Friday, January 28, 2011


As promised I want to show you more
of my wonderful day at the perennial farm last Fall.

But first I want to thank you all for the wonderful
comments about my fear of going to get my hair done.
or as George says….getting my hair did.

I know I'm a big baby.
I loved reading about your own experiences with your hair and salons….
It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has not
always come away from the chair happy.
Your comments helped me have the courage to go thru with it and
I felt like you were all with me that day.
It was enjoyable to get pampered for a couple of hours.
I had forgotten how great it is to have someone wash your hair and get fussed over.
Wonder if I could ask hubby to wash my hair now and then???

I wasn’t able to get the haircut I showed you was my favorite because my
hair isn’t long enough yet. I’m told the color will lighten up some but right now it
doesn’t look all that different but the cut is much improved
and they textures is softer and healthier.

Today I reluctantly took pictures of myself.
Not promising that they will make it on to this little blog of mine.
I’ve never liked pictures of myself
even when I was younger and prettier.

So instead for today I will show you what I captured
from behind the camera.

The side I like best.

Crystal Fountain
Plant Group _286open housePlant Group _289open house
Henri and Josephine
Plant Group _291open house
                                      Plant Group _306open housePlant Group _307open house

                                        Plant Group _310open house

                Plant Group _313open housePlant Group _302open house
Asarum “ eurpaeum” European Ginger    Corydalis “ lutea”
Plant Group _316open housePlant Group _322open house
Hakonechloa macra “ Fubuki”  and Aquilegia (Columbine) “Leprechaun Gold”
             Plant Group _342open house copy


Plant Group _368open house copy
Plant Group _367open house

avocadoPlant Group _301open house copy
Hakonechloa macra “ Fubuki”  and Aquilegia (Columbine) “Leprechaun Gold”

mouse ears
frosted mouse ears

Plant Group _320open housePlant Group _343open house
Sedum “ Vera Jameson”    the other I think may just be Autumn Joy
Plant Group _333open house
Phlox “ Shockwave”
                                  Plant Group _327open housePlant Group _371open house

                                        Plant Group _329open house

                                  Plant Group _373open house

                                           Plant Group _363open house
                                        Plant Group _336open house
                              Armeria  “Armada Rose”

                   Plant Group _337open house copy

                               Plant Group _339open house
Geum “borisii”
                  fields pond
                                     Plant Group _344open house
Heliopsis “Tuscan Sun”

               Plant Group _354open house 

Plant Group _355open house copy

Plant Group _383open house

Plant Group _378open house copy

Plant Group _376open house copy

Plant Group _314open house

Plant Group _315open house

Plant Group _350open house copy

tent in background
As you can see I put the names on some of the plants but not
all. If you would like to know what they are just let me know.
Now I have some pics of myself to doctor up......
no, not really but I do have to get ready to go to the
big city soon.

Little Country Bumpkin goes to Manhattan!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scared of the Salon

What is it about going to get my hair cut
that scares me so much???

It should be painless.
I’m not only getting it cut but
colored, highlighted, tinted....
whatever they call it.
See I have no idea about this stuff.
I started having "issues" years ago and haven't been
in so many years.

I knew the time was coming when I had to have a professional figure out
what to do with this mess on my head……
called my hair, my locks…my mane
….my disaster!

But where to go??
It wasn’t until my friend Gretchen got a compliment while in my shop
from a complete stranger.
Who said…and I quote.
“You have the best hair….it’s like young girl hair”
meaning it looked fresh, clean and full of LIFE!!!
and it did and especially the color.
LOS ANGELES, CA JUNE 13, 2006 (SSI) - -
Actress Kristin Cavallari during the premiere of the new movie from Warner Bros. Pictures' THE LAKE HOUSE held at the Pacific Cinerama Dome, on June 13, 2006, in Los Angeles. Michael Germana / Super Star Images
Like this girl!!!
this one is my favorite !!!
so of course I found out where she was going to have it done.
I was determined to have a new DO before our trip to NYC coming up soon.
Really need to not look like a country girl anymore.
I just hope I don’t come out looking like this
or this

You might remember the last time I cut my hair
my inspiration was this
sweet girl.
And when I say cut my hair….I mean I cut it myself.

I did like it even when everyone called me “Butch” for a good month or two.
By everyone I mean my hubby and his best friend….
but I have thick skin so I didn’t care.
What do they know about hair.

Though most people would say "you cut your hair"
Not, oh I like your haircut. Big difference!

This time I want a little more length.



Ok all very pretty but too long for me. Mines only chin length now.


Cute too,  but come on this is Sharon Stone….she’d look gorgeous with Pebbles hair.

Ok I thought I’d have a little fun and show you what my hair looked
like back in the Fall

goldie daughter

Don’t I look a lot like Kate Hudson??? I know it’s uncanny!
ME_012010 copy

Or maybe I look more like
Reese Witherspoon????

ME_022010 copy

Or whoever this person is???
I love Photoshop!

Which was your favorite cut????

Ok wish me luck…. going tomorrow at
2 pm.

1-11 taken from Google HERE!
12-15 me with Google