Friday, January 28, 2011


As promised I want to show you more
of my wonderful day at the perennial farm last Fall.

But first I want to thank you all for the wonderful
comments about my fear of going to get my hair done.
or as George says….getting my hair did.

I know I'm a big baby.
I loved reading about your own experiences with your hair and salons….
It's good to know that I'm not the only one who has not
always come away from the chair happy.
Your comments helped me have the courage to go thru with it and
I felt like you were all with me that day.
It was enjoyable to get pampered for a couple of hours.
I had forgotten how great it is to have someone wash your hair and get fussed over.
Wonder if I could ask hubby to wash my hair now and then???

I wasn’t able to get the haircut I showed you was my favorite because my
hair isn’t long enough yet. I’m told the color will lighten up some but right now it
doesn’t look all that different but the cut is much improved
and they textures is softer and healthier.

Today I reluctantly took pictures of myself.
Not promising that they will make it on to this little blog of mine.
I’ve never liked pictures of myself
even when I was younger and prettier.

So instead for today I will show you what I captured
from behind the camera.

The side I like best.

Crystal Fountain
Plant Group _286open housePlant Group _289open house
Henri and Josephine
Plant Group _291open house
                                      Plant Group _306open housePlant Group _307open house

                                        Plant Group _310open house

                Plant Group _313open housePlant Group _302open house
Asarum “ eurpaeum” European Ginger    Corydalis “ lutea”
Plant Group _316open housePlant Group _322open house
Hakonechloa macra “ Fubuki”  and Aquilegia (Columbine) “Leprechaun Gold”
             Plant Group _342open house copy


Plant Group _368open house copy
Plant Group _367open house

avocadoPlant Group _301open house copy
Hakonechloa macra “ Fubuki”  and Aquilegia (Columbine) “Leprechaun Gold”

mouse ears
frosted mouse ears

Plant Group _320open housePlant Group _343open house
Sedum “ Vera Jameson”    the other I think may just be Autumn Joy
Plant Group _333open house
Phlox “ Shockwave”
                                  Plant Group _327open housePlant Group _371open house

                                        Plant Group _329open house

                                  Plant Group _373open house

                                           Plant Group _363open house
                                        Plant Group _336open house
                              Armeria  “Armada Rose”

                   Plant Group _337open house copy

                               Plant Group _339open house
Geum “borisii”
                  fields pond
                                     Plant Group _344open house
Heliopsis “Tuscan Sun”

               Plant Group _354open house 

Plant Group _355open house copy

Plant Group _383open house

Plant Group _378open house copy

Plant Group _376open house copy

Plant Group _314open house

Plant Group _315open house

Plant Group _350open house copy

tent in background
As you can see I put the names on some of the plants but not
all. If you would like to know what they are just let me know.
Now I have some pics of myself to doctor up......
no, not really but I do have to get ready to go to the
big city soon.

Little Country Bumpkin goes to Manhattan!


Kathleen said...

Oh that looks good! Flowers instead of the %$#@ snow! It is snowing again here, so be careful on your trip!

Renée Finberg said...

if i didn't do what i do,
i would want to do what you do.

and if not that....
i would hunt serial killers

have fun in the city.
xxx hugs be safe

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Those lovely blooms and fantastic photos are so cheery! Have a great time in the city! :)

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

What a treat to view your beautiful pics of flowers. There are so many that I've only seen in pictures as they won't grow here in Florida. Don't they just make you happy?

Have fun in the Big City, and we are all looking forward to pics of your new do!


Anonymous said...

Flowers instead of snow -Thanks
I always hated pics of myself too but I noticed that when someone I love takes the pic or if I feel in LOVE while the picture is taken they come out better - (call it my Beautiful bride theory) worth a try.

oldgreymare said...

I want to skip up and down the aisles trailing fingertips across the tops of all the blooms. Oh that's right. I can no longer skip.. :( and the bending down would kill my back. damn it's a B**** to be getting old.

Wish I could see you and kiddies in the big city. Have fun. Bet your new cut is adorable.


Sueann said...

Oh I am swooning over all the wonderful plants and flowers!! Sigh! I long for spring!!

trash talk said...

This is better than Country Gardens Magazine! I love clematis...just can't grow it. I know, I's supposed to be so easy...tell that to my brown thumb!
Have fun taking a bite outta the Big Apple!

Rebecca said...

Thank you so very much for these lovely photos! (I don't see one flake of snow!) Becky

Gloria said...

Hola Carole! Todo es bellísimo! Ver y casi sentir el aroma de todas las flores! Un placer! Besos, Gloria.

Karen said...

OOOOH! looking at all of those beautiful flowers makes me long for spring and digging in the earth.Well I guess it wont be long now, Feb. goes by fast and warm weather soon follows...Hooray

Olive said...

That does it I need to go work in my garden as it's sixty degrees right now! Gorgeous inspiration but I cannot have hostas as the deer adore them♥

Jean said...

Just plain old Plant heaven. Wow, such beauty. I am so looking forward to spring. Thanks for brightening my day.
Jean in Virginia

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Catole,
Such beautiful images of lovely summery plants.....One of my absolute favourites.....hostas, that grow so well in our north facing garden...... and, is that echinacia and dicentra formosa or dicentra something or other ?!!!!.... and sedum and flocka and other beautiful blooms that make me think of summer. It is freezing here in the UK.....we have the freezing winds coming in from Russia and these images are wonderful. I feel as if Spring is on it's way with the promise of warmer days and a beautiful garden.
I hate showing pictures of myself now that I'm over the hill !!!! Sounds as if you visit to the hairdressers was a success and that you are looking beautiful. All you need now is a visit to All Saints when you go to NYC and you will be a vision of lovliness and will look hip and cool !!!!
Thanks for the beautiful photographs and you and George have fun in New York. When are you going ? Lots of love. XXXX

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Sorry CAROLE....I re-named you Catole in my first comment !!!! Haha....I'm feeling a little tired, as I have been staying up all night, watching the tennis at the Australian Open. That's my excuse for my spelling mistakes and I'm sticking to it !!!! Maybe from now on, Catole could be my nickname for you !! XXXX

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Thanks Carole for brightening up this gray New England morning! Or is it grey?

Doesn't a new do make you feel a bit energized? Having mine cut so short I still feel like I have a new do each week as it grows out!

Have fun in the big apple!

Vicki Boster said...

Carole- what a wonderful day this must have been- lost in a mesmerizing landscape of flowers- I would not have wanted to leave! Your photos make me dream of spring- I long for a day filled with sunshine and flowers--

Your new hair "did" can only be beautiful--

Dorthe said...

What an "vitamin injection" of wonderfull colours- it must have been fantastic, to really see all those flowers and plants,
I love the Hosta`s -and I love Henri and Josephine :)
Thanks a a wonderfull look, dear Carole.

Candylei said...

Lots of woo-hoo in these pictures. I would have been running up and down every row! Clematis flowers are so elegant.
Thanks for the plant food,

Lisa said...

Wow! Just the post I needed today. It's freezing & 20 degrees here in Texas & these amazing pictures warm my heart. I have a soft spot for Hostas, thank you! Lisa

Bleudelavande said...

Hi Carole such amazing pictures. My favourite are all those hostas!!!Waaww
Tank you for this lovely colourfull bouquet!!!
Have a nice week.

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

Oh Carol ~ I can always count on you for a much needed dose of COLOR!!! Eye candy for the soul. Im off to read about your hair episode:) Have a fantastic day. Dee

Linda said...

What beauty! Just what I need on a day like today! A lovely reminder that green and flowers will return to this frozen tundra once again!

maría cecilia said...

Hola Carole, hope you are happy now with your new hair cut. I understand all the fear because it happens to me always, and I just wear my long and curly hair but once I cut it very, very short and really I liked it!!!
hugs my dear

Simple Home said...

Those photos are beautiful Carole! Maybe you could come over and put names on the flowers on my blog :-) I only know the one called "dandelion" :-)
Have a wonderful weekend ♥

Tanya said...

Love the clematis photos...and the hostas make me swoon! Wish I could grow either, here in the desert! The photos are ALL beautiful - and I'm sure your haircut photo rocks, too! Happy weekend - Tanya

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Darn... i missed two posts!!! well that shows how out of touch I've been with blogging if I miss two Carole posts!!! and I missed the hairdo post!! darn!!... I remember the last time when you cut it yourself.. i thought you so brave... although I've been known to cut my own.. especially the fringe.. [i think you call them bangs??] Shame I missed the hair post.. I have an all time favourite story concerning a bad perm.. a bad cut.. and a trip to the chiropractor... you know.. never do anything in halves!!! also another story about my hair and a mixmaster!! beaters anyone??

Ok.. enough silliness.. your photos are glorious!! really beautiful!!! I could look at them all day.. but it's so darn hot I think I'm going to go stick my head in the freezer.... over 42C here... which means over 107F arrrrgggh.... been a killer of a day and staying this way until tomorrow night.. wish me luck.. haha...

So I know you are already back from NY and look forward to hearing your stories.. .ciao xxx Julie