reminded me of an old store display...which is probably what it was. Most of the things inside weren't for sale but just for eye candy.

I bought a few things from this booth which is why he let me take any pictures I wanted.

It wasn't til I looked back at the pictures that I really got a look at the wall colors.
Green and Orange.
Some of you may remember me telling you that I have a foyer
that has some crazy colors.

Welcome to my new inspiration for that room!

I'm not really sure what style you could call it?

Now, of course I wish I had taken more pictures of the

pillows and wall hangings.

There's always next year.

My foyer isn't going anywhere:))

These wire baskets I went crazy for.

and the mini wire baskets

and be still my heart!!!

the enameled numbers!

These shadow boxes were fabulous and also got me thinking that

I need to use them in my room.

The element of nature was throughout the designs which is another reason I like it.

Sort of a natural history museum quality.

Like long lost artifacts from exotic lands.
to be honest I'll never get to visit!

Before we knew it the day was over.
and we were back on the bus to take us to the train station.
Coming to the show is always the highlight of my Winter season.
I know I will see some old familar faces and companies but look forward to
finding new ones. Speaking to the sales reps and learning what was "hot" in Atlanta or other parts of the
country gives me an insite as to what my customers will be looking for or what we'll
be seeing in design magazines.
There is nothing like that NY International Gift Show.
I have learned that also from the reading your comments and emails.
I thank you for that!
I'm pretty lucky to live rather close to the city....
but far enough away to be in the country!
Hope you've enjoyed the tour for the last 4 posts.
I'm sorry it's taken me this long to show it all.......
well not all as you can imagine.