Monday, May 23, 2011

Wisteria are you from?

Last Friday as I was racing to the bank before they closed.
I wasn’t really racing….
just getting there with minutes to spare…..I do that all the time
they must love me: )
I drove by one of my favorite houses…..
I call it the Wisteria house…..
George had mentioned it looked more gorgeous then normal so I wanted to make a point to notice it.

I even went back to get my camera……..
thought you might like to see it too.


I hadn’t even realized what a wonderful gate they had with initials and all that crackly paint.
I guess it pays to get out of the car.


and RWD
I wonder what the names stand for and why they are different?
……George doesn’t know who lives here either
…..and he wonders why I care
….I wonder too…but


I may actually know who lives here. Awhile back someone
told me that Mr. G ( don’t want to mention his real name…just in case)
had the most beautiful azaleas and rhodies
and that he had them all along the side of the driveway too.
( I didn’t take pictures of those)

side shot
I think this could be his house
but the initials don’t match


   key hole
The azaleas are fantastic but the real star for me is the WISTERIA

                                    thru fence
I’ve always wanted a wisteria but you can’t plant them just anywhere.
They can be pretty aggressive growers and can overtake a small arbor.
I often talk customers out of buying them when I realize what kind of support they plan on using.
I can’t tell you how many people ask me how they can kill theirs: )
they’ve tried everything.

               with fence

We had one root itself out of the pot and into the gravel in one of your greenhouses.
It made it’s way clear across one side but it never flowered. It really needed to go.
Later we chopped it down really hard and it flowered beautifully that season. I thought wow this is pretty cool I guess I can have a wisteria. I waited to see it again
the next year but George informed me that he had yanked it out and  killed it.
What??? I was really disappointed.
apparently you can kill them.

               with wall

    left side

       I played around with Kim Klassen Cafe textures on a few of these images…..
    using warmsun.
   Thanks Kim
      it was a rainy day today so that was an appropriate one to use.
       Rainy days gives me time to play so I’m not complaining.
The sun will shine again.

Prayers  and thoughts go out to the people of Missouri
in this latest crisis.

Friday, May 13, 2011

They were all Yellow

I always associate the color yellow with Spring.
Don’t you???

It’s a Happy Color
….then again I think that holds true about Pink too.

yellow viola

It’s fun to watch what colors customers like and are drawn to.
Some like very bright color combos….
some more muted and pastel.
I’ve run the gambit myself and have experimented with all colors at one time.
Every Spring I used to like to wait until something struck me….
and when it did.
Hold on!!!!!!!  I was obsessed in searching out what plants
would fit the bill.
To the point that I would get really distracted at work.
It was all I could think about.
Really gets your blood pumping when you have a vision.
It’s quite a rush.

calla lily

calla yellow



bidens 2



So how about you???

How do you feel about YELLOW???

Wow another week has flown by

..... enjoy your weekend no matter what the weather brings.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Too all the loving Mothers who give their time and devotion
I wish you a wonderful day of love and happiness.

I was so lucky to have the best Mother in the whole
world who encouraged me in every way.

She always made me feel that every silly thing I made was
the best thing she ever saw.

I miss her everyday.

and miss you all too.
Hope that you forgive me for being absent these last weeks and
thank you for being concerned about me.

Spring is a crazy time around here

and it wouldn't be fair to make George do all the work!
would it?