Friday, June 25, 2010

Stolen Moments

Today is probably knew that already but it just dawned on ME!

this afternoon!

Have to get ready for the weekend....

but while I was in lala land today and having lunch inside....(a luxury)

I played with some pictures. Most times I forget that I've done them....over that is,
and they just get stored away until some other time...
which rarely comes.

So instead of stashing them away I thought I'd take a moment to post them.

Like I said I was having lunch and waiting for my food to heat up.

Not too hot not too cold.

I burned the roof of my mouth yesterday after George had heated up our lunch.

He's an over nucker!

Btw we had doctored up spinach manicotti from Pasta Vita

Anyone who lives in Ct. may know how wonderful their food is.

I think they feed half the shoreline!

I was being timed by hubby who informed me that I had been in here for 20 minutes already!

that's all I said.

Oh right I've gone past the lunch minute:))

I told you ....lala land!

I digress!

This image is not all that a matter of fact it's kind of blah

except that they are of white hydrangea's and one of my favorites.

If I remember right this one is called Queen of Pearls. It has the most perfect heads I've ever seen almost seeming to glow.

Don't be completely fooled by the picture .....they're extra glowy on purpose...haha

I took this picture after I was squatting down deadheading

the bleeding hearts and just couldn't stopping looking at the

way the colors looked so good together.

The white,black and subtle shades of blue and pink.

Sometimes I just have to stop in the middle of the day

and cease the moment because you never know how long these things will be here.

Today I saw someone with a plant at the counter that I knew I had only two left.

When I got closer I realized that she had only taken one....oh good

I can still photograph the last one.
I'd been meaning to for days now.

Which reminds me I'd better go take it right now.
Hope you all have a great weekend.....

rain or shine make it the best you can!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Jeanne D'Arc Living le 5mme

Well it's getting close to the time issue 5 will be here.
July 9th actually.
The rumor around is that the price has been reduced due to
the value of the dollar to the euro.
Many emails back and forth has proven otherwise.

Seems the euro is holding up just fine and
the extra shipping cost has remained the same due to
the difficulty with customs.

I never wanted to undercut anyone so I
sold them for the same price as everyone else
Seemed fair I thought.

Now I can sell them for less...which I always wanted to do anyways.

and now more people will be able to afford to buy them
and get to see for themselves what we all swoon over.

Even though I have been extremely busy this season I've spent more time
looking at the last issue then I have any other.
I think I've needed the escape more then ever.
All work and no play makes Carole very boring!!!
I need my magazine to take me to that calm place...
you know that place:))

That happy place!!!!!

Yes I know your saying but all day you're surrounded by flowers.
What could be better then that?
But it's still work.....and it's still 7 days a week!
so I need a little lift to get me up in the morning!
Lately I've been waking up asking "What day is it???"
poor George... at least one of us knows what day it is:))
Not sure why I need to know
it's not like it's a day off.
ok I'll stop complaining now!

Well that was the
the magazine will now
be $25 shipping included

WOO HOO!!!!!


Opps almost forgot if you want to preorder
you can go HERE

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Favorite Places

Our first trip to one of my favorite places in Old Saybrook...
the old town dump!
yup you heard that right.
For some of you that have read my blog for awhile might remember that I
took you here last year.
It's kind of a secret place that the townie's don't like to share with the
summer folk. 

Well, first it's not that big but it's the prettiest and most naturally landscaped.
In the back of the property the towns people can bring there fall leaves for composting.
That's also where they can come and get compost for
Now you know why I don't want to let it out about this place!! haha

This year there's a bumper crop of dianthus Sweet William and tons of
Coreopsis. Last year it was a different coreopsis that was growing in abundance.
Not sure if it was later in the season that we saw it but I don't see anything else growing.

That's's just going to do what it wants.
I saw some california poppies along the bank that I'll have to come back for.

Altered a little

Ok I'm going to stop talking and just let you enjoy in peace!

Wish I lived in that house in the distance.
Ok just had to say it....I know you're thinking the same thing:)))

Hope you enjoyed our old dump!!!
maybe we'll catch you there sometime!

Have a good rest of the weekend and thanks for stopping by!!!!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

more Paula

Today was an overcast day and as I write this it is raining outside.
I've secretly been wanting it to rain (don't hate me) so I could catch my breath a little and get a little caught up......though I never get as much done as I hope on days like today.
OH where oh where does the time go????? I'm sure you don't know either:)) or maybe you do!
I did manage to take pictures of the roses that are incredible this year....a customer teased me wondering why I was taking pictures when I should have been working...... haha
I feel like I've missed taking pictures of so much that has gone by already. Of course I can't think of any right now.....maybe they weren't all that great if I can't think of any :)

I thought I'd continue to show you some of the plants that Paula got a couple of weeks ago. Hope you're not bored with me talking about Paula?
 I just love to talk about my very talented friend and lucky for me she puts up with my obsession of her.

The color scheme continued with purple being dominant.

The addition of yellow torenia with deep purple center went so well with
coleus with lime green leaves.
                                The yellow gives it that extra punch of color that I think really works.
I just love it!!!!
Mrs Cox geranium and burgundy oxalis.
That little cutie fern in the middle is pony tail fern
which to me looks like the stuff you see in fish tanks.
What is that stuff called anyways???

I didn't get a good view of the salvia on the left..called Wendy's Wish. It's a salvia developed in Australia and the royalties go to a charity there. I'll have to ask my friend Julie if she's ever heard of it. It's one of the coolest salvia's I've ever seen with tips that look like purple velvet. I saved one for myself so I'll get some close ups later to show you.
What a plant geek I am!!!

Variegated licorice complimenting the ferny gray leaf of the lavender.
Osteospermum that I just realized I almost forgot to mention....gee since it's in 3 photos.

Hopefully I'll be able to show you these babies all planted up in Paula's garden this summer.
I'm sure she'll do a stunning job like always.
Thanks still for all your kind emails and comments about George.
He's doing much better and though he still has some pain he's at least walking.
Thank goodness!
Ok I'd better get home to the poor guy!!!
He's probably already asleep.
Good night!!!