Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Saybrook Art and Craft Fair

Saturday the first day of the art and craft fair was blessed with
cooler temperatures. The day before we had 95 degree temps while these poor crafters
had to set up.
They must really love what they do.... that’s all I can say.
One of the first booths I came  to was a photographer
called ABC Photo

You can find her website
OS Craft fair_04july 2011
We’ve all seen these framed but I like their take on it
and has a more casual look.
home faith

peace faith

OS Craft fair_05july 2011
If I had horses I would want the two on the far right.
Ok even without having any horse.

This is also one of the most interesting booths that is here every year.
Using old driftwood and found parts he puts his skills to work to create some
pretty interesting creatures.
Friends of ours have one of these fish in their bathroom.


I’m not into fish but I think this guy would make a great addition to a garden fence.
Though he might frighten people at night.
Doesn’t it remind you of the tree people in Lord of the Rings?


Lots more photos so I’ll keep the chatting down and let you enjoy.




Noticed the no photos too late. Opps

Just love the way the light plays off the glass.




I thought of Evi when I saw this quilt. She just loves red and white and does
such a beautiful job decorating her house with it.
What do you think Evi would you buy this?





I loved these succulent gardens and took lots of pics so
I’ll save those for the next post.


Tassels made from salt and pepper shakers. Wouldn’t they be great using old tarnished silver ones.
I tried looking for a mostly white one

This was the closest I found.
I thought it was a sheep but on better inspection I think it’s a ram.
See the curly cue around the ears.
Ram right?
If you like their tassels
click HERE and see their other showtimes.
Pretty in Blue!

pj bead
I bought something from this vendor.
Her business is called PJ Beads and turns out she from Old Saybrook.
Said it right there on her sign…..but I didn’t notice until I looked at my photos later.

It was 5pm and time for the vendors to pack up for the day,
back for another day of selling on Sunday. 
town hall
In the background the old school turned Town Hall.
Such a picturesque old building.

Walking back to the car admiring some of the shops along Main street.
Esty’s lamp repair shop has been a landmark in town since 1971.

OS Craft fair_18july 2011

When I first went by Azul’s clothing shop I saw someone admiring this bag.
I wanted to take a better look the next time around.
I don’t usually like leather bags but I really like this white one.

Just incase you were wondering what to get me for my birthday:) just kidding

Hopefully you enjoyed the fair…….
be back to show you what I  bought and more plants.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Old Saybrook Craft Fair

This was a post I did back in 2009 but never published it.
Since the Old Saybrook Art and Craft Fair is this weekend.
( just realized that a couple of hours ago) thanks George.
I thought you might want to see the talent displayed there.
The crafters were kind enough to let me take photos but were very reluctant at first.... afraid that I would copy their designs. Like I have any clue how! but I understand completely.
As my friend Suzan likes to say
"it's a slippery slope"
so please be kind and don't
I meant to have links to all these artists but when I returned home I got all confused with who's card went with who!
does that happen to you?

If you are in the area please stop by... admission is free!

Oh and sorry for the screwy photo placement.
I can't seem to fix it.
I did some weird stuff on my bloggy back then:)

The Old Saybrook Art and Craft comes every 4th weekend in July.  I managed to sneak off by myself this year camera in hand. There was the usual humidity in the air....that never fails but thank goodness it's in a field with some nice mature trees so for the lucky people in the shade it's not that bad. I heard a vendor here for the first time say to his wife" It's a whole 15 degree cooler back there!" Well maybe they put the newbies in the hotter spaces and the veterans under the cool breezes of the maple trees. 

I decided to take the fair on in a systematic pattern so I wouldn't miss a thing. I looked for some of my favorite vendors in hopes they would be in the same space....not always the case but you never know. I didn't see the precious stone vendors like I've seen for the past 5 years or the photographer that went to visit my friend Paula's house to take pictures, after a customer told her it was her favorite house in Centerbrook.
Sadly she wasn't there.

 There was though a lot of jewelry being sold.

This piece is from Fiasco Jewelry Studio from Griswold, Ct. This was so beautiful and eye catching in person. I wish it photographed as well.

I didn't get the name of this jewelry maker because he was in the middle of a sale. I like the simplicity of his work and the slate he used as the backdrop to his pieces. Well displayed.

This is Susan Fine's booth Buckle Bling from Niantic, Ct.
I thought these were rather fun belts. Would look great with cowboy boots.

This lovely model is wearing amber. Not a stone I knew much about but the lady at this booth informed me that it comes from sap of pine trees....of course it takes centuries to make amber. Not to make the jewelry thank goodness.

I did get the card from this artist but I lost it. The light hitting the copper at magic hour( 4 -6pm) was more just so wonderful so I took a lot of  pictures of them.

(I missed going last year but I'll be there this time.

Hope to see you there!)