Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Golden Blue

I thought I'd better post soon before I forget how!

I hate to always complain about the 4 letter word.
You know that "B" word.

Ok I'll say it

I won't make excuses plus it's not appropriate at a blog party!
right??? no one wants a complainer at a party.

We just want to have fun and have a few laughs...

have some chips and dip...

and some refreshing yummy cocktails.

Ok, its not that kind of party but you get what I mean.

for Texture Tuesday....
while it still is Tuesday.

and now that it's Thursday
joining Tracie at

The texture of the week is called Golden.

I thought it went well with all the blues I see around here.

I sometimes get a strange look when my customers
ask me for a blue flowering plant and
 they mean that purple one?

I don't see them as purple.
It's "blue" in the plant world.

Hard to find true blue.....
or at least enough of them.

Ok trying to find a clever segway to why I put a picture of

Coco, but I can't.
I think I had a good one last night when I started this post:)
but it's gone now.

Yes, she's not true "blue" either....
but I did use a blue filter over a desaturated photo and took the
texture off her sweet baby skin.

That was a statue she was cleaning.
Every time her and her twin sister come over they
pile rocks on his head.
They get all giggly with each other.
It's so funny to watch.

Ahh to be 2 again!
or maybe 22!

Thanks Kim and Tracie for the great party and for all of you that stop by my little blog.

You all mean so much to me.

( thanks Janet for reminding me it was time for a new post)

Friday, June 17, 2011

What’s the date?

Spring seems to go by so quickly. First day of Summer is Tuesday the 21st and soon
all the kiddies will be home, the beaches will be full and the temps will be
hot hot hot!
It’s been a challenging season with the weather and all the rain and winds
we’ve been getting. I think we did manage to have 2 weeks of sunny days in a row.

…… it’s raining and thundering out right now.

The roses have taken a beating but we got a handle on it now and they’re beautiful again.
It’s a good thing I don’t mind cleaning them and George stays on top of the spraying.

I love seeing all the roses that people have in blogland and often wonder how they
feel about all the maintenance.
Topic for another time.

Gee I was going to tell you the name of this rose but it escapes me now and I don’t feel like going outside and getting wet.
Oh wait just remembered.
Ebb tide!
so there you go.
And you thought I knew what I was going to write about.
Nope, just let it happen as it comes…..
I overthink things enough during the day…..
I really don’t want to when I’m blogging.
Is that bad?
I do find myself writing posts in my head while working that never end up being written.
 In my head they sound pretty good.
Some may actually be but many I think are subjects that I never feel comfortable writing about.
Does that happen to you?
You come to your senses and think why I’m I going to write about that???
Everyone will think you’re nuts!
or worse hate you! ok hate is a strong word.
Never want to visit you again
Ok changing subject…..
I have the attention of a gnat sometimes…..
but this next picture is of foliage and you know how much I love me foliage!
I noticed a lot of people doing their pots with just that this year.
work it Mr Bee

chalk plant
I’ve used a lot more succulents this year and had intended on showing you more pots that I had made up but they
sold quickly and never got many pics of them.
This was my crown one with hens and chicks.
Someone asked me if it was a religious thing?
no just something different.
Little Fifi looking so angelic with eyes the color of those hydrangeas.
A few seconds later she was breaking apart that hydrangea
and throwing it at her twin sister. Too cute!
I love when they come by with their parents.
George turns into a little kid again and becomes a human jungle jim.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bored with the same old lunch

I know I should be showing you flowers but
I have to tell ya that this time of year it’s hard for us to
get a varied diet. As a matter of fact though
we eat pretty sensibly we often get into a rut with our meals.
Breakfast is the same with each of us eating
3 fried eggs a piece…sometimes he eats 4. Being the man and all:)
For lunch I make a salad with tuna added on top.
The dressing I always make myself.
I go by the salad dressing aisle in the store and think to myself
who buys this stuff?
apparently everyone! or they wouldn’t have it there.
I really like making my own.
Anyways I came across this recipe from Martha Stewart.
Most of the time I just delete the emails but this one was called
18 picnic sandwiches…….
I like sandwiches!
They listed the usual meat laden kind but then I saw this hummus one and had to check it out.
Seemed pretty easy and healthy to boot.
thought you might likey!

and it’s pretty too….except if you don’t like the color orange.
you don’t  have to decorate with it …..just eat it.
2 slices whole-wheat bread
  • 1/4 cup store-bought hummus
  • 1 tablespoon store-bought tapenade (olive spread)
  • 1/4 cucumber, thinly sliced
  • 1 coarsely grated carrot


Spread 1 slice bread with hummus; spread remaining slice of bread with tapenade

Top hummus with cucumber slices and carrot. Place bread with tapenade on top to form a sandwich.

added little tip from Martha:
Wrapping this sandwich in wax paper instead of plastic wrap
will prevent the bread from absorbing too much moisture and will keep the sandwich fresher.

( sorry for lack of visits and postings lately. These days of working 7 days a week 16 hr days
has left little time for play.
I’ll try to post some pictures soon….if I ever get time to download the few pics I have taken.
until then………